Disability Action Week 2016 Inclusion: It’s a game changer: Cricket

[upbeat music]>>BEN (SOPHIE’S DAD): Inclusion’s really important for us. It’s been a game changer. Sophie just loves to get involved and we’ve always said to her
it’s just about doing her best.>>DARREN SONTER: Really what we’re about
is getting young children to understand that everyone’s
welcome in our club. I think it’s important for
every community organisation to be reflective of the
community that we live in. Cricket’s a pretty amenable game in terms of making adjustments. Shorten the pitch, perhaps
don’t get as obsessive about straight arm bowling. And really it’s overlaying
a lot of encouragement, encourage her to participate for as long as she possibly can.>>SOPHIE: I like it that’s it a team sport and everyone gets a go at batting, and bowling, and doing fielding. BEN (SOPHIE’S DAD):She’s always talking about it in the car during the week on the way to school. It really gives her that energy. It doesn’t take a lot of effort. It can make a difference
to people’s lives.>>CHILDREN TOGETHER: Inclusion, it’s a game changer.

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