Everyday Heroes | Faith, Friendship, and Football

(uplifting music) – As an NFL kicker
there’s a ton of pressure. I pride myself on the hard work. The atmosphere in Arrowhead
Stadium is unbelievable. Once I’m in the situation,
it’s just focusing in and locking in and
blocking out everything. (dramatic music) I’d say as a young kid
I grew up a soccer fan but then slowly the love for football, you know, kept increasing. When I started playing in high school my goal was definitely to get to the NFL. So I got about four or five
Division I scholarship offers. I’m so glad I became a Yellow Jacket. There’s a lot of great memories. – [Announcer] Butker,
straight and nails it! – We were playing Georgia in Athens and it was a 53 yard field
goal to go to overtime and then we later won
the game in overtime. – [Announcer] He has been clutch all year. – So I grew up Catholic. We would go to Mass every Sunday but I was probably only Christian in name. I started questioning, “is this real, why are we doing this?” I just had a lot of questions and I don’t know how
firmly I believed in Jesus and then this kid showed up. Grant came in my life and
introduced me to all these truths of the Catholic faith. – I started football second grade. Loved football. Yeah, you see these guys
playing you’re like, “I want to be like them.” We were doing something
called inside drill, they called him the Nigerian
Nightmare, Ufomba Kamalu, and he just ate my lunch. My head is like, you
know, smacked like a whip. The nurse came up. Apparently the look on her face was, “you might want to say
goodbye to your son.” What they did was they just
kinda cut open right here. I should have been dead,
is kinda the end result, the diagnoses. It was about less than 1%
chance coming out like this. And then I was like where is
God in all this kind of thing. God was using that in such a huge way to start to guide me to
where He needed me to be. It’s helped me a lot, grow my faith. So after I got hurt, you know of course I’m not running back, line backer anymore. I was like, “I want to be a punter!” So I just went head first into punting. Set my sights on playing at Georgia Tech. – I was in the stadium,
kicking in the summer and like Grant just shows up, like he doesn’t have a shirt on and he’s trying to take my footballs. Initially he kind of
rubbed me the wrong way. – Yeah, I introduced myself, I was like, “oh, I’m Grant, I’m gonna be able to try to walk on to the team.” I got the vibe like, I
don’t care who you are. That was fine. I had a really good tryout again and when I made it, it was awesome. But then you know, the
work started after that. And so punters and kickers, we do our own routine. We have a lot of time, you
know, we just started clicking, talking a lot, especially
about Catholic stuff. – With Grant’s joy and his happiness I could see that there was
something that was driving him and I was like, “what
is up with this kid.” So slowly we started having conversations. I was asking him a lot of questions. He was this Catholic guy that was really proud to be Catholic. Grant got me to join the Knights. I really enjoyed the fraternal aspect of these Catholic men coming together. – Part of bringing, having
him in the Knights and stuff was the focus on Catholic fraternity. Good men searching for the truth and growing in holiness together. Then we wouldn’t be afraid to
talk about the hard topics. – [Harrison] There was just so
much reason to the teachings of the faith and went to confession and that was when it
really changed my life. – [Grant] And I remember
junior year I was working on being a better man. I was just like, “I can be a priest.” It was a pretty terrifying yes but I think God’s asked
me to take this step and I’m not gonna say no. (gentle music) – It’s very inspiring, Grant
had the great opportunity to play senior year college football but he stepped away from that and said, “God, I need
to answer my vocation.” I’m very thankful for
Grant for bringing me back to the Catholic faith. That’s completely changed my life because before that my
whole life was football but my Catholic faith is more important. The football environment
is very difficult. At the end of the day, if
I’m working my hardest, His will is gonna prevail
and I’m gonna be obedient to that no matter what happens. – It’s a beautiful thing to
be able to see that growth. If I can do this as a priest,
I mean, that’d be cool. I helped him, he helped me. That’s the whole point of being a Knight, to have a good Catholic
fraternal relationship. (inspiring music)

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