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Your scenes asked is a question about why don’t chop players do that serve well here’s a couple of reasons Because you have to bounce the ball on your side [of] the table you just can’t hit the ball very fast unlike in tennis where you can hit the ball straight over the net and the serves traveling at More than 200 K is an hour here. You’ve got to hit the ball a bit slower to get the ball on the table and There really isn’t a lot of area for the receiver to cover so with one step they can cover The whole area of where you can serve to so it just isn’t effective But some players you might see serving long, but they will use it as a surprise tactic So they will serve the fast one when the receiver isn’t expecting it But they’re also getting good variation of Spin with that [far] serve and good variation of placement so the long fast Obvious topspin serve just doesn’t cut it the only way you’re going to get away with doing a fast topspin serve is if you use some disguise You might also see the top players do a good short topspin serve So what they’re after here with that short topspin serve is either to get the receiver to miss read the Spin and put it up higher so that they can attack it or They are expecting the receiver to flick the ball. They’re ready to counter that flick you you

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  1. I don't know nicely to play table tennis so please can you put some more video which is easy to understand and describe it in every steps

  2. Coach i have another questions.when my opponent used anti/chopper serve ill always recieve so high..can u help me how to recieve the ball..Recieve like 6 inches high..sorry for my english…

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