Epic Battle in Table Tennis: Long Pimples vs Normal Inverted Rubber

The new ball is bigger and slower. This will make the rally longer in table
tennis, and this could be an advantage for pimple playing style. Let’s feel
the game between the 2 Professional Chinese player: One with Long pips
and One with Normal Rubber. This battle is epic.

19 thoughts on “Epic Battle in Table Tennis: Long Pimples vs Normal Inverted Rubber

  1. What happen? I thought you could only do videos on sunday? Don't get me wrong I'm happy you're making more videos.

  2. Thank you very much for this video. Not long ago i was watching Zhou Xin-tong and Ni Xia Lian. I mysel do play long pips classic c-pen from time to time too because of these two women!

  3. em tưởng gai dài không tự tao xoáy được mà hai cao thủ này đánh một hồi qua lại banh xoáy quá trời vậy anh ?

  4. Hello Coach , love all your videos . Can you make a video about long pimple ? .I am using it myself . I used to used it to chop and block. Now I i used it more to attack. So hope you can make a video about long pimples. ?

  5. Hey Emrahthich ! ❤
    I love your videos, I've learnt a lot from them and my game has improved a lot.
    I need your opinion about something please , I switched to using Chinese rubber for FH(h3neo) and euro Rubber for BH(Bluefire m2).
    my blade broke(donic Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon), can you suggest a new blade under 100 dollars for looping style which has slightly more punch than that blade.
    it would be great if I see the reply on your next video! ☺

  6. Mình nghĩ chị vợt ngang kia đánh mặt trái bằng gai công chứ k phải mặt phản xoáy. Vì mặt phản xoáy k thể để úp góc vợt mà bật đc quả trái như vậy,sẽ rúc lưới ngay.

  7. I have a question….what will happen if you serve sidespin to long pimples….what type of spin should you expect back?

  8. This style o f long pips would not be viable in the men's game at the world level. ….all world class long pip players are choppers in the men's game.

  9. In fact, playing with Long Pimple has many ways. Depends on the players. Of course, chops and blocks very commonly seen. However, there are some very good in smash, speed drive, playing attacking just as good as inverted player. These LP players are rarely seen on videos.

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