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  2. I spent months working on soccer. On game day i was doing so good. And then i fell and broke my wrist.

    All my hard work feels wasted?

  3. My family doesn’t believe in me they don’t even pay attention to me when I’m talking to them about me being a pro football player.They also try to bring me down even my mom the one that’s supposed to be supporting me the most Is saying I can’t make it. But i know I can I don’t care what people think or say cuz at the end of the day imma be the one celebrating while they all look at me in shock. Don’t give up on ur dream cuz if you do what’s the point of having it in the first place

  4. I’m a 11 year old boy I’m a fan of soccer football but I’m pretty bad and everyone in training says I’m the worst one I’m actually not I’m just a little bit bad I’m like the third best player I’m even the striker for the team

    Can u guys leave a comment telling me ideas of why I’m not making friends I’m even a nice kid.

  5. 1:00 I wish that was true. I broke my right strong leg, fighted back after a year, broke it again just after a week and soccer never feels the same anymore. Even if you aren't technically injured, the injuries still leave a mark that is infinite for me… But keep fighting to those who can!!!

  6. this has motivated me now I just want to go outside and practice for 5 hours!
    I may have only started playing football when I was 10 but that doesn’t stop me

  7. My first football was when i was a kid i gave up but now im 13 and i sed i Will not give up beacuse i cannot score a goal i can but i dont want to now its my biggest hope to become a pro football player soooo i found this channel
    Thanks this is all i nedded

    Love from????

  8. I started soccer at 4 year old 50 pounds

    Now I’m 12 and 120 pounds I haven’t played in 4 years I ate so much but now I can do it ??

  9. Watching this second time and still same felling.When I wathed this first time I was depresed beceause I was bullied at my training because I was very small and they always give me ball to see am I going to mess up and when I mess up they would laughing at me or something alse but after 2 years I still play with them and nothing change.I play football from my 6 years and I was very good and then I come in biger club in new club and when they see someone smaller they tease him and I was very very very depresed in this time but this vide made me stronger and I am very thankfull this video and my all family who ecourage me in football.

  10. Do you see the first name of the person writing this comment well remember it because you will see me on Liverpool and the Egypt national team one day I don’t care what it takes because I WILL SUCCEED

  11. i'm 13 and if you read this i might become a professional when I grow up doing everything i can and can't do i never been in a team before i've only trained myself.you just got to but dedication and be in the right mindset to do anything if I can do you can as well i believe in you watch soccer videos do your best and keep on being motivated. It on you if you really want to be the best.

  12. Good video definitely inspirational but not a good sport to go the video on cause it’s a soft sport not saying that the game is bad but it is a soft game

  13. I don't know if motivation can help forever sometimes you need to feel like you have too, and there is no going back, I'm 22 years of age and everyone says that I have the same talent as Leo Messi but one thing Is missing for me to get to his level, and it's hard work, I have been giving meds to grow up in height the same way as messi and If you turly know me in real life you would see that I'm actually almost the same as him but lets move on. I'm not rich or in middle class as well, I'm one of the lower tier people in society, so for me it was hard work and being scared that f*cked me over, and there is no going back, because people are way too ignorant to give 22-25 or whatever a chance to feel the football world and what's it about just because people lose self-confidence or whatever the reason may be, now it's all about money, and this is where I feel like it doesn't matter if I'm as talented as Messi, if destiny decided that I'm not a football player the least I can do is start my own family and live life, and play football the way I see fit, even if there is nobody I can play with, and I will teach this to my future both wife and kids, and may god bless all of the people who truly know what it's like to be in those situations.

    And the universe will not get out of your way, if it wants to it can stop you, which is why you need to improvise and move forward for the goal of a better life.

  14. Things are going to hit you hard in life.
    It's just the way it goes.
    I've lost my dad to cancer and my mom was very ill and barely came out the hospital.
    I lived with my aunt because I couldn't see my mom in the state she's in.
    I lost my brother in a car crash and my mom passed away when I was 14 in the end.
    I'm now 31 I have 2 kids I own a house I've beaten cancer.
    It just shows how you can do absolutely anything if you just try.
    So please when life hits you hard you hit it back harder and no matter what still follow your dreams.

  15. I have had a lot of tryouts and i have failed a lot of time and been on the lowest point of my life, but im still gonna fight for my dreams. I aint stopping before i get there.

  16. One of my classmates sent me this and I hated and was bad and football, next day suddenly I became the best in football….is this magic

  17. Grade 5 – qualified for city meet..failed to advance(soccer)
    Grade 6 – qualified for city meet…failed to advance
    Grade 7 – i quit soccer because of my coach telling me that im not good enough
    Grade 8 – failed for city meet
    Grade 9 – failed for city meet
    Grade 10 – next week is our game that game would decide if i am qualified for city meet…

    See you next week

  18. This changed my life bc my dad signed me out bc I was never trying I was last always and he was a professional until he broke his acl and couldn't play again and I want to prove it to him that I can play and I've been trying so hard all my pain all my sore muscles I got is just from this video I cried for so many nights but say this video and found out that crying is not the answer only fighting back and proving people wrong

  19. I‘m gonna proof everyone wrong. They say i won‘t gonna be a professional soccer player. They say i‘m to slow because of my height, i worked on my pace.
    Next summer when i‘m in LA i will go to the soccer camp. I wanna be the best paid soccer player in the MLS. I‘m gonna show them that you can be everyone you want to be. I‘m not the most talented player with the highest Dribbling percentage but my body‘s gonna be my weapon
    They want me to give up because they are losers and want others to be losers too.
    I‘m gonna proof them that they were wrong. In 5 years you‘re gonna see me on the tv with my college graduation

  20. Last week Was my first match I lost I didn't did a single score every one was laughing and angry on me 'They are saying to quit'but I don't wanna to but something I really to quit

  21. This motivated me so much. Today I didn’t do very good. I told my team mates to spread out but this one boy said “and someone should receive”. After that I didn’t play good bc the comment made me feel bad about myself. But I should know that theses hurtful comments are going to motivate me. I’m not gonna make myself feel bad I’m going to push myself forward. I was so frustrated today I didn’t dribble good today, today wasn’t my day. I feel unsuccessful but Ik failing will lead you to success. “You are not gonna be good because you are a girl, nobody wants to see you ?”. That made me motivate myself more. If you are a girl, it don’t matter if you are or not or what’s your race or sexuality, you can make your dreams. I even cried because I didn’t feel good enough. Nobody should feel like that. It’s fine if you cry but you should push forward always and never give up. But I’m here after a game crying in my car outside the fields so I’m fine guys 🙂

  22. There was this girl in our school and she was always brilliant in football everyone knew her because of football she was the best in womans team and boys team and even in our school team… About 2 years ago she got called up to national team too. I have been so jelaous of her I wanted to be her so bad I wanted to be in national team I wanted to be the best in my girls team I basically wanted to be her. Everything I ever wanted is to play good and get respect from my mom and not her saying: "She is better than you! You can never make it to her level! You better quit.". So after she got to wu17 team I said to myself: "You are gonna do it you are gonna be as good as her you are gonna be better! You will get to the national team and to the club you wanna play at! But you have to work hard!" And I did I started to work hard running everyday getting in shape fitness ball controll and all of that stuff… Im still not the best or better than her but all I really just wanna do it play this beautiful game and do that for living.

  23. This video motivates me. When I started playing football i was told I would never make it I started getting benched for my club my school team rated me but didn't involve me I'm a match where there was a Chelsea scout due to personal problems. I had been told that I won't be able to play for my team in games for the rest of the season I have joined a new club and I'm waiting for my first match the next round of my school match I know I have to be involved and there will be a scout I'm going to pick myself up from 5he disadvantages and turn it into an advantage I am 14 years old and my name is seth remember that name in the future I will be back soon and I will update you on my future. Good luck guys and I know I will be a pro football player

  24. You want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful. People who are suicidal well then I don't want to be successful

  25. I want to be a football player! But..
    So many boys say “girls can’t play football, it’s a boy sport. Not for girls”
    I believe my self. Football it’s all for me. Football is so much more than a sport!
    I really love to play, so girls don’t hear when boys says, football not is for girls. It’s for all
    Fight for your dreams!⚽️

  26. I‘m 13 years old , from Germany .
    I broke my leg in a match .
    The doc said you can‘t play football for 1 year
    and i need two years to get on my lvl .
    But , #ichoosetofight back

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