Eye on the Eagles: Barry Goldberg – American Volleyball Classic

Hi I’m Rachel and for this week’s Eye
on the Eagles. I’m here with head coach Barry Goldberg. Barry this week you’re
hosting the American volleyball classic and you’ll be facing Princeton, Iowa and
Howard coming in as last year’s NCAA Tournament qualifiers.
What is your depth looking like and how do you feel? Well our depth fluctuates I
feel good depth that fluctuates as our players
have had some some ins and outs of some injury sometimes or a little fatigue as
we’ve been playing now for a good month and a half
volleyball so but if you get about our team
we’re playing teams this weekend that are all NCAA tournament bound kind of
team so it’ll be good matches and I’d like to see a good crowd here to root us
on and we’re happy to be back home after a couple of weeks on the road and
feeling good about the prospects of us getting into the Patriot League
competition in a week from now. So last week you’re supposed to head to
Gainesville but hurricane Irma kind of rerouted that how was your experience at
UNC Greensboro well I was kind of a quick turnaround there we literally were
on Wednesday planning on dealing with trying to possibly get down to
Gainesville and get out in time and then all of a sudden in the snap it was you
know this isn’t gonna work going down there especially when the governor’s
down there telling everybody get out of Florida wouldn’t been good for us to go
into Florida at the time so one of the other teams that was also playing
scheduled to play in Florida UNC Greensboro coach called me and we
started to talk about hey if you want to come here you want to go there
we looked at some other options of other other matches that were scheduled
because we are tournament and games what was not the only one that was you know
stopped yes so yeah we ended up say we can we can take a drive down to the
Greensboro and we did it was good good matches two good teams both also NCAA
qualifier possibility teams here so we have had a really strong schedule this
first four weeks here and tested us from the first weekend all the way through
and we’re you know we’re 5-5 we won
one of you we lost of you this is part of this sport but we feel good about
what we’re doing and this will be our final weekend we’re playing you know
this Princeton match on Friday night here tomorrow night is a pretty big
match because they were the Ivy League champs last year we were the Patriot
League champs and then we’ll see Iowa the next morning and then finish off
with Howard who won their league as well so all good competition and getting
excited for what’s coming in the future here so with all this competition you
have commenced your 29th season here and you’ve just been awarded a five-year
contract extension with your immense record and winning percentage how lucky
do you feel to be at AU well you can tell by my gray hair that I’ve been
doing this for quite some time now and certainly privileged to be doing what
I’m doing it’s kind of amazing as you think back that of all the professions
that are out there that you get to do this it’s pretty pretty fun and it’s
been a great experience loved loved from the beginning to the end and seeing
great growth year after year with what we’re doing we’ve been pretty steady now
with a an opportunity to be an NCAA tournament qualifying team and always a
challenge every year and I’m sure this one will be no different it’ll be
another challenge and yeah I’m pretty honored and blessed to be able to have
great players and a good place to play and a nice gym and good bosses that
really support what we’re doing love with love our our team and yeah it’s
been just a great thing for sure well here’s to another 30 years thank
you Thank You coach and with that addition of Eye on the Eagles I’m Rachel
Hopmayer you

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