(Epic Chess Fail – Quite funny) : Pawn underpromote to knight – Mamedyarov vs Nakamura: Blitz 2017

hi all there was unexpected drama and
entertainment from one of the blitz games of the Grand Chess Tour in Paris
Mamedyarov going up the board so white Nakamura coming down the board
and the fun starts with on move 71 h5 which is actually potentially a losing
move it seems instead of h5 rook f5 to try and commit the pawn and stop
Rh3 but instead we have this move h5 and the Tarrasch rule is invoked
the rook goes behind the pawn and this actually now is dangerous for white so
rook f5 it’s actually like blacks got the extra pawn and whites pawn is going
nowhere after f3 so the tarrasch rule has been fully invoked here with lethal effect
King e1 threatening f2 and queening. Check ok the King’s blocking temporarily but
now there is a way for black to win this believe it or not but Nakamura played
King g2 – the way to win it especially if you’ve got a lot of time you clock it
might be possible to find it is check and after Kd2 – to play the strange
move rook h2 – it’s a killer waiting move but it is the Tarrasch rule – the rook is
behind the pawn and white in a sort of zugzwang here whatever he does he’s
losing. so Rg5 Rh1 and what happens here for example here King g1
and you can see that actually it’s really strange but blacks winning this
he’s queening his pawn and white pawn is too late. So this is actually strangely a
winning move Rh2 – it’s the only move – it wins –
so there’s strange things going on in this endgame and I don’t know if that’s
having an effect on the players as well that they know that they’re making some
inaccuracies here so Nakamura played King g2- maybe something was telling in
somewhere that that might be a mistake but it’s a blitz game. They have only
probably got like seconds on the clock so we have King e3 f2 check and White
seems to be safely you know stopping nakamura pawn. It
should be technically here and the game should have been you
know shake hands here and any pawn promotion should in general work here
you know Queen we just have this dead equal rook and pawn ending. Yeah anything a
rook a bishop but Nakamura decided to under promote a knight and there’s a
little bit of a shock here that white doesn’t routinely take the knight. Mamedyarov – he’s thinking there’s a slight difference here and in fact the knight
doesn’t compel white to take and in fact white doesn’t take.Rook f2 check is
played instead and the first thing to note here is that King g3 is losing to
check rook takes h3 and then King takes is simplest where the pawn is running
away so there’s actually Nakamura has found
way to lose this in this variation okay but the game so the game continues. Let’s
have a look at how the game continues With actually that the better move King
g1 now the best play it should still be a draw. White took there okay white is
a pawn up but it should still be a draw after Rf5 we have Ra3 h6 Rh3 Rf6 –
okay so it’s annoying though that white now has this extra
pawn which represents in theory at least a winning chance after rook g6 now black
has to play accurately to actually stay in the game and the move to stay in the game
would appear to be king h2 but Nakamura played rook a4 and now this is starting
to get a bit difficult after h7 – yeah that pawn is is representing a real
winning opportunity – the rook goes behind it the
Tarrasch rule was a bit late here because the pawn is so advanced and we have
now rook g7 and the king is a little bit awkward here so we have rook h6 I mean
it’s difficult actually this position but probably to try and stay in the game
is king h2 but with Rh6 yes this King is now a fighting attacking piece
and it goes up the board and we get this situation where unfortunately White
is now totally well for Nakamura White is totally winning this position so
there’s a lot of fun and amusement in simple rook and pawn endings it seems
even at the super GM level but yeah Nakamura you know maybe kicking himself under
promoting a knight but it is a great source of amusement you know possibly
for years to come so thanks Nakamura for under promoting a knight – it was it makes for a very good YouTube video thanks very much. Sorry it’s not funny it’s
not funny okay comments questions likes shares appreciated. Thanks very much.

15 thoughts on “(Epic Chess Fail – Quite funny) : Pawn underpromote to knight – Mamedyarov vs Nakamura: Blitz 2017

  1. Simple, but very interesting stuff and concept! Those little things help, especially for future rapid/blitz/bullet games!

  2. Apparently Nakamura was looking for a bishop, couldn't find one in time, and just stuck on a knight thinking it would make no difference.

  3. What was he thinking? The only time promotion should not be to a Queen is where there is an inescapable mating conclusion with a Knight. Admittedly f1-g3 looks devastating. If only those pesky white pieces didn't get a turn inbetween ! Sometimes, it's not so bad to see a superGM make ridiculuos blunders, even if it is under blitz conditions, it gives me hope lol.

  4. i watched this live and couldnt believe a proffessional would do something so pathetically cheaky and stupid

  5. Thanks for doing this video. I saw some people on twitter commenting on it, but I didn't get why the under promotion was a problem. Queen or Knight, rook can just take, so what's the big deal? Hard to see the blunder from an amateur point of view without some help.

  6. Naka is such a cocky player sometimes hes not even looking at the board and looks somewhere on the horizon pretending that he knows every poibble variation and there is no need to look at the board…..finally he got owned by his own stupidity

  7. 1:40 "Rh2 is the only move that wins." This is incorrect. Kg1, Rh1 and Rh4 are also winning (got this information from a tablebase).

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