DUMMY MAN!!! || Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Gameplay Episode 6

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming PS4 Xbox One PS2 Emulator Spike Volleyball Unbound standing your whole shot well done buddy
fall in hello welcome back to Jess guy gaming we’re bringing back a blast from
the past that’s right it’s summer t beach volleyball or beach volleyball
summer heat it’s unclear in the title anyways this games a ton of fun has some
hilarious stuff in it we’re gonna take a look back through because we’ve learned
a lot we’ve changed a lot of things since the last time I played this game
on this channel that was way back in the day and you guys was showing that video
some love some of you guys are even having been subscribed to the channel
because you found those videos so we’re gonna take a look back and see what this
games all about again so let’s get to it yeah he’s got Killa in the studio with
this stuff okay you guys we’re gonna put in some cheese because last time we had
no time to go through and unlock all the characters and difficulty modes I went
and looked it up to see how long it would take and that’s an insane amount
of tournament you gotta win it’s hard so we’re just gonna go cheat and then lock
them all and have some fun with these new characters okay so we’re gonna go
through the summer heat us tour on expert mode and let’s check out who we
got to choose from I’ve unlocked all the characters here with a cheat
so okay first up there’s manikin yeah all right
then there’s Tina we’ve seen Tina before all you had to do to get Tina was
unlocked through the training mode she’s pretty good at strong power control and
pretty decent speed then there’s dummy man he’s really fast doesn’t really have
anything else going for him pretty funny Hephaestus a Greek god fully gold-plated
that’s just the developers fooling around probably strong power pretty
decent control and speed then there’s Artemis another Greek god power control
yeah strong speed okay who else is there enigma whoa look at that guy
that is weird-looking he’ll like the matrix shit going down I’m in and stop
jeez the controllers fooling around that’s insane look at those stats power
control speed all start really enigma and we’ve got incognito who’s also really weird-looking but God
mega stats I don’t know you guys I’m tempted to play the two best players
dummy man is also pretty tempting look at this guy his name is jolly man tough
decision Maximilian Lucas does not like lineup at all to those other characters
it’s got strong power but the control of speed
compare that to enigma holy shit max you’re terrible dude guys I’m
disappointed because this game has got some awesome music but I have to turn it
off because every time I uploaded a video with music in it got copyrights
striped stroked stricken copy yeah anyway so I got to put my own stuff in
here so what we’re listening to right now I don’t know I can’t hear it right
now but you will and I hope it sounds great
anyways okay so I’m dummy man and I’m playing with a nygma so we’ll see how
this goes pretty good so far nice guys I hope I pick so they don’t
say anything which kind of sucks it would be nice if they said something
should I block I’ll try to block you got me covered enigma put her away enigma
like you’re not that good dude how do you eat oh I almost scored on this Danny
Cuddy forgot how long these rallies took geez what and the computers just keep
backing I gotta get a block dang it come on enigma jeez dude I got it
send me way out dang it this rally’s just take forever and I can’t get a
fricking block Danny Cuddy oh goody Bob yeah with a nigma this is gonna take
forever you guys like holy go on Joey man enigma right as I say how great
you’re gonna be going shank it geez here we go I’ll pass up yeah in the middle
nice Connie from dummy man let’s go for the ACE why not whoa tough sir get a
block why does that happen geez enigma you know my way dude are you
kidding me come on buddy well these games – yeah
pass up nice yeah dang it jeez okay guys enigma yeah I’m trying to get a block
here it’s probably the better strategy if I just play some defense get out of
the way enigma you can’t be trusted sent me in the middle buddy gotta eat oh
she’s on it I’m on it yeah there’s some fast tempo I got it jeez I know I’m
sucking yep what this is crazy I just get blocked yes go enigma die
what the heck is going on I felt like the best character in the world he is an
enigma can’t figure him out jeez why are you over there buddy I’m on
it yeah oh jeez down six two I’m folding up come on we
can do this in the middle dummy man takes forever
get out that didn’t really do anything and they bot I got you covered buddy
enigma getting blocked he’s supposed to be like a frickin God all right I forgot
that oh okay get a block take some risk on it
oh yeah like we gotta see the replay of that we’re watching dummy man he is an
idiot it is in his name he’s taking some risk he’s all over it on the block like
he’s he’s right there like what happens on that what
it just skip it comes in this way and then it goes through his arm and back
there and knocks them over what are you thinking dummy man you’re probably not
thinking cuz you don’t have a brain you’re crash-test dummy put him up on to
go for an enigma that didn’t really help anybody get out there’s a blah
again didn’t really help anyone I’m on it going Eggman I got the dig what you
guys this is insane like what what is happening dummy man is so slow he’s got
such good speed enigma keeps shanking it not going well great set buddy
there we finally scored one yes dummy man this is less fun without them
cheering and stuff ja mon it you know yes get over nice dig I’ll give you a
shit set and you go up and block anything I’ll play some D from now on
I’m on that the one-armed bandit huh D coming over dang it they recover so well
I’m on it put me on the net standing role shot
Oh animal scored jeez what enigma got it dude like that expert just makes you
expert mode you fall in come on expert mode just makes you suck
what is the what are these games to anyway do you know the way enigma you
are an enigma gosh the Cuddy doesn’t even work it’s a hard hit
get out it doesn’t help me at all then enigma nice dude
alright I don’t even know you guys load it maybe
oh the net flipper but it didn’t end up scoring this way lie come on Raph we
need it Jess referee love it alright let’s try the reverse float
lots of trouble not really yep come on enigma Cuddy didn’t work
I’ll block get out get out again let’s go Tommy man did another block you
should have put me on to that nygma you are impossible to figure out oh look it
out how does this even help us it doesn’t I can’t get a block unless I do
double O commit I know what I’ll do ten five how is this game not over yet standing your whole shot well done buddy
fall in Wow
let’s just get a look at Donnie man they’re all right dummy man like what’s
going through your brain at this moment right yeah so you get the shot you pop
it up I don’t know what you’re thinking but you come in and you decide that
you’re just gonna standing role shot it like an idiot like what what was the
thought process there dummy it’s 11:00 to 5:00 what do we play to get up in the
on the net well there’s a point is it possible we come back
Oh enigma serving all right enigma how about you do something worthwhile ball
in ah this is not fun you guys it’s not yep on the net yep geez spike it hard at
nigma you’re gonna hit that bro pound it hitting it hard in this game means
nothing I’m just gonna hit a hard every time and see what happens yeah no nothing yeah yeah you got that
Nick but like in hard yeah that’s how hard it yep look down the net our kid
did nothing yep all right head maybe I had to cross
this time hard-hit did nothing yeah I got nothing to say 13 to 6 and
nygma dude come on that send me the fast tempo wrath wrath don’t screw me on this
one yes can we come back 13 to 7 it’s unlikely knit flipper oh why could you
just quickly jump and hit that yeah put me on the net Oh down the line enigma
yeah dude huh no nygma I want to put you on the
net but I just can’t do it yeah on the net
nice cut II didn’t do anything yeah come on yeah
down the line yes we’re coming back come on enigma says dummy man oh man got
it oh and mid my gaiter dit right to you I
said here you go buddy shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit say that you’re
fine and you’re not really fine but you just can’t get into it because they
would never understand the controller disconnected and yeah you you’ve got to be kidding me
though like we lose and they still give me player of the match like enigma
you’re by far the best character in the game
I get player of the match you got one kill enigma one kill really Megan and
Roxy each guy got 7 and 5 respectively really enigma alright guys well we’re
gonna have to seriously rethink what the hell’s going on here
so if you guys like me playing this game comment down below and we gotta figure
something out with this game let’s do it together like what kind of partnership
should I get together who should I play what works what mode should I play the
arcade mode I played the tournament mode 15 points seems like a lot in this game
especially when the rallies lasts forever
who should I play with should I bring back maximilian lucas he’s legendary but
he’s garbage although he played as well as a nigma could’ve there i don’t know
but until we figure it out yeah like comment down below because I’d
like to see that and we’ll figure out what we’re gonna do with this as this
game can be fun but we got to figure it out a boys and girls anyways thank you
guys for watching I hope this was kind of some fun I hope I don’t know I had a
bit of fun there when I was making some of those caddies with dummy man anyways
thank you guys for watching and we hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming PS4 Xbox One PS2 Emulator Spike Volleyball Unbound

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  1. For those who don't know Enigma was a machine used in ww2 to encrypted german messages so that the allies couldn't read them. Love ur vids man. From France.

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