15 thoughts on “Disabled Table Tennis Player Is One Of The Best In The World

  1. Gosh, do I hate the male need to blow people up and maim, brutalize, and kill. For What?!
    Amazing, resilient, young woman!

  2. She is an amazing athlete and a beautiful person ! No telling how far she will go . Stay strong little sister ???

  3. How she gonna hit the ball if it's on her right side, she'll fall out her wheelchair. I can beat her easy. Why y'all making a deal of this, let me see an autistic kid with both legs and both arms then you can tell me about being the best in the world

  4. Well, not to sound like a dick, but you only need one hand. But one of the best? Come on, is like saying a stay at home mom is the hardest job in the world

  5. Wait wait wait… two videos in row and your talking about sports and not about race, politics, or how Kapernick is a victim? Nice Job Ricky

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