(Eng Sub) Documentary: Ma Long’s Table Tennis Story In Anshan

(Anshan) Ma Long · Anshan How many years has there been? Around 1993 or 1994. Sir, do you know where is the original sport school? Is it around the sports center? There are no sports center now. There are no sports center. The only remaining building is Angang Stadium. Then I am not sure about it. The left…… I am not talking about the big stadium. I will take you to the sports center. The original sport school was opposite to the sports center. You’re right but that has been demolished already. The school was demolished. (Beijing Table Tennis Team, Beijing Xiannong Atlar Stadium) Memory! I remember my life in Anshan was attending school and training table tennis. It’s simple and dull. I spent my childhood in Anshan. Yet I could stay with my parents and relatives in Anshan. Back in those days, there were family members around me but now I spend most of the time alone or with friends. This is the path to the sports center. The building at the opposite side was the site of the old sports center. I remember it should be this side. Nope. They were rebuilt. The construction site over there was the sports center and football field. If you drive a bit forward, on the left should be the site of the sport school. I guess. On the left, it is the lake. The lake is to the left of this building. These 2 sides. Where is the original sports center? It is located at this construction site. This is the site of the old sports center where people used to play football. Oh yes. Then can you please turn left. As far as I know many table tennis world champion come from Anshan. Plenty of them. It was 1999, I left Anshan when I was 11.
(Beijing Table Tennis Team, Xiannong Altar Stadium) I came to Beijing in 2001. I have spent more time out there than in Anshan. What impressed me the most is to win a champion in Anshan. I still remember the champion I won when I was young. I remember at one competition, I have forgotten which year it was, I earned 300 RMB prize money for winning the champion. Here is the place, behind the sportswear shop was the old sports center. There is still a tennis court right there. Then it should be the sports center I referred to. This is the swimming pool. As I mentioned last time, after winning 300 RMB, I had a meal here. But it wasn’t looked like this. At that time I wouldn’t spend a penny even if you give me 300 RMB. This is now the adolescent activities center. Originally this was… It’s now a building. Everything was demolished. Let’s move on. The hardship I had when I was young was more of the physical thing. It was physically tired. There weren’t many suffers mentally. At most of time, I felt like I was too tired for training. As long as you love the sport, you can withstand those difficulties. As I grow older, I have to face the pressure from competitions and losing the matches. These scenarios come more often and there are more pressure. At these times, iI was mentally exhausted. I am not going to play table tennis in these few days. I stay here for a few days and will leave very soon. If you asked me to stay a few more days here, I would get bored very soon. One time I came back, and it was simply boring. There were too many people out there and you did not want to hang out. Probably I would run a few laps downstairs. (Beijing Table Tennis Team, Beijing Xiannong Atlar Stadium) I am a responsible person. And I felt the pressure is growing. As people have higher expectations on you after winning the competitions. They think that I should win the champion. I would like to have a good result. The pressure will get bigger and bigger. I am 12. I come from Anshan, Liaoning. I have played table tennis for 7 years. I come from Haerbin, Heilongjiang. I am 14. I have played table tennis for 7 years. I have played table tennis for 9 years I am from Anshan. I am Liu Zhenlong. Lou Shitan Ma Long is my favorite player.

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