Digging – Volleyball Drills You Can Run By Yourself | Bellevue University

Hi my name is Trish Siedlik. I’m the Head
Volleyball Coach for Bellevue University. Today I have Katie with me here and we’re
going to go over drills to run by yourself. The last drill we’re going to do is a digging
drill. Katie, again, is going to toss it to herself and dig against the wall. Go ahead,
Katie. She’s going to toss, swing, and dig it back to the wall. Notice she called “mine”
before she dug the ball. Alright, Katie, I’m going to have you do the first one where we’re
going to hit a little bit harder ball. So hit a little bit lower and now we’re going
to be digging faster. Still digging back toward the wall. So you can swing a little harder
and challenge yourself to where it’s going to be different speeds. Again, you can hit
it lower to challenge yourself. Now there are other different ways to dig. Not only
just the underhand dig but we can also do an overhand dig. Katie is going to hit a little
bit higher against the wall. Toss high, swing high, and then set. We hope that these drills
will help you learn a little bit more about volleyball especially when you don’t have
a partner to play with every time. Check out BUBruins.com for more information about Bellevue

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