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Please click to subscribe and like Hi, I’m Simsimi from Simkung table tennis. Today we’re going to learn about Forehand topspin impact zone. Let’s get in on! I want to talk and share about ”forehand topspin impact zone”. To help you understand easily, two coaches from our academy demonstrating forehand topspin and I’m going to tell you some detail. I shot the videos of me and Kim doing forehand topspin rally and also, Coach, So doing forehand loop with footwork. I monitored this video again and again and reflected on it. I noticed almost a professional player like them have almost the same impact point. The impact point isn’t like too high, too low or close to the body. As you see in this video from the front or side and back, noticed their impact point level looks like the same and they use the pelvis and belly naturally during the backswing and follow through, rotating the pelvis makes the swing longer even though there are no much movement of arm. Also, noticed that they don’t spend the time to do the backswing. the arm is naturally lied like this, but this one is pushed back In sum up, they don’t spent time for backswing. As you see the Kim’s demonstration, Although he has a quiet longer swing, the impact timing is never delayed and the movement of the body is stable with the arm action. Now Mr.So is doing loop against backspin. His arm and body moved simultaneously and working the energy into the ball at the nice timing. There is not much arm’s movement downward or backward. You can notice that his arm naturally lies and just rotate the body simultaneously for the backswing. Also, you can see that his shoulder isn’t more behind than impact point. These are the common things among professional player. This demonstration we did is going to help you to find an effective impact point. and keep watching second explanation. I mentioned that the impact shouldn’t be further than the legs. Why should we contact the ball slightly next to the body rather than front? You might think we can’t work energy into the ball if the impact was lower. So I want to tell you what is going to happen if the impact point is further forward than body dealing with short or high bounced ball. Some player have wobbly arm during the stroke. They really want to keep elbow but it ends up wobbling whole arm. The main reason is that swing from behind your side on an axis of elbow never make wobble arm. Hitting the ball behind make your swing bigger like this, or hitting too early make your swing wobbly and your elbow loses on the way. It almost happened when the impact is so fast. The player who struggles with keeping the stable arm and swing try taking more time and impact point will slightly back than yours. you might think impact point is further forward enable to accelerate your swing forward. However, your elbow is already going forward and you can not work the energy into the ball. Also hitting too early allow to break your body balance like this to meet the ball. Your hip is going backward and upwards and transferring your weight will be like this. So that you have to bring your impact point here. Make sure hitting too early makes you break your body and disrupt the concentrated power into the ball. and your hips get to go back. Nice impact point helps you keep a nice and stable position. I know ball is always not coming towards me. The most difficult ball is a high bounced ball. I told you impact point is here but you can not reach the high ball. It’s easier to understand that you divide 1 to 10 on your swing. If The starting point is 1 here and 2,3,4,5..6,7,8,9,10 arrived, the impact point is 5. Let say impact zone here. My arm is aligned in line my body from the front. You should keep your arm still in line avoid pulled arm. So dealing with the higher ball, body bring your racket here, not doing like this, the arm should be straightened to approach to the ball. Its swing is like 1,2,3,4,5 my arm is still straightened and after hitting it goes 6,7,8,9,10. The arm goes to upper and upper including shoulder depending on the ball’s level and the body is getting rotated as well. Bring all together towards the ball not only racket and follow-through after the impact. as if the swing cover the ball’s direction like this. Pulled arm and shoulder is still behind never could be impact zone. Positioning Your arm and body in line or a bit back enables you to generate power. Even if the ball is higher, position your arm on a higher level like this. so dividing movement of swing and body 1 to 10 and playing, the impact could be the same place. It’s going to help you find effective impact zone. Next, timing … How to practice finding nice timing when forehand topspin. To do basic forehand the timing would be in count of one, two, three. Backhand timing is in count of one, two Once you start forehand topspin and make stable position, it’s not count to three, it will be the vertex of the bounce. counting to three and half is still early. drop the ball until counted four. Once past the vertex of the bounce and the ball is falling down, you have to push down until here where you can concentrate power. so wait the ball until ball is coming to the racket and hitting. Do not rush. Hitting earlier means that ball would be slower or higher so that wait the ball bring below in 4 times or 4 and a half. Your center of gravity should be lower not higher during the stroke and impact at lower part and follow through. impact at the bottom as much as you can in the count of 4 or 4 and a half. To find this timing point, it’s better to distance from the table and practice against topspin first rather than backspin. Which part should we stand? To drop the ball and accelerate swing more, this part is not good. Even this level is still high. To keep doing forehand topspin against normal topspin ball, um….you have to distance from the table more than 1 meter and drop the ball and then contact at the bottom. Avoid raising your shoulder and pull your forearm or hips up, keep the body lower and then swing. Once get used to it, you can get closer to table. Even you are close to the table, you can bring the ball down and impact at a lower level. If you hit faster at first, your center of gravity will raise up. so taking a distance from the table and pause before hitting help you to work the energy into the ball. It seems like the pelvis, arm and shoulder work simultaneously. I’ll give you more details on how to move separately. There are shoulder and forearm. To execute it, rotating the shoulder and forearm swing like this and then rotate on the axis of pelvis and tummy. Next, move legs to transfer weight. How do you think which part of the body should move first? A lot of amateurs move their arm forward and transfer weight in advance. It ends up breaking legs like this rotate body without pelvis and shoulder. The center of gravity already went opposite side, also, the racket went forward It makes them miss the ball and can not hit stronger. Because they didn’t bring their pelvis and shoulder forward. To create the movement sequence when i decided hit stronger, shoulder … move shoulder first, I told you the movement of pelvis and racket should be the same time, move pelvis, racket and thigh through this sequence Normally, We have to rotate body and head of the racket simultaneously and the shoulder move separately. when professional player try to powerful stroke, open their shoulder and the impact is somewhere behind the body. As you know, this is not good. The reason why starting swinging from behind the body make the swing longer and get more acceleration. Push the shoulder forward first to bring impact point back of my body and then rotate the pelvis. Swinging from behind body create more acceleration as the legs and tummy rotated like this. That is because i use pelvis first. To create movement of arm, push shoulder first and pelvis and then forearm. the swing will be longer and bigger with the more power. Also, make sure putting pressure on your legs as much as you can during the stroke. A lot of player during the stroke rotate their legs so fast. Hold the tension until the impact and make working on energy into your legs avoiding break down the legs. It’s okay rotating legs later It really helps you to keep a stable position and get the force. It seems like the body work at the same time but to be more specific, divided body parts and working like this. Finally, I’ll show you how to practice alone to get more power on the ball. the way to practice alone is When i was 20 and active player from Samsung, my coach taught me to do this drill which is that stand close to the fence and droping the ball on the floor and then hitting the ball. To hit the ball to the other side of the table, we need to stay body low and then find the place where enabling the concentration of power into the ball. Brush the ball from the lower level and then make the ball going longer. I’ll show you how to do it. This one was a little bit easier and my center of gravity were broken. It’s important to drop the ball next to the body, not the front. I’ll drop the ball in line with this thigh. It’s very important to drop the ball. Hitting too early makes your arm going far from the body and your hips raise up. Let the ball bound in line with the thigh and brush the ball from the low part as keeping the pressure on the legs to avoid pushing your hips and thigh back. This drill is going to help get a nice feeling and find the impact zone where you can concentrate energy. Thank you for watching.

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