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Life in Laredo to me is family, it’s home. My name is Jacinta Christina Dominguez, I am the head volleyball
coach at Sierra High School.>>Nice serve.
Nice serve! My coach is something special.>>She is like a second mom.>>She’s a great coach.>>Yeah.>>I have been coaching all my life and
mostly has been volunteer basis so it’s not about the money for me. Because of lack of means,
our program struggled. Despite those obstacles,
they still have the drive. These kids, it’s like no, I want better. And to me that inspires me to be like,
okay, I want to help you, let’s do this. Everybody in.>>One, two, three, together.>>One night I come across the try for
your school. And I’m like wow, that’s awesome. I contacted our local Ford dealership. Before I knew it, they sent me an email
saying when can you come back so we can go over the details. And then at that point I was
like we got and they were yes. The support was incredible. It was amazing to see how
the community gathered for us.>>We got money for shoes, for knee pads,
for the hotels, for the buses.>>It makes such
a difference to our program. [MUSIC] I want to just let you guys know that
I’m very, very proud of each and everyone of you guys. We have one last game tomorrow
as a special thank you for being committed to the program. Hopefully you all can learn from
this young lady, Geena Urango.>>What? [APPLAUSE]>>My Gosh!>>I’m just so happy to be here,
and to meet all of you. Some advice and just kind of looking
back at my career and what I learned, the most powerful thing,
is like this team is like a family. I hope that you know,
you keep these friendships for a lifetime. What you guys have here is
unlike anything anywhere else.>>I’m still in disbelief. It’s crazy.>>We learned a lot of stuff from her. So like, I might stay with that.>>Playing with a pro?>>Yes.
>>That’s really cool.>>[LAUGH]
I’m going to cry.>>It’s been an amazing experience for
the community, like everybody. It’s, it’s awesome.>>Ladies are proud, team on three,
one, two three, ladies are proud, team! [MUSIC]

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