100 thoughts on “Evolution Of The Most Famous Football Clubs Logo. ONLY 3 LOGOS

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  3. Bayern never had a Nazi logo. Clickbait bullshit. They had a Jewish chairman and manager before the war and were called the 'Judenklub '. This spread of misinformation online is ridiculous

  4. all are the evolution of the original emblem except the brand new Juventus and city emblems that are not beautiful

  5. You could fucking turn off that annoying music

  6. There was never a swastika in the logo of Bayern Munich, not even during the time of Nationalsozialism. This Logo is a mistake by some historian who mixed it up with an emblem of the so called "Reichsbund" wich teams had to wear during that time, but it is not specific for Bayern Munich. You probably should erase that from your video, especially because of the unqualified comments. And even more importantly because of the Nazi scum who be chuffed and proud about that shit

  7. With Borussia Dortmund they just showed logos that were almost the same, when the club acctually had a lion in their logo in the 70s.

  8. Fake shit Video many Logos dosnt have existed anytime FCB for example never had this nazi symbol……

  9. По вашему Бавария бегала со свастухой до 2002?

  10. Feyenoord won the last eropean price in the netherlands we have now 4 prices in 3 years and amsterdam? Nothing in 4 years so fuck ajax?

  11. 0:49 Did most clubs in Germany have the swastika during the Nazi regime? Either way, that is what Munich fans remind me of. #DortmundForever

  12. Fuck Bayern I will not goo for a club that represents peer Evil I will not buy there jerseys or anything that has to do with them fuck Bayern Iam so mad and desapointed

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