Edgar – A Seattle Icon

Designated Hitter, number eleven, Edgar Martinez! He’s like everybody’s best friend.
He’s that likable. He truly is a Seattle icon. He really means baseball in Seattle to me. Just by his silent presence, and how he would silently terrorize pitchers. When you think of the Mariners, he’s gonna be near the top of the list that you think of. To do that for an entire career,
to have a connection with the city, and a fanbase in [one] uniform,
it really says something about a tenure. One word to describe Edgar Martinez would be: Heart. Heart and soul. He was dedicated to his sport. He wanted to be as good as he could at it. I think that’s what all of us, when we’re in sport
or whatever our profession is, we want to be as good as we can be. I’d love to watch when they’d try to
jam him inside a little bit. He was still able to keep it fair, hitting that double down the left field line. You kind of timed your activities
around who was coming up to bat. I didn’t miss Edgar’s. Hitting so many home runs,
and him trotting around the bases. Getting up in crucial times of the game,
and getting a key hit, or getting a key home run. Edgar Martinez. Classy. Legend. Hall of Fame bound. He’s got a street named after him. I take the left on his street frequently. I mean, an incredible hitter. Contact. Power. He is a Mariner through and through.

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