[ENG SUB]160509 VIXX Show Champion Behind – Table Tennis Game [빅스 쇼챔 비하인드 탁구개임]

[REMINDER] This video is not fully sub. *Hongbin is reading the rule and scores but its too fast. Let’s send our best player. I am such a leader.
” I am the best leader at the moment.” Let’s decide it with ‘rock, paper, scissor.’ The winner will get to play. But Hyuk is superb in table tennis. Then, Hyuk you are definitely play the game. Me!
“Hongbin win” * N loss Oh..? It’s me.. “Leader-nim please come over here.” “Ken win”
– Oh? You put out slightly late. “Hyuk, Hongbin, Ken will challenge” The rest will be choosing the bats.
-Okay. We can’t fall for this kind of trick. The bats might be smaller than we expected.
“Said someone who have nothing since earlier.” I think there is spoon in one of them. “I choose no.1!” “Got snatched by Ravi right away.” But that was mine.
“Someone please take care of our leader.” “The one who looking at the (crew) reaction. “it’s not this one? “if that so I choose no.3!” “Nods” “Leo put his trust in the crews and choose no.3!” I choose no.5
“N’s choice is no.5” Mine is good one. “Panic” Please open the box and show it to the viewers. This is not a present (for me)? Tray is really good one. But we still need to consider the strength the ball will get hit by the bat. Mine also good. it could be used in many ways. “100% Utilized! Ramyun~!” Let’s take that (home) first. You will need to tear the wrapping out. “Absurd” You should have said that earlier! My mom said that if we are playing with the foods.. .. you will go straight to hell. Mine is ramyun, and Leo-hyung got spoon. *Low note battle in order to choose the bat “These three are judging the battle calmly.” You are eliminated! It’s awesome! “Umm? Something weird? ” Thats not it. “You need to do it like this…” That’s correct. “Cave-like sound coming from the abdomen.” That’s correct. He did it? I admit defeat! “1st place Hongbin choose ramyun.” I think it will be good because of the noodles. “You should choose this spoon!” “Shaking pupil” Since Hyuk is good in table tennis, So, choose the spoon. “Entertainer Ken choose tray!” “Automatically, genius Hyuk get spoon.” “Like a miracle, Goal in~!” “Its a festival!” “5 points for VIXX” “2nd player, Ken.” “I got the feel now” “Pulling a straight face.” “Please let it slide.” “It’s such a shame.” “Ken’s last chance.” “Accumulate points, 6” You can do it. Stay calm. “Nervous like he is in the Olympic games” “Aiming for the beef (prize), Hongbin challenge the game.” Wait! Why did you talked to me! “N-ah, you could make a hole in the camera (due to his stare)” I just stopped on his “Wait!” word. “The recorded video shows that Hyuk’s ‘Wait!’ is 0.1 second ahead of Hongbin.” I have something to give to you. Let’s do it again. It’s gone bad already. It’s your 2nd chance? 2nd chance.
– 1st chance? 2nd chance.
1st! Okay we get it. 2nd chance. Let’s go easy this time. “Invisible hand. Is it a success?” Give me no.4 “Hongbin’s last chance. Fail~” Waa~ we even give our best for this. If I could put it in from here will you give us 1 point?
-It’s impossible.
-It’s just for fun. Next I will do it using my mouth. Honestly.. please don’t do it like we did. We should play fair when it comes to sport. It’s fine actually.
“It’s okay even though we didn’t get the beef.” As long as we are having fun.
“Where did the straight faced Cha Hakyeon gone to?” We will do this again in the future.
Don’t worry to much. He is being like this since he know we could’t get it. We. Are. Fine. I hope there is no team that playing like we did. It would be great if you could give it (beef) to us. Honestly, you need to play fairly. Sub by: yonex

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  1. thanks a lot!

    omg ken's 'my mom tolde me that i fee you're pkayong with food you'll go straight to the hell' 😂😂😂😂

  2. I had to pause this, lol this is why I love Leo, you can't tell him no, people gives him what he wants and someone just helped him cheat. lol! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ omg! ♡♡♡

  3. so much fun today hoping this comeback pull a little longer
    #Dynamite Fighting 💣👋😈💕

  4. oh my god….just can't stop laughing!! As always….VIXX creates chaos everywhere…these guys are just too funny to watch!!!
    and then there's N. N: "You need to play fairly"……you mean not use the "invisible hand" like yours? >o< >o< (LOL)

    Thank you for subbing! 🙂

  5. All VIXX members are soOoOoo funny and hyper.
    Whenever I saw their videos/ interviews they're so close or they always talk with the production crews or MC's.

  6. "N-ah, you could make a hole in the camera." LOL 😂 He was like "Give my son a chance or else …" XD And as always, VIXX being dorks again. This guys, really! ♡☆

  7. I came here after watching seventeen's and i didn't expect falling for one of them?? i think i might stan VIXX and become Leo biased

  8. Lol Vixx is a group of con men, not idols XD
    Leo: wait these are not our presents..? lol child, you need to listen but it's ok your freckles are cute so we forgive you
    N's straight face, so adorable
    Ken: my mom said if you play with food, you will go straight to hell… lol my mom said the same thing haha

  9. to all Binnie wifey, never let him open the ramen package by himself because he'll ruin it….he's still Wang Chiang..too much power~~

  10. It's so hard when you adore all of them… I keep rewinding to see each of their reactions to every little thing. This 6 min and a half video turned into almost an hour…

    Hongbin ripping open the ramen… lawl all the Wang Chiang jokes will be the death of me.

  12. I love how N is talking about how other idols need to not play like how they did and be fair and yet Seventeen pretty much tried to walk out with the beef. They following you N, lol.

  13. I'm here laughing my ass off and then I see Ken doing a dance in the background and I'm here like "*is laughing* sees Ken WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?

  14. And then I see N looking straight at the camera looking at my soul and is like "Tell me all your sins."


  16. omg is that true moles at Leo's face? or just makeup? im just new to vixx! what's their fandom's name ? ☺☺

  17. btw this is the edited version, watch the longer version if you want to see the true level of their antics during this game XD

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