Estranged Husband Attacks Wife, Bystanders with Bat: First Person Defender|S4 E5

(dramatic music) (chaotic yelling and screaming) – [Narrator] Welcome to
First Person Defender, where good-guy role-players
come face-to-face with unknown attackers
in real-world scenarios and fight their way out. Each episode of First Person
Defender features a situation straight out of real-life. This is First Person Defender. In this episode of First Person Defender, an EMT finds himself set
upon when a domestic dispute at the store escalates. – I’m Nathan from Santo, Texas. I’ve been a firefighting EMT for now, ah, about two and a half years. Just wanted to help, serve my community had the opportunity to,
I knew they needed people and so that’s what I’ve
been doing since then. I knew I wanted to carry a
firearm for personal defense when I started shooting a
pistol, when I got comfortable with it. Started carrying the day
I turned twenty-one and I have been ever since. – Anybody that has the brains
to be a firefighter and a EMT has gotta have something and
Nathan has that something. He’s got will, he’s
obviously got intelligence, and, being a firefighter and
a paramedic, you have to be a situationally aware person,
so I think that’s gonna lend a lot to his ability to
perform in these scenarios. – As far as self-defense and
tactical training, firearms, I don’t have a whole lot
of experience in that. A lot of range time but not
a lot of practical shooting, you know, and courses like that. – We’ve got a relatively standard scenario set up for Nathan. It’s gonna be inside of a
general store like a stop and rob type of area but we’re gonna
have it seeded and filled with a lot of role-players,
so there’s gonna be a lot of bodies in there, so he’s
gonna have to be concerned about angles of fire, who’s
in danger, who’s close to him, who might be an accomplice,
all this stuff is no doubt gonna go through his mind. – Not exactly sure what to
expect, you know, I know there will be some curve balls thrown there, so just enjoying it, and
looking forward to seeing what the scenario is. – [Narrator] This
force-on-force training uses “Simunitions,” a non-lethal
alternative to live ammunition. The camera crew wears yellow
shirts and are considered to be invisible to role-players. (dramatic music) – Hey how you doing? – Pretty good. – You coming in to get something today? – Yes sir. – Busy lunch hour, busy lunch hour. (cashier speaking routinely to customers) I could have sworn I heard
your wife tell you to get the protein kind and not just
any old kind of Nature Valley but I’m just sayin’. – [Cashier] Anything else? There you go. Here’s your (mumbles). Have a good day. – Is that cash machine still working or are you still having
problems with that? – Um, you know what, you should be good, it should be working. Hi, is this all? – I think so. – All right. – Ma’am… – Yes? – You got, you got any Tylenol? – Ah.. – Like Ibuprofen? – Oh, pharmacy, you didn’t find any? Check over in the pharmacy
over that way, I’m not sure. – [Agitated Customer] Michelle,
I told you I didn’t want you working here any more! – Why are you in here? – I told you you can’t work here anymore. – I have to. – No, you are not allowed to work. You need to be at home right now. – I have a restraining order
– Go home – You are not even allowed to be in here. – Go home. – You’re not allowed in here. I don’t want you working
around these people, go home. – You’re not allowed to be in here. – Get home, go home. – No. – No, don’t tell me no, I
told you not to work here. – I don’t… – Get home! End Ex, End Ex, End Ex Tell me what you saw, what was going on? – Confrontation was obviously
happening, didn’t want to get involved. Escalated quickly, went to
draw my gun, didn’t fire. I was hoping he was just gonna move on and not just come after me. – What made you want to
pull the trigger right then? – When he started hitting me with the bat. That was an immediate threat to myself, needed to end that threat. – Did you do anything to distance yourself from the confrontation? – I did not. – Okay, because what I
saw was you stood there, you moved slowly, you
seemed disinterested, and then you slowly drew
your gun out of the holster. – Right. And that’s when he
started whacking on you. – Gotcha. – If you took a baseball bat
upside, side of the head, could that possibly be deadly force? – Yes sir. – Okay, so distance is your
friend against a baseball bat. Of course a gun is handy,
but at that close distance, a baseball bat to the side of the head… – Should have put some more
distance between everything. – Okay, what else went through
your mind, because after that went over and I called
end ex after he hit you, how many times, what were you thinking? – (Laughs) I’m screwed,
that’s it, I’m over. – Have you ever practiced,
uh, clear malfunction clearance drills? – I don’t think so. – Did you think to tap and rack
– No and get back into the fight or, you know, to defend
yourself with one arm and maybe try… – I didn’t. – Oh my God there are so
many things here that I could focus on and train on because
we’re gonna do this again. It’s gonna be a little bit different but I want you to succeed. – All right. (louder dramatic music) – Crimson Trace makes
a whole host of lasers. One of the coolest things
they make are their rail-mounted lasers, and
this is the Rail Master Pro. What’s neat about it, or
different is that it combines a laser and a light together. You can use both, or you
can use one or the other. And if you have a modern defensive pistol, like this Taurus PT111,
and it has a rail on it, you can mount it right on there. This is a great addition to
any carry gun, defensive gun, or especially that nightstand
gun, something you keep in your home where you
might have to investigate something that goes bump in the night. (dramatic music) – All right, so, Nathan,
the first thing that we had a problem with was we got
out of the fight because the gun didn’t work. – Right. – All right, now that was
our problem, all right? That gun didn’t work
when we gave it to you. – Right. – Okay? But it doesn’t mean that your gun will work all the time because sometimes…yeah,
you get a dead primer. And what we call this, tap
rack, so the first thing I do is if I have, if I have a gun
that doesn’t fire, and I… This has got an empty chamber right now. If I press the trigger
and nothing happens, I tap to make sure the magazine is seated, and then I rack it violently
to get back into the fight and then I get back on
my target and I go again. – Okay. – That would have been
one of the things that might have helped, although with that gun, it wasn’t gonna help. He comes in here and
he starts getting crazy and he’s talking like this,
if I’m even this close to you, – I should be backing up… – It’s one step, I’m one
step away from swinging and taking your head off. Okay? As soon as you
see this stuff going on, this is getting crazy in here,
you’d better start moving! You’d better start backing up. All right and a better angle,
a better way to be going would probably be going towards the exit. – Gotcha. – Think about it. Now, everyone that was
in here was scripted to kinda look at it and
leave if they wanted to. A lot of people, most
people and a lot of people in the world are gonna
just sit around and they’re gonna watch what’s going on, aren’t they? – Yep, like I did. – Yeah, and they’re gonna videotape things because they’re interested
in what’s going on. You need to be concerned
about your safety. Now there’s three things
that are important, okay? If I come in here… stand where you’re at. If I come in here and I
pick up this baseball bat and I’m just going, “damn
it, Michelle, I need you to get home.” You see this happening, do you
need to shoot me right now? – No. – Right. Why? – Because you’re not an
immediate threat to myself or to anyone else. – Alright. I’m not
within swinging distance of anybody right here and
everybody’s clearing out, and I’m yelling. So what could you be doing right now? – Creating distance, I might go ahead and unholster my weapon. – You might. – But I don’t need to
be shooting at somebody. – Right. Say I walk in here and this
is a guy standing here, and you’re there… Damn it Michelle I told
you to get home, “BAM,” and I knock that guy out. Are you gonna hesitate? – No. – Why? – Because he’s already put
somebody out, going after somebody else. – I got the means, I’m close
enough to my opportunity, and I’ve already demonstrated my intent. – Right. – To cause harm, and commit violence. All right? Distance is your friend. Create distance, if you
can get out that’s fine, but you’re not gonna get
out and leave your wife standing over here, are you? – No. – No, what’s going on in your mind? Tell me right now. It’s crazy isn’t it? – Yeah, you know… Had a lot of range time, but not shooting on the move, though, things
that are gonna happen in real life. – Right. There’s a big
difference between discharging a firearm in a safe
direction, and training. – Yes, absolutely. – I come in, I pick up this baseball bat, you hear the commotion, Hey Michelle didn’t I tell
you not to be in here? I told you not to be working today. Yeah, you sure as hell
better start stepping! – Yes. – This guy better start
stepping but the problem is I don’t even care about
this guy right now. I just want to argue. Where you gonna keep… You gonna stand there and watch the show? – No. – Yeah, no, get moving! Get
to hightailing, get to cover. Do something! Do something, but don’t
sit…because if I change my my focus, I told you to get outta here! And I look over and I
see you staring at me, I might say, you’re next! Create distance. Be a quiet professional, back
up, you don’t have to draw because if you make a furtive movement, a real fast movement
like I might get my gun, man I might step and just smack ya, right. That was your one, you got your one. No more screw-ups. – Alright. [Narrator] – First Person
Defender is brought to you by Springfield Armory, Doubletap Ammunition, and Crimson Trace. – We had a little snafu in
the general store with Nathan. Unfortunately, the gun
we gave him didn’t go off when he needed it. But it’s not completely
impossible for your gun to not go off when you need it. So, understanding how to
deal with a malfunction or malfunction clearance is
really important and should be a part of your training. Today I want to talk
about, a little bit about Tap Rack, for clearing a failure to fire. To set it up, it’s really quite easy. What I’m gonna do is, I’m
gonna take this pistol, I’m gonna close it on an empty
chamber, and I’m gonna put a fully prepared magazine in it. So when I come out with this gun, it’s gonna go click and not bang. The way I deal with that
is gonna be by tapping on the magazine well, to
make sure that it is seated into the gun, I’m gonna rack
it aggressively to make sure that I clear out if
there’s a bad round in it, or load a fresh round. It will look something like this. I give my command, and I
give myself a command of go, Go! (music) (gun fires) Let me tell you about what can cause this. Say you don’t seat the
magazine all the way and you rack the gun to chamber it. A round may not go in the chamber because the magazine was loose. Something else that
could cause it would be potentially knocking
the gun out of battery and it stays out of battery
as we put it in our holster. Then we come out, unless it
gets pushed back into battery, it may not fire. Our hands on the gun, especially
on these smaller guns, can cause those kinds of malfunctions. So learn what it is to do a
tap rack, seat the magazine, rack the slide, get back into
the fight, and practice it next time you’re at the range. (dramatic music) A big concern with gun owners
is, how do I keep my gun out of the hands of my
children or other people? Well, Liberty Safe has the
Liberty HD200 Quick Vault. It doesn’t get any easier than that. A great way to keep your gun secure. And you may not be worried about your kids touching your gun, but you gotta worry about their friends when they come to your house. So, Liberty Safe makes
a quick and easy vault. They’ve got multiple sizes
and I am sure you can find one to meet your needs. For the second scenario,
we are gonna up the ante. What we’re gonna do is,
we’re gonna have Nathan be in that same store, it’s gonna be the same agitated customer, except
his intent is going to be much more violent. And Nathan is gonna have to
make some tough decisions. So, lunchtime. Busy, after you. (background store music) You in line? – No go ahead. – Is that a coupon? – It is. – On a phone? – It is, yes. – Does that really work like that? That is so cool. – Yes, it’s amazing. (store crosstalk) (ominous music) – Are those good? – I don’t know, first time trying them. – Really? I’ve heard a lot of good
things about those… (store crosstalk) – Michelle, are you here still? Get home! – [Michelle] No! – Go home! – No, you have a restraining
order, you can’t be here. – I don’t care what I have.
I told you I don’t want you in this building around all these people. – I have.. – Get outta here! – No! – Go home! Were you (censored) filming me? – [Michelle] Go. – You filming me, dude? Michelle that ain’t the door. – [Nathan] Hey, hey! (two gun shots) – You shooting me? (four gun shots) – Holy cow, man… I saw what you did, you okay? – I’m fine, call the police. – Call the police? – Right now. – Okay, all right I don’t have a phone. Who’s got a cell phone? – What happened? – All right, call 911. Let them know there’s been a shooting. What do you want me to
tell them, anything? – Tell them somebody got shot.
– Okay – (Mumbles) another
person, we need (mumbles) – You want me to tell them
anything about you, or…? – Tell them I’m wearing a
green shirt, I’ve got a gun. Somebody’s down. – You’re allowed to
have one though, right? – Yes, absolutely. – Okay. All right End Ex, End Ex, End Ex. I’m, I’m not gonna lie to
you I’m pretty proud of you right now so I want to hear
what you were thinking. – Uh, first thing that came
to mind was get that distance. Absolutely. – Very good. – It didn’t escalate quite
as quick so I was able to get a little bit more distance
and then he didn’t come after me but he went after somebody else. Felt I needed to intervene. – You do realize that you
shot a man in the back, right? – Yes. – Okay and why did you do that? – Because that’s the target
that presented itself. – What was going on? – He had already attacked
somebody else and was going after the lady who went in the door. – Right, he was hitting
somebody with the baseball bat – Right. – And that’s deadly force. – Yes. – All right. And then, he turned after
you shot him in the back. – Right. – You shot him some more. Why? – He wasn’t down. – Shoot til the threat goes away. – Absolutely. – Til the threat stops. – Absolutely. – But after he went down,
did you shoot him anymore? – No. – Why not? – No reason to. He’s
not presenting a threat. – Good. – And I may still need more
ammunition if someone else decides to get involved. – How are you feeling right now? – Uh, a lot better than the
first time for sure, absolutely. – (Laughs) – Absolutely. Life is not a range,
you’ve got to treat it like everything else, that you can’t
just stand there and shoot. You’ve got to think about
other things that might happen. – Life is a 360 degree environment. – Absolutely. – Okay, life is not
going to be predictable. Quite often, life is more strange than TV. – Right. – All right, and a scenario
like this could happen so easily, and it can happen so fast. The way you react, what you
do in those first few seconds, that first minute, are
going to be very important to your survival and the
survival of others around you. – Absolutely. – As an investigator, I am
gonna ask you a question. I know it’s a little
soon after the incident, but for the sake of
filming purposes I gotta ask you a question: Why didn’t you just leave? – Because I felt I might
need to do something to help somebody. – I’m all right with that,
that’s a good answer. Really good job. – Thank you so much. – Man, so much improvement. – Absolutely. (dramatic music)

55 thoughts on “Estranged Husband Attacks Wife, Bystanders with Bat: First Person Defender|S4 E5

  1. this guy would be sued by the dead bad guy's entire family here in california. even if found innocent of any wrongdoing and was legal self defense you can still get sued by the criminal's family for everything you got. So in California if u are conceal carrying and there is an active shooter you just run away and don't save anyone. your entire life will be ruined financially.

  2. love this show. I have learned so much. 1. create distance 2. find cover, barrier. 3. if distance is too close, throw them hands and make distance. 4. once shots are fired and threat is neutralized, scan. 5. call 911 and identify yourself as a concealed weapons holder who took action against a criminal. These are the recurring themes pounded into every participant, as well as myself. Thank you guys

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  7. When dealing with a blunt force object, the best place to be is behind barriers/running away, or timing and closing the distance to get away from the apex of the object.

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