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Against a defensive chopper the drop shot
can be very effective. The chopper is much happier back away from the table when defending.
So if you can play a drop shot drag them in close to the table that gives you an opportunity
to play a strong ball at them when they are close to the table. To play a drop shot of a chop
it’s important to wait for the chop that lands short on your side of the table. It’s difficult
to do a drop shot if the chop lands deep on your side. Secondly think about keeping your
hand nice and soft and relaxed, keep your bat nice and open and try and hit the ball
as early as possible and as close to the net as you possibly can. To make sure that you
get close to the ball it’s important to move your leg in close to the net. Another tactical
consideration is to make your drop shot to their weaker attacking side. So often the
defender might have a strong backhand attack or a strong forehand attack. So make sure
that you make that drop shot to their weaker side.

31 thoughts on “Drop Shot Off A Chop | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. All those videos are just basic things, but they are so important! Practice all these things are easy, but use all those basic skills make you a good player. You can see that many player gets angry on there selfs, but they don't use the basics they have learned. So I can give you all guys a lesson, play against an opponent that's a bit less good than you, and just only use basic techniques. Don't use your best serve, but a basic low service. Playing matches on the basic way is much easier.

  2. Excellent videos, very detailed techniques. I'm currently using Tibhar Nimbus Sound Rubbers for both Forehand and Backhand, my friend prefers slightly more offensive rubbers and he's unsure what to buy, what would you recommend?

  3. @WeRapForJesus Then the drop shot can still be effective if you get it short. It's just that you can really play it to either side.

  4. Yes, this is generally true. If by chance they did happen to be just as good on both sides you'd just need to pick one!

  5. well of course. I agree entirely. what other options are available then? perhaps hit it to the side your stronger with hoping they would hit it straight?

  6. looks like jeff is receiving the dropshot ball high intentionally,i am a chopper and nobody pops it that high.the best drop shot would be something that starts like a topspin stroke and change the stroke half way to a drop so that the chopper has minimum time to react,samsonov does it the best.

  7. sorry guys nothing like a drop shot,this is a push,jessie at 1:40 that's more like it quick fast hands with deception

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