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The power of a name… – That heaviness in the name.
– Yeah. For example, someone named Gaurav
can’t hit a double ton in tests. But Cheteshwar… can hit. There’s this power in your name. So, basically the meaning of the name is… …it’s king of soul. – King of soul.
– Yeah. – Not Night King.
– No. So what are the nicknames
you have been given all the time? – Has anyone called you Che Guevara?
– I’ve been called that. – Is it?
– Yeah. Specially on social media,
I’ve been called that many times. – Yeah.
– In Indian team, they call me Puji or Puj. – Yeah.
– At home, my nickname is Chintu. The Yorkshire team named me Steve. – I don’t know where it came from.
– What? Steve. Steve Pujara. What? Basically they couldn’t pronounce Cheteshwar. They had to come up with a nickname.
There wasn’t any logic to it. – But they had to come up with something.
– I like it. I’m also going to call you Steve. – Steve.
– I’ll be like who is calling me. “Where is he?” So, you have to clarify one thing
that I’ve heard. That you and Virat have a lot of fights
and there’s a lot of disagreement when it comes to PlayStation. What do you have to say about that? Not just him but with all the players. Because be it table tennis
or badminton or whether it’s PlayStation I’m very intense. I’m very expressive. Whenever I beat them, I’ll make
sure that their life is like hell. Because I’ll keep reminding them
that they can’t beat me. So they get frustrated
and finally when they beat me they will also be very expressive and then they will say
“Look, I’ve beaten you”. So, with whom has this happened
the most? In which sport? Virat, Shikhar… With Shikhar it has happened many times
while playing on the PlayStation. Then, with Vijay,
while playing on the PlayStation. Actually, Murali Vijay didn’t know
anything about PlayStation. So he used to come and tell us
“Please teach me”. But because all of us were so good at it we didn’t want him to be a part of it.
“If you don’t know, don’t waste our time.” – “So, please…”
– “You’re a kid.” Yeah. “You can sit here and watch us play”. So that’s how we used to treat him initially. And then one day
he was challenging me. I was surprised that
he was challenging me. I said, “Even if you score one goal,
I’ll give you the victory”. We started playing
and he had practiced FIFA for six months. He played well and then he scored a goal. And then I was like
“Oh, now I’ll have to listen to him”. Whenever on the field,
we used to speak about PlayStation he would tell me “You keep quiet. I had scored a goal against you. So now you can’t say anything”. So that is how it is.
And whoever wins will always try and make sure
to boast about it. Yeah. So, who is the worst
PlayStation player in the whole team? – I think…
– Really bad player. – Shami.
– Shami? Yes, Mohammed Shami. Our fast bowlers also sledge
each other, right? Ishant (Sharma), (Jasprit) Bumrah Bhuvi (Bhuvneshwar Kumar)
and (Mohammed) Shami. – Sledging each other?
– Yes. A lot of sledging. Do you guys ever laugh
when you are watching them? Yes. Because I’m at the rear seat. Ishant (Sharma) sits beside me
and 9Jasprit) Bumrah sits behind us. Bhuvi (Bhuvneshwar Kumar) (Mohammed) Shami
and the others sit behind. I’m the only batsman… I think (Murali) Vijay sits
in the seat behind. So when their banter happens I keep listening. And it never ends. I mean, be it any situation, they keep pulling each other’s leg. On the field, when you have
a long day of fielding – who does the most fun talks?
– Shikhar (Dhawan). – Yeah?
– Because, after a point… he gets bored easily. If the batting partnership drags on
for long, he starts cracking jokes. – Because he wants to switch off.
– Yeah. – He needs entertainment.
– Yeah, he needs some entertainment. Rishabh (Pant) speaks a lot too. Rishabh speaks all the time. We have to often remind him that
“The bowler is bowling, don’t speak now”. “I’m at the slips.” Were you at the slips at the time
when he was speaking to Tim Paine? I wasn’t at the slips then,
I was fielding elsewhere. He was telling Tim Paine… Tim Paine had played 40 balls
and had scored about 15 runs. So Rishabh started saying
“Everyone is not Pujara. Not necessarily you’ll score runs after facing a certain
number of overs”. So, he started saying something
or the other to Australian batsmen. You have been the subject
of some really funny sledging from the Australian team. – Right?
– Yeah. Yeah, I have been a part of it. – It’s almost… like a respectful sledging.
– …sledging, yes. – Isn’t it?
– I will tell you this. I was batting with Wriddhiman Saha.
And initially we had lost too many wickets. But we had a very good partnership. And at that time we were somewhere around 500 runs for six wickets. It was five or six. I was batting on 180 and… their left arm spinner O’Keefe came and told me,
“Now if you don’t get out we will have to ask
for the wheelchairs”. Because I had batted for about five sessions and he had bowled more than 40 overs in that game and he was so tired. And it was so funny when he told me that. Who was it? Did (Ravichandran) Ashwin
make a meme or a gif of yours? Yeah…
It was during the Australia series. Yeah. – So Ashwin and our trainer Mr. Basu…
– Yeah. Both of them came with a… – This White Walker thing of Game of Thrones.
– Yeah. And suddenly those guys came up with an idea
that I’m the White Walker for the Australian team. Because if I start playing,
it will be trouble for them. – So that is how…
– Oh, that is a good one. They don’t know about you,
that since childhood, you have played… in order to stay in the game – and not to go home.
– Yeah. Not to get dismissed. I realized it because we had
such great players in the Indian team when I was growing up.
Like Rahul Dravid, Sachin Paaji… All the great players were playing. So when I wanted to make it
to the Indian team… If I’m scoring a 100,
no one used to notice it. But the moment I scored a double century,
they would notice that. Then I started scoring triple hundreds
and that made headlines. – “Someone has scored a triple hundred”…
– “Steve has scored a triple hundred”. Cheteshwar. Not Steve. Please. Even that was also a very funny incident. The first run after… What was it?
In 53 balls? Yeah, in South Africa. That was in South Africa, right?
Who was batting with you? – Initially it was Virat (Kohli).
– Yeah. And the way he was batting,
I was watching him from the other end. The ball hit his bat so well.
He was timing the ball really well. He was playing the shots. So, he was okay. – But, yes, I was finding it difficult.
– Did he say anything or joke about it? For a while,
even he thought maybe I should wait. So, for 25 to 30 balls, he thought it’s fine. But after that, even he felt that
it would be better if I got a run. Lest I get dismissed
while trying to take a run. Later, even he said,
“You’re not getting runs off the edge”. Yeah. Then do you remember taking that? Yeah. Virat said that, “You got a run,
raise your bat to the crowd”. You started playing cricket. There’s an interesting story behind that.
Your dad saw a photograph of yours… – Yeah.
– …in which the balance was good and the shot was perfect. How old were you at that time? I was three or four years old. – Three years or four years?
– Yeah. My question is… Maybe I should ask your father. When he saw that photo and saw that it was such a perfect capture he thought of making you a cricketer. Why didn’t he think of you as a model? No, the reason is
that my father has played cricket. – Yeah.
– He has played Ranji Trophy for Saurashtra. So my father, being a cricketer,
knew what that photograph meant. Because I was looking at the ball. When I was hitting the ball,
at four years… you don’t usually look at the ball,
you just swing your bat. – Correct.
– So in that photograph my father saw that
I was still looking at the ball. So my father decided to train me and then decide depending on my progress. Imagine, what if you were a model? You can become. You have got the light eyes. – You have got the…
– I’ll still be chatting with you. – Yeah, that’s…
– Even if I’m a model. – That’s right.
– Probably, I might be alongside you – in one of the shows.
– Yeah. It would have been fun. Do you sometimes feel awkward
in front of the camera? Like “What are they making me do?”
or “What have they applied on my hair?”… I remember… When I was playing for Kings XI Punjab I had to do a shoot with… Viru Paaji (Virender Sehwag),
(Glenn) Maxwell and myself. And all three of us had to do Bhangra Viru Paaji would do
and I can understand that. But Maxwell had no clue. I have never done Bhangra
in front of the camera. I was feeling so awkward. And I still had to do it. To be honest, because I didn’t know
any steps. – Yeah.
– The sixer one? – Yeah, the sixer one.
– That’s the best thing. Those who don’t know Bhangra
would do the sixer move. We were so tired at the end of the day. I mean, we were supposed to finish
it in four hours. It must have taken us
about six to eight hours. You shot with Viru (Virender Sehwag) for
seven to eight hours? Viru is very impatient… There must have been sledging
from his side during the shoot. Yeah, there was sledging. I can’t talk in front of the camera
at the moment, but, yes… Was it clean? Like “What are you doing?”,
“Hurry up”… In the beginning, it was clean.
Then slowly we moved to the next level. After that, it was all abusive, I guess. Yeah, obviously. Once Viru Paaji starts getting angry, all of us know… People who are familiar with him… – Trouble.
– Yes… If you don’t follow the right thing,
you are in big trouble. Actually, it is such a coincidence.
I just remembered that I met him few weeks back,
in the same place, here in 145. There’s a throne there.
He was sitting on that. And everyone was speaking to him.
He talks so well just like his batting. – Absolutely.
– You did bat with him, I think in… Yes, in 2012. When we were playing against England
at Ahmedabad. I still remember that innings. The way Viru Paaji was batting… I think it was the first innings. So, they were not even
trying to dismiss me because they wanted to make sure
that they don’t concede too many runs. Because at one stage, we were
100 in 15 overs in a test match. I mean that was probably one of the best
innings I’ve seen from the other end. While batting with him, the opposite side
seems to be the best place to be. Another seat of yours in the house was… which was a bit uncomfortable… because that was when you were on the crease and Sachin (Tendulkar)
came to play his last innings – at Wankhede…
– Yes. …where, while playing each ball,
you felt… – People are asking “Why are you playing?”.
– Yes… So when I was… Initially when… we lost the second wicket. When Sachin walked in
and he told me something. I had to ask Sachin Paaji “Can you please speak a little louder”
because the crowd was making so much noise. The Wankhede stadium
was the loudest at that time. And I have been part of
so many cricket matches. But I hadn’t seen any crowd making such a big noise. So I asked Paaji,
“Can you please speak a little louder?” and he said, “Let’s try and focus
on what we have to do”. Because, although it was his last game,
he wanted to make sure that we beat them and we do our job which was meant to be done. Then I was on strike. Whenever I used to hit a four no one clapped – and whenever I used to…
– Silence. Yes. And whenever I used to take a single everyone would clap
as if I had hit a four or a six. I was so confused at that time. So, fortunately, I got the best seat. And, I’ll always remember
that time and that moment in my entire cricketing career. Have you ever got… When is the angriest
you have got on a cricket field? On a cricket field… In one season, I was dismissed while I wasn’t out. – DRS wasn’t there at that time.
– No. It wasn’t there. So I had to accept it but at the same time
I was so frustrated because I was working so hard to score a 100. But you never show the anger, right?
You have never shown your anger. No, I don’t. I mean,
when I’m playing this game – there are so many people watching us.
– Yeah. And as a cricketer,
I think it’s our responsibility to show them the right thing.
Because if you are doing something wrong and if the next generation is watching you
and if they are picking up those things it is not right because this game
has given me a lot. So, you should show
them the right thing. And if you aren’t doing the right thing,
then you should keep it yourself. You also are a very strange breed of cricket
people who don’t follow superstitions. Yes. – Because almost everyone has a superstition.
– Yeah. – You have nothing?
– Not at all. You don’t have a superstition
for a reason, right? Yes. Because I don’t want to get distracted
by all such things. I’ll try and make sure that if I’m building
one, I will try and break it. Because when I go out to bat and if I step outside the room
with my left leg and I score a hundred then I’ll try and make sure that in the next
match, I step out with my right foot so that it doesn’t turn into a habit. – Yeah.
– And I’ll try and score runs. Because it’s not about
what foot I placed first. Yes, sometimes it works for some but I’m someone who doesn’t want
to develop any such habits. So, unlike others, you want to believe
that you succeed because of your talent,
concentration and discipline – and not because of any superstition…
– Yeah. Or you did something
in a particular way. Yeah, correct. I heard a story about Tiger Pataudi
(Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi). I think he had hit a double century
in Bombay against West Indies. He took a separate bat for every session. – so that he plays for long.
– Yeah. And when he came for lunch or tea he used to pick any bat
that he found near the door. So there was no reason. No, because he would take whatever he found. You hear the whistle of the pressure cooker? – Yeah.
– Pressure cooker whistle. – I think something is cooking.
– Something is cooking. What is cooking? So, all you boys have become very disciplined
about your eating and drinking, right? Yeah, nowadays. Importance of fitness has gone up. – Yeah.
– Not just in cricket but it every sport. It’s best to turn into a vegetarian. – I’m a vegetarian.
– Fully vegetarian? – No eggs also?
– I’m fully vegetarian. No eggs also. There’s a friend of ours. He is a common
friend. I won’t mention his name. – Okay.
– Else it will be a scandal. But he had turned into a vegetarian
for a few weeks. And his wife also supported him
saying she will also turn into a vegetarian. They came to my place for dinner one day.
She came into the kitchen and there she saw minced meat or cutlet and she gobbled it up. Puja and I are vegetarians.
So we don’t have any such issues. – Samosa, Kachori?
– Sometimes, yeah. Once in a while, I also have a cheat meal. – Once in a month.
– Once in a month cheat meal? – Not once in a week?
– No, once in a month. So, what all do you eat in your cheat meal? Sometimes I have some sweets which are still supposed
to be on the healthier side. Which is that?
Please share it with us as well. Like soybean laddus. Soybean laddus? Of course. My mother-in-law prepares them. Because I must have some healthy sweets. I don’t think these two words were ever used
in a single sentence before. – Yes, I can imagine.
– Soybean and laddu. Because I should have protein
and some sweet together. Actually, some of the players have tasted it.
I used to carry it to the Indian team. When I told them the concept,
they also started tasting it. Virat (Kohli) must have definitely tried it. Virat has tried it. Jaddu (Ravindra Jadeja) eats it.
He comes to my room sometimes. – Yeah.
– Asking for the laddus. He takes away a box full of laddus. I remember, when I first heard
that you were marrying a girl called Puja – and I heard Puja Pujara…
– Yeah. I automatically thought of Richie Richardson. Did you guys ever talk about that? She never thought before we got married.
She never thought she will be Puja Pujara. And she was telling me that “If I had known,
I would have never married you”. I was like “What?” “Is this true?” – Did she know who you were?
– She wasn’t interested. – She had no idea.
– Not at all. She just thought you are some random guy. She knew I’m a bit famous because my mother-in-law followed cricket. How is she now? In all these years? Yes, she reads each and every article on cricket. My father watches matches with her. There are
many things father discusses with Puja. About how I should have played,
what went wrong in my game and all that. She is kind of a mediator. Because if my father wants to say
something, he won’t say it directly to me. He would ask Puja to tell me
about what is to be done. Then Puja will convey the message. Then I will tell her, “I’m not going to take
any cricketing advice from you because it has either come from my father or you are trying to give your inputs.
So I won’t take it”. So it’s a misunderstanding that
people used to call ‘a wall’. Actually it’s your wife who was the wall. You are the White Walker and your father is Castle Black, right? And she is the wall in the middle. But now, Puja has some ways where I can…
She looks after my… – She manages you also.
– Yes. So, when wife says you have to go on a shoot – the dress you have to wear or your looks…
– I have to follow. – I don’t get a choice.
– Yeah. I understand it.
My knowledge of such fields is limited. – Yeah.
– And she is very educated. She has a lot of knowledge
on all such things. She knows my likes and dislikes. And she’ll
never force me to do anything that I dislike. Yeah. Like… you had her permission
to come on this show, right? – Yeah, obviously.
– Absolutely, right? Because I don’t have to dance here. You never know. We can do that. No way. Obviously, if you make a guy from Rajkot
do the Bhangra, there will be problems. Especially a guy who never did Garba. Never played Dandiya.
Why didn’t you play Dandiya? So that you don’t get distracted? Distraction was one of the reasons.
But I was always a shy person. Most of my day was spent
at the cricket ground. And then in the evenings, I would be tired. By the time of Dandiya,
at around 10 p.m or 11 p.m. I used to be sleepy. I thought it was because
you were worried about the injury that could be caused by the Dandiya sticks.
Something like that… There was nothing like that about Dandiya but
flying kites or if I’ve to burst crackers… Then, obviously. That was the reason
why my father never allowed me. Sometimes, my mother was very helpful. So, if I had to sneak in or if I wanted some entertainment,
my mother would let me. I’m guessing this happened
when you were 12 or 13 years old. Your father would say
“Don’t play Holi, you will get hurt”. Did you understand it at that time? – No, not at all.
– No, right? Were there any conflicts between you both? Sometimes it used to happen.
Because I wanted to play cricket. I had to make some sacrifices because
I knew that I loved this game. So I was ready to sacrifice those things. And, when I was matured,
like when I was 15 or 16 years old I used to argue with my father that I can manage both. Still we came to a conclusion
where I was allowed to do a few things and I still had to be disciplined. Yeah. But now when you look back you say – “Father knows best.”
– Yes. – They know what’s best.
– Yes, I agree. The most important thing is, in life,
you should strike the right balance. Both are equally important. I mean, sometimes you have to accept
modern things but at the same time
you still have to listen to your parents because you can’t match the level of
experience they have in their life. Because of the way they have grown up,
the way they have seen things in their life. I think you can’t match up to it. – But, obviously, once you become a father…
– Yes. …certainly your phone camera
becomes your best friend. Because… If you were
to guess right now. How many photos of your daughter you have
in your phone. Maybe more than thousand? Yes, obviously. Not just photographs,
I’ve so many videos of her. She doing some funny things. And when she is old,
around 15 or 16 years old… I’m sure she is going to love it. When she called you Dad for the first time was it better than 200 runs in a test match?
Better than… I wouldn’t say better.
But it’s a different feeling altogether. You can’t compare it for sure. Because when you’re playing for the Indian
team and you have achieved something that is also really special. – Very good answer.
– Yeah. Thank you. But, yes,
it’s a different feeling altogether. Because this joy can’t be matched
with anything else. So, if I had to give a commentary on this my commentary to this question
and answer would be. “GK gives a flighted one.” “Steve comes dancing out of the wicket.” “Straight over the bowler’s head for six.” That’s excellent. – Thank you so much for doing this.
– Pleasure. – Thank you, Steve. Sorry, Cheteshwar.
– Thank you. That name is stuck in my mind. I liked that name a lot. Hi, I’m Cheteshwar Pujara and you can watch me
on ‘Breakfast with Champions’. And please like and
share this video. Also subscribe to Oaktree Sports
for many more champions who are coming. – Thank you, Che.
– Pleasure. Forget the “Ring the bell”. Always the same.
We don’t want to ring any bell.

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