So. Who you Rootin’ for? Well I need the Broncos QB to throw at least two more Touchdowns, but… … I also have the dolphins defence so if They Could get a… … turnover without intercepting the ball, that would be great and then I have their backup running back so I need their starting running back to… … Like Break his Leg or something Wow you are Really Into Football Oh, no, no- Just Fantasy Football. This kind of football is way too violent for me. TV: Oh my god! It appears the dolphin’s running back has broken both his legs on that hit! OHMYGOD! YESS! F*CKYES! Eat DIRT you p*ssy peace of SH*T! YYEAAAH! Man, f*ck that guy am I right? Yeah… MOMMA’S BRINGING BACON HOME! Oh…. Yes! Go! YES! Awww. Next play. Oh, dude. What did you guys name your fantasy teams this year? Oh get Ready for this “Jack to the Future”– so it’s like Jack Prescott mixed with back to the future. Niiice! Mine is “The Big Gronkowski”. It’s the big Lebowski it mixed with Rob Gronkowski. I get that reference! Mine is “Dude Where’s my Derrick Car?” Amazing! Wow… what about you Eric? Check it. An institution rooted in slavery can never set us free… … Throw! *Laugh* *Dead Silence* That’s not even the right sport, Eric. Ok fine! Um… How about this!… An institution rooted in slavery can never set us… f… … touchdown… YEAHHH! *Cheering* I don’t even watch football, I just like being a part of something. Timmy-tim-TIIIim! Hey other Tim, what’s up? So I’m starting a “Game of Thrones” fantasy league which means you start with… … a list of characters and if they survive at the end of the Season, you win! You should join. Oh. No-can-do, I’m gonna be too busy with my other “Grandparents” fantasy league. What’s that? Well, you see we all have teams made up of our friends’ grandparents and then at the end of the season whoever has the most living members… wins! Wait is that why you visited my grandmother in the hospital with a foam finger… … and cried so hard at her funeral? I really thought she’d pull through… … the Playoffs. OVER THE LINE! *Laughing* Stop… 🙂 So Josh… starting AP, Huh? You sure that’s a good idea? At least I didn’t star Kirk Cousins against the Seahawks’ D You know, it’s decisions like that that remind me why your mother killed herself! Josh! D: Come on babe, it’s fantasy football league stuff! Yeah, totally! In fact I was gonna tell you that you’re an IDIOT for starting a receiver as… … your flex this week. No WONDER your wife let me f*ck her! *Gurgle* Oh…. heh…. Where’s Brett Favre? OHH! *Cheering* All Right, all right, all right, listen up! This year we’re changing the rules. Teams are allowed two quarterbacks and there will now be a slot for defensive players… … which will get you points on sacks and interceptions. ooh ok Richard Sherman here I come We will also be now be deducting points if your player Is caught with performance-enhancing drugs. and you’ll get docked points if your player is publicly outed for beating their wife twice in a season. BUT, you’ll be awarded 500 points if your player dies due to traumatic brain injury. Okay, oh yeah. [Player I don’t know] don’t care! There you go my maaan! Hello? What? Ohmygod… … Eric just died in a car accident an hour ago… My god… … that means… Aaron Rodgers is a free agent…. 😀 ♬ DAMATIC ACTION MUSIC ♬ I’m sorry, I just don’t know what’s going on! Alright guys, good season all around… … but… … First place is Louis… … second place goes to Cynthia… … and third is me! And of course that leaves last place for Josh. And as our fantasy tradition holds, You now have to get a tattoo on your back… … OF OUR FACES… … WHILE YOU SKYDIVE… *Helicopter Sound Effects*
… OVERTHEWHITEHOUSE… … WITh A pARAacHuTE ThAT SAyS DeATh tO AmERICA!… Awww F*CK! Welp, it’s TRADITION! Every Fantasy League Ever Wow, that video was a real touchdown. If you want to watch every school presentation ever; hit that box on the left. … And if you want to watch every high school clique ever, click that box on the right. Huh. Scores!


  1. You know why Smosh made their merch 25 dollars?


  2. This honestly made no sense to me mostly because I’m from the UK and thought it was FOOTball not American football

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