(Eng Sub) Zhou Shusen The Legendary Table Tennis Man — CCTV 5

You may not know this guy strolling in the competition hall is already 76 years old. He is Zhou Shusen, a coach of the Shandong women’s team. Coach Zhou walks to the coaching bench everyday since the beginning of the 2017 National Games. As an experienced table tennis person, he has involved in 13 National Games. It seems that Zhou Shusen is coaching a match, but it more likely that he is reviewing the general level of the National Games. I am going on 80 years old. I turned 81 at the next National Games. I don’t even know whether I can live till that day. I will live one day at a time. I won’t plan I will take part in this or the next National Games. I do not have such goal. This ordinary water bottle has been used by Zhou for 20 years. That’s why Zhou Shusen treasured this water bottle. He won’t left without the water bottle. He marched into the competition hall with his water bottle in hand at 2 p.m. yesterday. Since Team Shandong lost 0-3 to Team Hebei, this match would be crucial for Team Shandong. Zhou Shusen took off his jacket and gave a long clap to cheer for his athletes. Chen Meng led 2-1 over Zhu Yuling at the beginning. Zhu Yuling changed her tactics and won 2 games. After that Tea Sichuan won 3-1 over Team Shandong. The defending champion Team Shandong lost 2 match and won 2 match which is not enough for them to qualify for the quarterfinals. After Li Xiaoxia’s retirement, Chen Meng plays as the no.1 player of the team. She bares more pressure. This has affected her performances. Zhou Shusen is a coach of Team Shandong, therefore wherever he sit, his eyes are always on the Shandong athletes. Although Zhou Shusen is an experienced coach, there are times that he can’t calm himself. Chen Meng has now tactics to win points from Sun Yingsha. This is also the match that has affected the morale of Team Shandong. The defeat in the first match has affected the performance of the second match. Their emotions and confidence are affected. They did not show their ability. Despite the lost in the women’s team event, It has not affected Zhou Shusen’s reputation at the National Games. Zhou Shusen participated at the 1959 and 1965 National Games as an athlete. He then took part in all the 11 National Games as a coach. He is absolutely one of the immortals at National Games. I have never thought of going this far. I am now an old man. I cannot live without table tennis. This is because I know nothing other than table tennis. Whenever people invite me to coach them, no matter the professionals, amateurs or kids, I will try my best to coach them. In Zhou Shusen’s table tennis career, the half a century of National Games experience has become his asset. Especially his first National Games in 1959 and leading (Team Beijing) winning 3 consecutive women’s team champion (2001, 2005, 2009) are some of his most memorable moments at the National Games. We asked him about his retirement plan. He replied he would like to start afresh just for his athletes. Wuqing, Tianjin. CCTV.

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