(Eng Sub) 2017 Amateur Vs Professional Table Tennis Competition Interview — CCTV 5

The player on the left is Shen Peng. He is from Foshan, Guangdong. He took the first game with a 11-5 victory over 17-yeaer-old Wang Chuqin. He had a critical point at the 4th game. Wang Chuqin despite being 17-year-old, is the bronze medalist of the men’s singles at 2017 National Games. They leveled the 4th game at 10-10 and Shen Peng won 2 consecutive points and took the game. It’s quite surprising that the amateur player forced the professional to play a decisive 5th game. I a not quite used to this playing style. I have never seen it before. He is different from who I used to train with. What were his tactics? No tactics. It’s their first time to play against us. They might not used to our style. Moreover, they played under pressure. Since we are amateur players. They are professional. Therefore it seems that there aren’t any huge differences. However as the competition is played longer, there are fewer solutions to earn points from the professional. We might have some chance of winning in the first encounter. There will be no chance afterwards. Apart from the singles event, Shen Peng teamed up with Shen Jianyu to play men’s doubles. They won some points over the national team duo. Our goal is to win a game and we did it. I am quite happy. Do you find there is a huge gap between amateur players and professional players? We are not too far away from the professional level as we expected. I thought it was a one-sided game. It seems that we have a slight chance of earning some points in the match. We have overrated them. Having the opportunity to play against national team members after the national games, is kind of fulfilling my dream. Although the national team members win the entire competition, national team coach Liu Guozheng is quite surprise that they have lost 3 games. The national team players did not adjust their mentality properly and they are not used to the power of the amateur players. There are not many powerful shots, about 1-2 point only. Once they wanted to smash the ball, they misjudged the ball. I told the this competition is similar to the first 2 rounds of World Tour. Like when they play against some less famous European players. We are not good enough in handling unfamiliar playing style.

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