Ellen Surprises Coach Alonzo Carter & San Jose State University Football Team

– I am going to show you a
video that made me so happy. This guy used to be a
backup dancer for MC Hammer and now he’s a football coach. Take a look at this. [MUSIC – MC HAMMER, “CAN’T TOUCH
THIS] (ON VIDEO) Can’t touch this, can’t touch
this, can’t touch this, my-my-my-my my my
music makes me so hard, makes me say oh my Lord, thank
you for blessing me with a mind to rhyme and hype feet. That’s good when you
know you’re down. A super dope
homeboy from Oakton. I’m known as such and this is
a beat you can’t touch this. I told you, homeboy. Can’t touch this. Yeah, that’s how we living and
you know, can’t touch this. [APPLAUSE] All right, how great is that? That, his name is Coach Zo and
the San Jose State Spartans. And I send Jeannie there. They think they’re about to
film something for Ellen Tube right now, but
instead I am going to use Cisco to surprise
the tight ends off of them. And let’s do it right now. Hey, everybody. – How’s it going? (SCREAMING) [APPLAUSE] – Coach Zo– – Yeah? – How do you do it? What are you– – Huh, what? What you want? Huh? Huh? – I saw your video. So you used to be a backup
dancer for MC Hammer, right? – The backup dancer
for MC Hammer. Who you talking to? – And so what made you want
to coach college football? – Because I want
to change lives. I wanted to go back to my
community and give back. And let college football
give an opportunity to get your education. [APPLAUSE] – You’re awesome. Where is– Coach
Brennan, are you there? – Right here. – Hi. – How are you? – I’m good, I’m good. How are you? – I’m great. This is awesome. – This is awesome. This is fun for me too. So you hired Coach Zo and
he’s not just a coach. He’s so much more
than that, right? – Yeah, Coach Carter is. I’ve known him for
20 years and I’ve seen him change young people’s
lives in the city of Oakland forever. And I knew when I
got this job here I just had to have
him be a part of it. He’s got incredible energy. He connects with people
on an incredible level. He’s amazing. – Yeah, he is amazing. And he was MC Hammer’s
backup dancer, as well. – That’s an added bonus. – It’s an added bonus, for sure. So I want to hear from
some of the players. Jermaine, are you there? Where’s Jermaine? – Hi, Ellen. – Hi, Jermaine. Hi. You tell me your
thoughts on him. – Zo’s a great guy. You know, from day
one, he came here and he took us all
under his wing. You know, he treated us
like we were his sons. And I really appreciate that
because being away from home, all my family is in
Inglewood, Los Angeles. So it was like having
a home away from home. So I really appreciate
him for that. – Well, Coach Zo,
tell us about– you have something
called Beyond Football. Tell us about that. – Oh, yeah. Well, it’s a great program,
led by Brooke, she– we like to go out
into the community and do a whole bunch
of community service. We are involved with
different things and involve children and youth. I mean, whatever you name,
San Jose state football, we are in our
community, giving back, trying to change people’s
lives and let them see it’s more than just football. What about after football? Job opportunities
and everything else. – Right. That’s what’s amazing. So you’ve done,
from what I heard, over 700 hours of community
service between all of you. And I love what
your team is doing, so I’m going to do something
for your team that I– – [INAUDIBLE] – Listen, you’re going to have
to dance after this, because I want to see you
dance, but I think it will make you want to dance. I recently kicked off
One Million Acts of Good with my friends of Cheerios. And I want to
encourage your team to continue to do
good for others. So Cheerios and I want to
give you a check for $25,000. [APPLAUSE]

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  2. Have you noticed how Ellen as blocked comments on divisive videos. That's unfair because there are two sides to every story. Her choice, but it shows what is coming. Just get the official political line across.

  3. When I heard he was a backup dancer for mc hammer I was like no and I say the video and was like what the hack

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