EA Sports Cricket 2019: Released Officially? (Let’s Find Out)

Friends, You may have head this news that is EA is making a comeback with its new game. Do you really this that this news or Rumor is true Is EA really making comeback? If they are making comeback, When will they release their new game. So, I will answer some of your questions in this video. My name is Sachin and you are watching Shark Tech. Friends, in this video I have a good news and a bad news for you. Which one should I tell you first: Good one or bad news Ok I will tell you bad news first that EA is not going to release any cricket game. And wherever you may have heard this news, it is fake. I can tell you that it is 1000% that EA has no plan for building cricket games. But friends do not let you down EA is not releasing any of its games this year They haven’t released any cricket game since 2007. But there are many 3rd party gaming studios who release patches for EA Cricket games every year. Friends, these patches will give your game a new realistic look.

16 thoughts on “EA Sports Cricket 2019: Released Officially? (Let’s Find Out)

  1. can u please make a video about our studio(HD Studioz). Recently we have lost all our likes so we created a new one but still not increasing.
    fb link – https://www.facebook.com/HdStudioz/
    u can make a video about pc patch link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id_ewGg52W0

  2. Ea 2007 ke kitne bhi patch le aao cricket ke shot to wahi purane hi rahenge ,spinner ko cut maro or six bhai esa to koi shot nhi he cricket me spinner ko cut marne pe 4 run mile to samaj bhi aata he bade bade six wale shot fake lgte he wcc2 bhi km nhi he isme lekin isse behtar he

  3. Bhai real cricket 19 Mein psl auction and hona chahiye please aap real cricket 18 Ko Man Kare aur ek video bana de please

  4. chutiyapaa hai, EA is making a game and no a patch, game might come in July19 or August due to some complication in Frostbite Engine

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