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Hello everyone my name is Tania, and in this video, as I promised I will tell you how we did Harley Quinn`s bat Yes, it’s the bat and in this my bro helps me Hello everyone! My name is Sergiy Let’s GO! the first we bought the most simple bat it cost us about 200 UAH but this bat was with shortcomings on it were black rings that we do not need There were three rings on the thickest part and three rings on the thin part and the bat was covered with a layer of lacquer we decided to ring in the thickest part cut with a kitchen knife I tried not to take too much wood in order not to weaken the bat hat it remains as strong I tried to cut the minimum layer to the rings could not be seen to leave no traces of deep then because then they will be very difficult to fix it We put a knife at a slight angle to the bat circle cut away thereafter sufficiently rough surface to make it more smooth We put a knife about 90 degrees to the bat We try to make the most of a flat surface the knife is not at 90 degrees in the direction of its movement but by ~60-45 degrees so the knife vibrates less also at the first step is obtained after cutting like a small pit to it was less visible, it is necessary to cut the edge the strip that we were to cut not 5-6 cm and to make it wider….maybe 15cm then the transition is obtained in the form of waves it is less visible and will then need less to shoot with sandpaper after we finished the cut and smooth the surface with a knife advances to the processing with sandpaper first use a coarse sandpaper. 80 It is necessary to treat the entire surface starting at the point that we are treated with a knife continue to the sides and not to forget to treat both ends After this bat is smooth on it should not be visible trace of the knife It should not be visible any holes and grooves The surface should be maximally smooth at this stage I have spent the most time since the bаt was covered with varnish that we do not need since we then will paint the bat at this stage we need to completely erase all of the varnish since at bat was a varnish can be clearly seen some places that are not treated well Ideally bat after processing should have a uniform color of the wood In our case, this color is almost white then treat the surface with sandpaper 150 final processing is done with sandpaper 400 it is very important to treat the entire surface of bаt not forgetting about both its ends in the end surface should be uniformly roughened and even a little slippery to the touch count where there will be the beginning and the end of the handle and in the appropriate places do mark markers from the film and the photos is not clear what wrapped th bat of itself Harley Quinn for this we use the most common path in
roll which can be purchased at your local pharmacy it is necessary to calculate the width of the patch so to when we will wrap handle whole winding consisted of a single continuous piece of ribbon better to take stock be careful … do not rush .. We need to be wound so that the next round would cover about half the previous should get something like this then calculates the position of the rings and rhombus at bat what they will have a length the easiest way is first to draw all the dimensions of a full-size on the masking tape then paste it on the bat and transfer sizes I had only a wide masking tape and I needed the thin strips I measured on the width and divided into three pencil markings made and then cut along the lines exactly Strips made so wide that I need we decided to make exactly three rhombus which should be evenly spaced around the handle bat this paper, we note how it makes one revolution around the handle This will be the length of our circle We measure the circumference of a ruler divide into three parts and the line of three equal parts marked we clearly see where each begins and ends with a rhombus in order to make a stencil on which we will draw our rhombus Need tape masking tape still smaller than the width I took the tape that I had, and cut into four pieces along for decoration the bat I use three markers: blue, red and black and white acrylic blue marker paint over rhombus around bаt their have three red marker paint over the triangles around the rhombus done time to look at what happened I remove the adhesive tape done! Here’s what happened yes … a little bit did not work …. but we are all correct later using white acrylic … black marker draw circles around rombus and triangles that was exactly using adhesive tape such circles is two – one on top, second from the bottom done Now I will correct all with the help of white acrylic I try to put a thin layer, but as the paint dense it is difficult I trim on the corners rhombus blue marker and angles of triangles red marker perfect! is not it? the bulk of the bat takes expression “good night” I printed out a stencil of this expression and if you need one, I’ll leave it in the group a link in the specification pre-cut paper, lead round of pencil that’s what happened! almost perfectly aligned letters Now I paint over them with a red marker actually it’s hard to drawing on this surface, since it is not flat then all the letters in black marker strokes black and red marker I continue to paint our bаt using the words of the film, trailers, soundtracks from all of which are dismantled for quotes also small drawings and of course the name of the movie movie characters all that concerns the film and not only expressions that already know everything! Do not forgot also about your hashtag and there we are Thank you so much for watching and if you liked this video, you know what to do put thumbs up and do not forget to subscribe and if you like my shirt with Joker and Harley, you can also order it a link in the specification and as always – I wish your inspiration! Bye! Bye!

17 thoughts on “DIY: Harley Quinn baseball bat + tricks (ft.bro) | suicide squad

  1. желаю тебе 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ху устала, подпищеков♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Вы заслуживаете больше лайков! С меня лайк и подписка!!!! 😉

  3. А можно получить фразу "Good Night" не из ВК? Просто, у меня нет возможности сделать это через ВК… 🙁

  4. Кстати, почему ты не сделала косплей с футболкой, с шортами и со всем остальным…
    Я думаю, тебе бы очень шло! 😉

  5. Оу… А просто наждачкой с крупным зерном кольца никак не убрать? Там и переходы были бы глаже.

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