Dubai Roofing#1. Crazy Russian Oleg Cricket Чуть не умер

Let’s try one more time! Cool art! We are going to try to film something! Let’s do an improvisation! How to go down here? Jump We have to jump They don’t care! I don’t want to walk here, I will be sitting somewhere there. Let’s check what is there? Security are coming Jay didn’t take us with him, to see the cats… It is interesting in which side he sleeps. Maybe in that one Police came Great, everything is alright it was not the police We have 5 bottles and all together it is 2,5 kilo. How much does a newborn kitten weigh? Well, it is unclear Maybe if it will be not swinging And without this bag It will be flying normally But now, for some reason, with this weigh, it dangles terribly and it is not flying Maybe you should put all the bottles in the same time? No, it is not working, because there are sensors at the bottom And it seems for it that something is approaching Yes, exactly there are sensors That is why Sasha’s drone will raise it for sure On which one you were riding hoverboard? Actually in that building… Me and my friend were caught by police there There was a some kind of chase You’ve gone? No;) Yes, of course, if I am here, it means that we have gone Actually in Dubai it is not allowed to climb the construction sites Buildings which are unfinished, where the conditions are conducted. I mean you should not go to such buildings So if we are at the construction site it is cruel? Yes Well, we have a mission It is interesting if it is possible for us to get there…

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