Early MLB Picks Breakdown: American League Eastern Division

Hi this is Doug Upstone and I’m with Ross
Benjamin and we are going to give a look at Baseball during the spring training and today
Ross will give us his picks on the American League East. Now this division Ross, and by
the way welcome, is I think it’s kind of so-so like it was last year what’s you assessment
of the division overall? Well the division overall I’m looking at it being a three horse
race between Boston, Toronto and Baltimore and as you well know Doug from the video that
we did a couple weeks ago, I do like the Boston Red Sox I do like them an awful lot, I don’t
wanna be redundant in why but top 6 guys in the lineup very scary hitters and then their
pitching is a little bit suspect it will all depend on how well Clay Buckholtz comes back
if he shows the form that he showed in 2013 along with the rest of the veterans that they
added into the starting rotation, they have what could be a format-able starting 5 in
the rotation. I agree with you 100 percent on that Ross now what are you thinking about
Toronto maybe being a contender? I think that they are going to be right there. They’re
going to give Boston all they can handle. I think ultimately it will all come down to
whether they can stay healthy and I like their lineup they have the potential to put up a
ton of runs this year and the question mark for me is their pitching more specifically
their bullpen in their starting rotation Doug. Yeah you know their starting rotation last
year you know it wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible by any stretch but yeah their bull
pin cost them a lot of games. Now you said yoy may like Baltimore as a little bit of
a long shot? Yeah you know you look at Baltimore’s lineup, they’re very capable their bull pin
to me is one of the best in the American League on paper anyways right? I love this kid Zack
Britten as their closer. They definitely showed that they can score runs again the middle
of the lineup they gotta stay healthy, guys like Adam Jones who’s had a difficult time
staying healthy for an entire season but anyway I do like Baltimore here as a sleeper if you
want to call them that +350 but I look at this race coming down to those three teams.
The New York Yankees totally overvalued at +450 I know we discussed this is a past video
and the Tampa Bay Rays they’re going to be off the mat as far as I’m concerned. Yeah
I would have to agree on those last two picks in particular. You know now I’m not quite
as sold on Baltimore as you are Ross but you know, hey we will see how all this plays out
but yeah I agree 100 percent. The Yankees and Rays I just don’t see where it’s going
to come from so Ross bottom line I think you said you like Boston the best are you going
to stick with that pick? Exactly, I like the Boston Red Sox at +190 boy there’s nothing
I hate more, how about I use one of your adages when it comes to Horse Racing I had betting
on chalks right? but sometimes you have to bend your thinking a little bit and in this
particular case I’m going to I like Toronto and Baltimore as outside chances here at +275
and +350 but at the end of the day it’s the Boston Red Sox for me Doug. There you go,
that’s perfect Ross well thanks for all your great opinions Ross we know that you are one
of the best handicappers year in and year out and I think you’ve got some really good
information for the listeners here and so everybody stay tuned to our next group of
videos coming up next week.

2 thoughts on “Early MLB Picks Breakdown: American League Eastern Division

  1. It's the jays or Orials. not boston I don't think. Toronto was concerned with bullpen….well… not an issue it seems. The rookies…..look liek golden glove defence and offense is solid. Loads of options. Fairly deep. The hitting. no brainer, tons of runs. So far the sarters have had one bad outing, 7 runs. Thats it. So, 9 games in 5-4, could argue they could be 7-2 but they beat themselves two games. I dunno, look for Toronto I would say.

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