Eating Cricket Brittle!!! | CBC Kids

Hey, everybody.
What’s up? Hey! It’s Tony and Janaye and
we were just about to do one of our
favourite segments… [slide whistle] Both: Wigged Out! Where we wear wigs
while doing wacky things that weird us out, with
the help of our friends. Yeah,
that’s right. And I’ve got some
delicious treats. Oh, please let it
be actually yummy. Please let it be yummy.
Please let it be yummy. Cricket candy! [laughs] Oh. Check this out. Um… oh wait,
I’m getting a call. Oh hi, mom?
Love you, too. Oh you want me to be
anywhere else but here? Janaye, I need to be
anywhere else but here. Be right back,
okay? Love you. That’s fine.
I’m digging in. Okay, here we go.
Let me do — oh yeah, this
piece looks good. [clears throat] [candy crunching] [whispers] What does
it taste like? [laughs] Mm-hmm,
it tastes good. Yeah? It’s crunchy. Uh-huh. But sweet. You can’t really tell
there’s crickets in here. Really? Mm-hmm. Okay, you’ve
piqued my interest. I would like a cricket
brittle, please. Oooh, okay. I’ll get you a
good piece here. Maybe a small
one, please. Oh here we go. Yeah, okay. Alright. Huh. Here we go. Yeah. Just —
the whole thing? I mean — [candy crunches] [gasps] [crunches] Hmm. It’s actually not
what I was expecting. Right? I don’t know what I was
expecting, but… ..thank you for helping me
try something new. Yeah. Yeah,
no problem. Hey, now that you’re
being brave, why don’t we
try some worms. I have
another call. Hey, mom?
Again? Again. Again.
Bye. Again.

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