Diving For Golf Balls in America’s Most Famous Water Hazard

(whimsical music) (man groaning) – [Narrator] Golf isn’t known for being the most forgiving game. – [Man] Shit! – [Narrator] But there’s nothing quite like shanking your ball
into the drink or pond. That’s where this guy comes in. Here at TPC Sawgrass, hundreds
of golfers lose their balls to the infamous par three 17th hole. But one golfer’s misery
is another man’s gold. This is Gordon Davis. – My name is Gordon Davis, and I’m a professional golf ball diver. – [Narrator] And he makes a
living diving for golf balls all over Florida. – [Gordon] I’ve been diving for golf balls approximately 50 years. – [Narrator] There are a
lot of balls to be found. – On average, when I’m diving,
I’ll pick up 3 to 4,000. – [Narrator] 3,000 to 4, 000? – 3,000 to 4,000. – [Narrator] Whoa. So, how do you find these golf balls? – [Gordon] It’s mostly,
you know, just feel, picking them up out of the mud and some places the mud’s so deep that you can’t do nothing with it, you know? – [Narrator] And it’s that
mud that makes it impossible to see, well, anything. – [Gordon] Most courses, there’s very few that has clear water. Most of them has poor visibility because of the algae and all that. – [Narrator] So what happens next? – After I pull the balls
out, they go through, pick out some of them, and
they take them from there. – [Narrator] They being someone who wants to repurpose these balls. – These balls are authentic. – [Narrator] These authentic
balls are diced up, placed in all sorts of usable keepsakes like saw grass, watches,
and bottle openers. And Gordon, he knows what it takes to be a professional golf ball diver. – What I tell people is you
gotta be kind of a special cat to be a golf all diver, somebody with grit and that wants to be
an independent person. It’s like any other business,
someone has to do it. Everybody has a different job
and this happens to be mine. – [Narrator] Seeing as
you’re kind of a special cat, any advice for golfers trying
to keep their balls dry? – [Gordon] Yeah, take up another sport. (laughs) Hole-in-one!

100 thoughts on “Diving For Golf Balls in America’s Most Famous Water Hazard

  1. I used to do this at a golf course right next to where he’s doing it in this video. Very dangerous, almost got bit by an alligator

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    One replay cost one like

  3. Girl: So, what do you do for a living?

    Him: I professionally dive for golf balls!

    Girl: I’ll find another person to marry.

  4. I read an article in Reader's Digest, right before I got out of the service in '74, about diving for golf balls then saw a TV ad for commercial diving. Went to the Ocean Corp. (commercial diver's school in Houston, Tx. on my GI Bill, never did break out as a commercial diver but I remembered that article. Bought some used gear and started working some of the courses around town. This man is right, it is zero or near zero visibility in most of the water hazards. My best week was 6,000 balls. Took them to the washeteria, put 400-500 balls in the washer added Clorox ll and cleaned 'em up. Sold them to the Pro at the course for .15/ea, he got the good, the bad, and the ugly for that price. Never encountered a gator.

  5. How do you be a "professional" golf ball diver?

    All you need to do is jump in and find the God damn things.

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  7. My dad’s a lawyer.
    My dad’s an accountant.
    My dad’s a bartender.
    My dad’s a butcher.
    My dad’s a golf ball diver.

  8. When I was younger me and my mates would often jump the fence and dive for golf balls.

    We made a fair amount of money

  9. This reminds me of the days when I was a kid and me and my brother would go to the golf course behind our house and get the balls back out of the water and sell em to the golfers. We didn’t make a lot of money but we enjoyed it and they was always kind.

  10. This guy doing magic tricks would be great

    He watches someone go into the water, and then says “ok, watch this, it’s cool” and dives in

    He comes up, and goes “IS THIS YOUR BALLLL”

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