Eating Cricket Cookies

Hey, it’s Sheryl, and first of all, I just
wanted to say thank you so much to everybody who’s subscribed and interacted with Get
Messy so far. We’re up to 25 subscribers, thank you so
much! Our goal for the next silly or gross video
was only 24, but 25 is even better! Our next goal, after this silly/gross video,
is going to be 36, so don’t forget to share Get Messy with your friends and family, especially
this extra episode, because it’s going to be pretty awesome. Today I am going to make and eat cookies with
crickets inside. Let’s get started. After making the normal cookie batter, I added
some crickets. This is what they look like up close, they’re
whole crickets, and they’re food-grade. I mixed them into the batter. You can see them in there. Mmmm, doesn’t that look delicious? Then I made cookies with the cricket batter. You can see them, they’re inside. I didn’t skimp. There’s lots and lots of crickets in each
cookie. Now that they’re baked, I can put them on
a plate. Aren’t they beautiful? I made sure there was one cricket on top,
just to be sure, so we wouldn’t mix up the chocolate chip cookies and the cricket cookies. And there are my 6 beautiful cricket cookies. Well, now you’ve seen me make them. Let’s try one! You can see the cricket right there on top. Mmm, they’re not as bad as you might think. The crickets are really crunchy, and it makes
for a good cookie. All right, well, there’s your super silly
video for the day. Me eating crickets! Thank you so much to everyone who’s already
subscribed to Get Messy, and don’t forget to share with your friends and family! If we can make it up to 36 subscribers, I’ll
make another silly or gross video. Thanks so much!

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