Dream Together Official Trailer

Nashville, Tennessee When you talk to people from this town, they’ll tell you: We’ve grown accustomed to being misunderstood. Overlooked. Underestimated. Fact, we kind of like it. To the commentators on the two coasts we’re just country music and hot chicken. The rhinestone-studded buckle of the Bible Belt. And for all the tourists and transplants who want to call us the “it city,” that’s fine but we’ve always been more heart than hype. For us, it’s about character. And craft. And community. It’s that gutty, us-against-the-world team spirit that’s made Nashville one of America’s best sports cities. Laugh if you like. We’ve heard it all before. Small market town. Fair weather fans. What do a bunch of southerners know about hockey? Misunderstood. Overlooked. Underestimated. Ignore us all you want but never bet against us. In our short sports history, we’ve had magical seasons. Miracle moments. And in 2017, a major league maneuver that would introduce an entirely different kind of football to the Music City. This is the story of how Nashville shocked the world of soccer by storming the national stage and winning an MLS expansion team. It’s the story of the nation’s hottest city. The world’s most popular sport. and a community that scored the longest of shots by daring to Dream Together. [Text on screen: Dream Together] [Narrated by Kirk Herbstreit] [Made possible by Renasant Bank] *music fades*

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