Emotional Baseball ft. Schmelvis Scmhresley (NSO NES Gameplay)

-recording the whole time (Awww!) You didn’t even, you didn’t even (Dang it!) know it! (I didn’t!) Good mic quality this video is, if you didn’t leave already, you are impressive. Okay, you are, good. (We’re playing Death Road to Canada.) Yeah that’s this one, but since when were you able to go through details, like, that’s cool. (What? Oh, I didn’t know that was a thing.) I mean, of course you didn’t, you’ve never even seen this before- (Yeah I know, but like) (?????) Wait I saw Boo Buddies……….. They’re not called Boo Buddies, they just called Boos, but… whatever. (*laughing* Boo Buddies…) Exactly, I don’t know what that’s about- but what do you, a-want to play? We’re not playing Golf, because Golf is STUPID. (Can we play… Mario 3?) I mean yeah but I was hoping for something with simultaneous multiplayer? (Okay, I just like Marro 3.) It is a good game. We can play that in a bit, dude- it’s probably gonna be a pretty long video. (Okay-) Let’s start with Mario Bros.. (Alright.) *Both vocalizing with song* So yeah, this is A game. Um, I WOULD say we’re going to do every game in the collection, ??????? But there are only so many that are simultaneous multiplayer. (How do I…?) Move- You have to jump and then move. It’s not super intuitive. (Can I jump on these guys, or is that a bad?) Nope, no, big bad. Gotsa hit them from below. Ah, I want that coin. Get that! (Are we dead now?) Nope, we good. (Oh. Heck yes!) Lessee, you hit them from below, jump up n’ punch them… crabs take two hits, that’s really all you need to know. (I like how, in the first Mario Bros., Luigi, when he gets the fire power-up, he just becomes Mario. *laughing*) *Laughing* *In horrible Luigi accent* MARIO, I’M TRANSFORMIN’, GWAUGH, NUU, WOAAH! (MAAARIO!) MARIO, WHERE ARE YOU?! Commercial: MARIO, WHERE ARE YOU?! *Both laughing* I’m goin’ back and forth, back and, that’s what I’m doing. And like- woah, hello. OH NO! *Mic hit* *Water glass falling over* AAH! That’s not good… well, You ohowillowh… I will, deal with THAT. (You better deal with it or else you’re a bad boy… said mom.) That is ICE, that is… WATER, (Ha ha I’m gonna collect all the coins!) Noo, my coi- *laughing* Ya gotta stop hitting me though[?] (*Laughing*) Those are precious score points we’re losing because of you. (*Coughing*) (wHoAoAoAh whoops!) *Glass sounds* (I can’t jump!) This is why you can never trust me with literally anything. (What happened?) You frickin’ ran out of time. (OH. We had TIME?) You have TIME to grab the coins. That’s why I said, “You’re missing out on-” (*DEEP INHALE* THAT’S A CRAB!) Yup, they take two hits. Don’t let me die or you die. (*Laughing* Oh-ho-ho, BUSHK.) YOU’RENOSTHNERUOGHRIG (???? I wasted precious POW.) I know, you’re our mistake. (Ah heck, hey Tyler you might die. ) Voice-Over Pete: Now… THIS is epic. Yeah really helpful. (*Laughing*) Jump my head- see? You did die. (…Better heck off, you hecking… what is that, a crab?) (It’s fine, I got all my ways to work out. It’s fine.) (No, you get out of here.) (Tyler, we don’t have a POW but we’re okay.) (MTHE BIG GAY!) So I didn’t introduce you, to the audience, do you have like a (*Laughing* Hey Tyler look you’re-) Nice. Do you have like a username you want to go by or something? (Do I have a USERNAME I want to go by- Mm, I guess Eastophe works.) Alright, Eastophe. This is Eastophe, he is the other guy… here. AND if you couldn’t figure it out I’m Mrrgle the Mediocre, I’m the one this channel is on, cool. ACTUALLY I’m just gonna leave the towel here- the towel will soak up the water. That’s the secret trick, secret
technique. OKAY we will restart now. (Okay.) That’s one player- (But we were doing so good!) The SO good broken OP strats, just have the other guy die while he cleans a water spill. Thank you, *Laughs* (*Laughs*) Thank you for the INTENTIONAL boost. (You’re welcome!) So in this game… that’s a turtle! And he’s dead. (So this is the first Mario Bros. game-) Yup! (Well I mean, technically-) Well, I mean, it really depends on whether you consider Donkey Kong a Mario Bros. game, (RIGHT.) but yeah, this is the first game to feature Mario AND Luigi (Ohh, I like Donkey Kong, I was mediocre at it.) It’s on here- I’m actually, pretty good- like I’m not GOOD, but… I think I’m O.K.. (You know what? I was above average.) No you werrrren’t, I mean I’ve never seen you play it but… I would say no. (Oh, hecker.) You can hit the coin from below to pick it- I never knew that. (Really?) Yup, you- (Sounds like an actual Mario game.) I know right. But THAT’S silly talk. Gimme that coin, thank you video game man. And the last one gets really mad by the way- aw, you didn’t let me get the coin… Nooo! (Whoops!) Okay okay, okay, This is gonna be hard since we’re just gonna get in eachother’s way. I’ve never- I’ve never- tried it with- that works. (*Laughing* Oh yeah, that works!) Wait I got it I got it I got it- yup okay okay yupyupyupyupyupyu THAT… Reas- we uh- (Wow.) I- (Oh hey, there IS a timer!) It normally goes down to the last second. Oh except it splits up the coins. (Oh what? Oh.) Oh we have separate scores, I didn’t even notice that… (I didn’t notice that either!) (Oh yeah, ‘cuz games were like, really competitive back then.) Woahoahhoahhoah! (Teamwork games with like, no teamwork.) I just frickin’ like, slid. Eww, we’re in a stinky sewers! I don’t like that! ‘Cuz plumbers! Because plumbers are big smelly dumb. (Oh, *laughs*, so, so, I don’t… you know the, like if I don’t know someone, I always refer to them as ‘sirg?’) Really? (Yeah, so, if I don’t know someone [???] I refer to them as sirg, like, as in S-I-R-G, right? That’s an interesting, fact, Mr. Eastophe. (No, so like,) that’s the last crab and now it’s dead, gottem. (SO, I was with a bunch of really little kids, probably like an inch-high, right? And like I instinctively call people I don’t know sirg, so I was like: “Hey there sirg, that’s mean!” and they’re like, “What, I’m not sirg, I’m a girl!” and I was like…) *Laughing* (*Laughs* and I was like, “Well that IS very true.” That’s a good knoweledge fact you gave me there. (Muy bien.) Very good. WOAH OH, (I hate these-) what was that big sound I just heard, why not small sound? It was, (BALOOLALOOLALOOLOOLOO.) THANKS Easton. Eastophe. You fixed all issue in world, like- (Great, you just revealed my real name!) (Now everybody knows I’m a superhero.) AW! Sorry. Revealed your secret hero identity. I will get this boy, do not worry. (Oh.) Do not fret. (Thank you, I really enjoy that.) Yep. YEAH CUZ THEY’RE MY POINTS NOW YOU FRICKIN- You get to die to the fire, not me! I didn’t want to. I wasn’t FEEEELING it. Uh, (Woah, you just bodyblocked me.) Ah, dang it, green crab. Green crabs are the worst crabs. Ah hello, friend. (Green crabs are okay.) I-I-I still don’t know why when you turn, for a single turn your sideburns are HUGE. (Heck, get the points! YES!) well that’s a weird texture cream oh we
have to fly what is that they’ve got fireflies no I mean groan oh you’re
gross I’d Clem
oh sure I love my it’s a big you about what’s the new look like I don’t give
you points to happen this is why I don’t do right this is wide on the gaming and
it’s also a YouTube channel nice we’ll go back to Iceland
alright don’t be founded here and play your games it’s not funny things like
you’re so freakin water my laptop sure planet um can we do – addresses
can’t eat that games a big that wasn’t okay okay sure I’ll get the big point I usually sit there and definitely I feel
like a haircut like I I think what haircut please all that Wow like you’re
sure I’m talking you’re doing good I like
that is so yeah but do do you know for equal terms live I need this for my personal yeah I just it’s really annoying I don’t
oh my what’s what okay so I’m like the gaming system I just brought her it
skips that last all I’m just pretty straight here to be the first name yeah
yeah I got really confused when you made it there there’s another level 50 meters
that gets cut out milk or cream cheese oh wait you have to get rid of those
things to go right yeah well you can’t fall down or else you know me I just uh
follow me he’s scary it’s a fire ahahaha we can own your beans okay
forget what some toys we got to go hardcore that was pretty yellow there I’ve never had this much issue with it
before but though we did commit not alive can you like my rap what you can a
hammer in them good great song what a bang
did you see big brave heart that is the heart end of or who died or Tom donkey
is snowy probably probably met you I keep on going for sexy boy oh he’s
probably never even taken aback probably stupid smelly dork idiot wait till you
watch me play tomorrow cruise all day every day conclude not really
that’s true yeah only games I’m good at it so no skill at all
you only she never failed frickin choice number one bet that health of these are
hard oh yes Marie of three I was just talking
about it wasn’t that no I’m not go just right here yeah at Mario 3d what way to
bargain you’re sure the quick one I know long as you can see this I don’t
speak morning moving it just so you know in advance it’s a beater one day to jump
oh yeah you’re like a gallery yes my it might be leg closes or yes yeah that’s
rotating so you have retro your Tina you can think up yeah I know I grew it’s a
big okay down here going to that my cock but it’s down on scan on top okay go
ahead nice crunch there so seconds oh I forgot that was a freaking thing in
this game one secret and now I’m behind the stage or no one mine
oh yes I am why is that seeing the game hiding in bushes yes look be gone Norma
thought I told you if you call me Inori you I like disowned your friends so can
you see my stupid yeah you can call me that
that’s fine no fungus Steve well backside is afraid explain it to you go
ahead nothing happened you didn’t see anything I get it I explain the joke he
was hooked up furry terms earlier good thing one of the things was outsiders to
the Phantom are called plushies even Earth’s not skis just gives
anything right skinnies flesh you know I’ve asked you
to this instance it was flesh beauty oh yes movie UNESCO tonight now you
can’t get over health then that is that Rudy’s bless using Steve like that mean
like admit not not a living oh there’s no point doing that why just fun it’s
fun well can you only give out white platforms you can only do a quick back
Jim I didn’t know that thing yeah I remember like I knew you could do it but
I tried to and it did for houses what the heck and I got it later then I’ll be
doing white box I like blacks but I’m doing like this right cool
no no your puppies have done doesn’t really talk about opinions are stupid
only minor right you’re dumb yellows not and yellow and then explain to me why each other why what do that really
pretty sure of it yeah yeah they’re in there in Super Mario woman that’s one of
the things I know that like if you like spring on that jump and like do think do
do then you can like get a perfect hit land on the big okay I know I know how you see if I was
playing alone I would start it over mine out like I would start over completely
because I I i I’m really gonna try hard and I agree so I know like all the
secrets I know where everything is so if I don’t do everything for victory I
always least on it so that’s why I think there are infinite life shrimp right
here I maybe think Mellie is right here I’m gonna do it right
yep it either right here or like the the one like the one over
like right here I don’t even know what I’m talking about cuz I’m stupid
give me the points that are stored so far every game you played so hard I sang
for you that had sucked I did it you’re not being in there yeah now I
know that yeah I know let me just hit it right have fun and I
would also restart here IPU after that Pony like if you like
homes like this right restart because I had a bitch star I got fire flower why
they’re in their natural turn those or is it just our clock that’s officially
try to come home really Oh knees are up that’s always what I college like a kid
so I didn’t even exist oh yeah I know by like between hover
three examinations on everyone so I like yeah well I thought you’d go there I was
trying to hit that like it was a pit bull attacks
oh that’s there I guess yeah I know sir okay let’s go I find things like that by
acted like my natural girl game or senses epic game or ten jokes a great
what if your brain is so big turn to food outdoor head you guys need an
engine soar your big great whites obscure like Elmo kids losing my power
of three why do that great pointers of the drop
everything yeah something it worries yeah dare I do
level here humor to I just okay partly wrong woman
I don’t know new our camp Adama any easy access they can pass the level like
super lost every so easy yes soon account what’s that brown sugar
sorry I got really exciting can’t you hit that did not work out it doesn’t
it’s a Pacific is race are you did you get a baby – what soft walk baby June
before really onion
finally just so you know this is a game being here but yeah you can jump for the
walk that I’m gonna be a brick wall oh yeah if they are we jump I can’t not
why playing Mario brother but you go under there yeah I’m on the other side
yeah and also I can get like a power Wow it was right here
yeah right there Oh No let me over I know I think that why would your
neighbor so small that you’re going why not okay oh yeah I can run a marriage
like Hayes head every I don’t go the right direction because I know I’m safe
mom yeah Elise how big I’ll be breaker not big
enough to do it how does your game shoot
no I feel my no that wasn’t I know there’s no way yeah I’m getting a big
recording that biggest bull hammer biggest playing around
guess what he means okay real good job those are good I am really cool look I
say it’s why I’m the guy gonna youtube in money I make the big funnies toxic
okay you know you can get a whistle right here Wow okay doctor you need that
don’t you yeah yeah so it goes a very much very very okay cool now get to the
one brief line I’m very feel like yeah oh I remember you shot you okay
yeah I’m good killing someone that wouldn’t happen to do that okay there’s
also a Leslie yeah read I was trying to get oh I know where all the whistles are
I don’t move spam obscene get into the door just can’t extreme oh yeah get over
here boom boom or so I say stupid about how much I’m close up on it you you know
a lot you’re just not doing it well I don’t know you want to look you look
appliances I died – boom boom and all the animals with the Fryeburg do
drive-bys different well that would be a different video you need keep blended
okay sure repeating I am did you ever sit here and oh I don’t know in an eight
game that you can’t play that’s good enough
yep and we get a result oh yeah okay what are we getting name and I’m gonna
need no would just be a stop where’s that sometimes label is possible I have
no idea late yes Don Blake a guy of an age of up in a different one there’s Joe
so let’s do two people will be fast not oh yeah
heck the controls in Fisher okay can’t get hurt upon all you need to know
let’s go by the way the plot is so friggin user store girls and you have to
get it back 16 or whatever I’ll do another class often leave each other up
just just them I got home that’s why you’re picky do is you other it in a run
boy and I would thought there is oh so many you can’t get anal tap it you are
the valence now that’s a guy with a meal break but if you double tap the walking
one dude it’s hell yeah dude chill out who you are don’t I think I don’t even
really knew what they were saying that’s Neela right okay chill up these
core bar once you told this guy and y’all sizes freeze me okay like career
yeah too far left possible so that’s without I came right there
okay now walk adjacent to me like you like none sir Sir sir
like like Bakey yeah baby fit better go back go back
oh you press a pothole you up did you throw it great on so if you kidding me
like this because to be all we love you oh my gosh sorry it’s like you it’s
tough to be like cool trash together throw this dude all I got man snap again
I’ll just dig finally something that came after them and I work just hit you
then okay oh my god I gave you a really really obscure memory I
like friends whatever I would put helpers these other ones at the punch I
didn’t know it’s weird but II still unlock all talents
oh you guys power your power dude oh right all right you know they can
support you you’re having whatever whatever um and you’re having like a
slight whatever like to play weapons ahead and there’s really rolled for like
three years or something and somebody’s tuning up stores because they were I
don’t know soldier cool and all I remember her saying don’t start me and
I’ll be saying it be stabbed it’s like you know okay your memories I just look
look I have one swipe of health left look at that sweet I’m good what don’t
you get killed by the air that we’re playing that is big fan of snappy just
open all those two players I don’t think so I think it’d be pretty fun to do it
is but probably not psychic Aeneas Gaston right yeah applaud this is like
they’re having sex in their demon taking right essentially don’t drive in this
video just like winger going again your beauty render know it’s like so worse
than eight play uh sure all right oh don’t even tennis turn
don’t meet tennis you know it’s murder little actually mattered how was that it
fault it’s your fault no it’s actually not don’t eat your log the referee your
mom yeah what you do stuff but why would you
why okay I guess you gonna do my back tire I didn’t do that you know but I
like you or not is this officer mom just matrix I think I let it bounce
Jorge right that’s how that works yeah I haven’t played tension right because
it’s like ping-pong oh that’s why they call it 10 times
oh man wow I never made that connection before really until I get weird and we
start like an overhead sweet yeah boy you bet
square off mr. referee I’m gonna hit it from over here double for my place nah
it can’t be a fault with this press a or over hey do you did that you did an
overhead crane to do it I just saw that yeah
was I getting links or something X though you can’t respect to spin the
opposite direction no no I see it depends on which side
you’re facing you can have a good girl fashion seizure little cui Jun you have
oh come on I get that I mean give it the no oh okay yeah it’s more sense what yeah I don’t like tennis and tennis
isn’t go I don’t we play something cool like like like this dodge ball this is a
new game earlier I yeah oh my god okay but yeah that’s why I’m bringing dance
now yeah okay I don’t think I like that maybe we could like I mean episode here
in different we could I do that but one last game should make it count I’m gonna be the why I’m funny hahahaha
YP that’s the base work Oh Eddie’s long time I wanted to do this straight you
throw that baby boy wait on do I control another foul how many hit knocks out how
do I do it exactly yep I’ve always wondered yeah see that’s a kick that’s the
obscene Danger Mouse run away run away
ah I’ll be closing the double out definitely at second base that’s always
good baseball the only sure I really have that right horrible on your eyes
green auditorium is yeah but um baseball’s literally the only sport I
know anything about I used to play basketball yeah I didn’t even oh do do
no such as my step dad was the coach you and everyone on the basketball team
hated me why because they’re all on the football team and everyone I don’t trust
the back decision as a game I’ll think back to both of you everyone football
team hated me because of rumors were being spread exactly like that worry
exactly love my only friend because I could make any friends through for the
first two decade oh this is heavy pan video if I get this any interview go
really super fast what’s happening so fucked
so hey Eli cooperatives are spared backing
on the football team and because if there anything you can control other
than just throwing I know like a big puppy boy how’d you do that one I don’t
know if you’re Alan okay so why we described that nice no
one strike but said three so I’m like Jane right
yeah I was made fun of a lot uh-huh and so then everyone I got me so
that everyone enjoying basketball team in my step-dad is on the UH was coaching
the basketball team which every Lake was like haha
your stepdad haha yeah you did got a gosh you’re good haha okay Celina I can
control it the angle it goes if you can’t actually call emotional baseball
to screen okay the rest of the episode each
other’s just thank you just the base no I just emotional baseball really have
continued a story good circus may be needed
oh you got that one oh yes tight Caillou didn’t do anything but I’ll have to keep
on doing it like I’m getting I can do it again
like oh haha oh dang I’m gonna get na gori haha this sucks I like it do we
even get any points yeah nah well how do you hit is it are you wish
Belarusian I don’t know what person hey you think I’m funny
oh yeah emotional baseball I I peed myself with kindergarteners oppression yeah yeah might even try every way to me
oh and that’s why this episode’s sponsored by don’t you do that like
natural baseball guess anybody sees the next look involved take a look after the
ball Hayes is the bomb making sure yeah man
it’s brown it’s almost like okay like Hornets Eric oh you can like hold it to
a different angle look that’s it you’re you’re 14 you’re actually all right
there you attract figure out how to hold eight right tell the world you face
technique loss I don’t even know run zones good how couldn’t it exa me and I
just do okay look you can press a to like switch position but a is how I grow
oh wait wow the balls in the air you hold nothing right oh he’s throwing back yeah how are you
I all night oh my my God look how far back you can go not cool game that’s it
I’m getting with a bike my best one an owl
scuse me fine actually in creation Josh boy this is this the same is cheap no his ex convinced German playmates mom
yeah really sup boys like not extensively oh I see
so if you’re also over there oh wow nice come I hope a of the held our CT doing
that whoa Oh Elvis come on do another one side Oh Patrol I can you join
another are you and you can move yourself on base I rested goal-directed like over and
over see oh I’m gonna do a howl back at the point of this anyone throw in any
direction you want by the way if I’m that up
I’m there a fake-out boy just mentioning that there’s a fake out but they just
think me worth something our bachelors like if I keep like right here one that
was not all was about this little way that was one fell it was that big blocks
their community just on the topic just on the topic out like our bat so that
series is Ammar can see resist no I can you just up no good me expand you yeah
yeah but I don’t have like the cool of yelling in like the extended universe
yeah just a single guy with a frickin purple one thinking I didn’t always use
awesome so I’m giving me ball yeah I like alright Mason when do you cook
English with people like with an English accent stadium sounds like nice window
and I’m one of the people asked calls me damaged because they know I received on
the ball no wait on the ball in that direction
don’t worry the bags on the beach dad for the over
why are you giving me balls now they come to us this is never you
try to see like this isn’t what the whole video she’s been emotional place I
can’t I can’t play baseball even though there’s no baseball because
right away from the dead aside sweater already so if yours can pull an
emotional baseball feet Elvis Presley back throws along really did you know I
was gonna be yeah st. thousand unipi will get a black why
are you not colliding don’t free one hey zero out of time nobody’s staring why
didn’t make sure you do a fake I like Elvis ball what how big is this minutes
we’re talking about uh two inches that’s not even a big foramina I am mad
yes run my children run why are they colliding with each other I think that
so much oh okay this is emotional baseball cool video

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