DIY How to Make an Easy Burlap Sports Wreath for Baseball Basketball Football Soccer Tutorial

Hi, I’m Donna Wolfe from Today
I’m going to show you how to make a burlap sports wreath. To do this you’ll need 10 yards
each of 6-inch wide red and natural burlap, about 40 pipe cleaners and an 18-inch wire
wreath frame. By the way I’d like to send a big thank you out to Belkin, who allowed
me to try their Tablet Stage, which is an awesome tablet holder and tool for making
YouTube how-to videos. Ok now cut your pipe cleaners in half, and then bend each in half
around the wire frame. You might want to do 3, 4 or even 5 per frame, depending upon how
fluffy you want your wreath. I used about 4 cleaners in each of the 9 sections of my
wreath. Next, take the natural color burlap and gather it along the edge. Insert it into
one of the pipe cleaners and twist to hold it. Gather it again and insert it into the
next pipe cleaner. Twist to secure it. Straighten and fluffen the ribbon as you go. Gather it
again, and insert it into the next pipe cleaner. Twist to secure it. If you want to work on
the outer color at the same time, gather your red ribbon, and repeat the tying process.
Granted I’m using red and blue as my colors because that’s my children’s school colors;
however you can use any combination for your favorite team. You’ll continue doing this
gathering and tying and fluffing process all around the entire wreath. In total, I did
about 36 ties of the natural and 36 of the red. By the way, you can find the written
pattern and supplies list at my website, Once completed we’re going to paint our own
baseball. I’m using a 10-inch thin piece of wood, white craft paint and a red paint marker.
First, paint your circle white. Then take a ruler and mark off about 3 inches from the
left and 3 from the right. This is where we’ll paint our red stitches. Take another circle
item, and trace around part of it to form the curve for the stitches. Repeat along the
other side as well. Next take your red paint marker, and carefully make your baseball stitches.
Repeat for the other side as well. And here is the finished painted baseball. If you plan
on using this wreath outside, be sure to seal it with a weatherproof sealant. Next, you
can decorate your wreath with ribbon, or other items. I like to cut 12 inch pieces of ribbon,
gather 2 or 3 of them together, then use one of the pipe cleaners already in the wreath
to twist and secure the ribbon. You might be able to find an inexpensive child’s toy
bat. This one is made of foam so it was easy to cut and glue together so they lay flat.
Use a hot glue gun to secure everything to your wreath. And remember, you can substitute
any other kind of sports ball too for your wreath! By the way, to view this video in
other languages, click on the closed caption link on YouTube and turn on subtitles. From
there you can choose from over 100 different languages. I hope this video has helped you.
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