DIY Aesthetic Chess and Checkers!

We need a holiday pun though, let’s sleigh ride into these Lets sleigh these DIYs Hi guys, my name is Kelsey from The Sorry Girls and today I’m here to show you another DIY gift idea that you probably need for this upcoming holiday season I have two different ways how to make a chess slash checkerboard They’re really easy, really cute and it’s like two different aesthetics I think so no matter who you need to find a gift for at this holiday season Hopefully we got you covered with this video. And if not, we got a couple other gift week DIY videos this week So just stay tuned, stay subscribed and we got you covered. Alright, let’s get ready to sleigh these DIYs. Pun queeeen. So my first DIY is going to be a chess board It’s kind of a little bit of an upcycle. So we actually went to the thrift store and grabbed a chess game This one wasn’t in the best condition The board wasnt in the best condition and who’s actually missing a couple of pieces, but we made them out of clay So maybe you won’t notice which ones are the like imposters? So we’re going to be upcycling these chess pieces and then making our own new gorgeous board. I started by spray-painting the thrift store pieces to give them new life and to match the aesthetic that I’m going for I’m using a brown and a green spray paint You can also use found items for this if they kind of like make sense with the different chess pieces Or you could carve them yourself if you’re like super talented or you could 3d print them Which I thought could be really cool If you have access to 3d printer The best part of this tutorial is actually the wood slab base that we’re going to making our chess board out of I actually got This wood slab from the home decor store. It’s kind of like a shukudory board wood slab. Could be a cutting board. Maybe decor piece Usually we would just go to the thrift store for this type of thing. But unfortunately we struck out this time There’s no cute cutting boards are like nice display boards So we found this for pretty cheap at the home decor store If you got your board from the thrift store, then you can just copy that size to make it easier for you We’re making one. That’s a little bit smaller than our usual board to match our unusually small pieces I did 2-centimeter dashes, nine times to create eight spaces I repeated this on every side and then join the measurements with a ruler Next up I use a metal ruler and my wood burner to slowly and carefully engrave the wood If you don’t have one, we will link it below for you They’re pretty inexpensive to grab but if you didn’t want to use an engraver or wood burner you could do like, a sharpie Or maybe some kind of like inky pen that you could kind of like push really hard but try a wood burning tool It’s a new skill. It’s fun. It’s very easy you just have to be careful cause its a little bit hot. After I traced out all of our lines I started to create the design which distinguishes the different squares. I chose a three line pattern on an angle to keep it simple I bared these lines into the wood that the same way that I did the grid That’s it, this looks freaking dope. It’s art. It’s basically art and I think anybody you gifted it to will really appreciate it because it’s really beautiful It’s handmade and it didn’t cost you that much and it didn’t take that long Next up we have a DIY marble checkerboard. I mean a checkerboard and a chessboard are basically the same thing. It’s the pieces that differentiate it so this time we’re gonna be using checker pieces. But they’re so much cuter than checker pieces. The base of our checker board is going to be made out of a gorgeous marble I’m using this tile of marble Which you can get from the hardware store, figure out how big you want your board to be. A checker board has 64 squares Which is a 8 by 8. I’m using a pencil and marking each square an inch and 1/8 wide and I left an inch and a quarter border all the way around the edge. Create a grid pattern ensuring there are eight columns in each direction You can make your squares as big or as small as you’d like tape along your border to prevent any spilling over the edge and Next trace your lines with any paint pen in any color of your choosing I’m going to be using gold because I think it’s gonna look friggin gorgeous with this marble. To draw the cross lines I use a metal ruler to ensure that my lines were perfectly straight And once I finish the lines I filled in the squares to complete the checkered pattern But only obviously every other square on every other line, you know how the checkerboard works right? Check, its checkered. I did the first layer with a paintbrush but then I kind of realized that if you do it with a paintbrush with this metallic paint, you Leave a lot of brushstrokes and it’s really hard to get an even coat So I ended up switching to a sponge brush. It was a little bit harder because I had to be very Precise about where I was doing it, but in the end this looks a lot better and the coverage is a lot better Once I’ve sponged on all of the squares the board is complete and for our pieces I’m using two different colored crystals. You can find these at the craft store They’re usually on like a string in the jewelry aisle because they’re used for making jewelry or you can find them at like a rock and gemstone store. And usually they’re a little bit more expensive there, but you’re gonna get some nice stuff Just saying this is a really good gift for anybody that already has like a crystal or a rock collection They can use those that they already have as pieces for the board You might just need to fluff out their collection a little bit to make sure that they have enough pieces to play. Finally we need to make something that’s going to help us distinguish when a piece has been King’ed. Or I mean Queen’ed if we’re feeling like 2018 over here We’re using some oven baked clay rolled into balls and then flattened a little bit to make platforms for the crystal to sit in. We Used the side of a pencil to create a little crevice for the crystal to lay in. Bake in the oven according to the directions on your package And then you’re all done everything you need for this DIY checkerboard That’s all I have for you guys today I hope you like these two boards I think they are gorgeous, unique, easy to do and any family member, friend, co-worker Whoever you really need to give for this year is going to love them. They’re very special Thank you so much for watching this video If you guys liked it, make sure you give it a like. If you love this channel make sure you give it a sub because we’d love to see you here more often and That’s all for now. See you next time. Bye tomorrow. See you tomorrow for more DIYs and gift ideas Goodbye Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho.

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  1. Why wouldn't you subscribe to the vlog channel? I mean more content from TheSorryGirls? What more could you want? Ps. I know something you don't 😉

  2. I love the rustic look of the chess board! It totally matches my parents aesthetic of the log cabin they just moved into, but my dad doesn't play chess! Do you have any log-cabin-y diy themed gift ideas?!

  3. I know something you don't… #vlogfam ??
    Also can't stop admiring the new background/backdrop design. Fall. Vibes. LOVE.

  4. Omg the marble one is beautiful! I’m thinking of making a scrabble version for my grandma! It’ll be a little harder but it’ll definitely turn out amazing

  5. NOTE: Crystals can be extremely delicate if used as the pieces, especially on a stone like granite, so make sure you use crystals that don't chip or crack easily. This would also be adorable with little polished stones or mini wooden discs cut from a branch or you could make faux crystals from resin which isn't too hard as long as you follow the directions.

  6. Really gorgeous gifts!! At first I was confused when Kelsey said that the pieces could be “kinged”, because here in Brazil we actually say that these pieces are the Queens, and that’s the name of the game as well, “damas”!!! Lol

  7. They are both unique and cool. You can cut the foam brushes down to make it easier to get in small places. You can even notch them out to make cool designs.

  8. I am recreating the marble board and I just spent so much time trying to figure out this math! Hahah you must have just mis-spoke because if every square is 1 inch and an 8th, then the boarder has to be an inch and a half not an inch and a quarter. Because that’s clearly a 12×12 tile.. haha either way I totally get it and it’s fine but boy I just thought I was so dumb with this math ??

  9. GIRLS HEL ME PLEASE IM DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im planning on moving into a small flat which used to be a dance studio, so it has all hardwood floors and a huge mirror and all that stuff, it has a full bathroom but its literally just empty space to put my stuff, I mean its literally my dream lol! But I would love it if you could put up some ideas to turn and old dance studio into a cozy scandinavian apartment for one girl. Ive been searching for videos related to it and on pinterest but there's only a few images. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys ?

  10. did anyone else read that as DYI Aesthetic Cheese and Crackers? A bit disappointed with with reading skills, but still a cool project!

  11. I'd totally use real gold leaf on the marble chessboard although it'll take a lot of time. The gold paint markers really make it look cheap although the marble is expensive.

  12. I'd probably paint magnets different colors (and draw symbols for chess pieces) and use a baking tray as the board

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