Did She Say Yes? Prom-posal Game

Just a word of advice. If you’re going to do
this kinda thing like plan something. Like think of the statement. Think of the words that are
going to come out of your mouth.( music playing )Back when I was in high school
the biggest question was whether Missy would say yes
to going with me to the prom. But nowadays
the biggest question is whether your elaborately
choreographed promposal video of her saying no will
go viral on YouTube and ruin the rest
of your senior year. – Ouch!
– It’s kinda– You know,
it’s promposal season. – Yes, it is.
– And you gotta make– You gotta make
a big to-do of it so that not only
does she say yes, or he,
but you get some rep. – You get some points.
– Some rep they call it. So, Rhett, I’m gonna show you
some p-p-p-promprosal videos and I’m gonna
p-p-p-pause them and you’re gonna
p-p-p-predict– So you’re doing
the p-p-p-pause thing, too, now. But mine’s more of a P-P-P-P– – It’s more p-p-p-percussive.
– Percussive. Okay. You’re gonna predict
whether it’s a yes
or a no, okay? – If you get three
of these correct
– I feel like I have insight – into this kinda thing.
– You win– – I’ve been turned down
quite a bit.
– A corsag-ey. – Corsagey.
– Mmm. I’m gonna put that right there.
You do not get to wear this. – Don’t tempt me, Link.
– Yeah. I’m gonna tempt you
unless you get three
of these right. Okay? Putting your balls
in your crush’s locker isn’t the most traditional way
of asking her out, but that’s just what
this first guy did. Let’s watch.( music playing )Mm. – Oh!
– Now you saw the look
on her face, right? – The face– I mean–
– Does she say “Yes” or “No way!”? Those are my two choices? – Yes or no way?
– Yeah, yeah. You just have to predict, man.
No multiple choices here. But if she says no
does she say “No way!”? Or is it just your way
of saying the negative– A general rejection
or acceptance. ‘Cause I doubt
she says “No way!” Because you know what?
I think she says yes because–
I don’t know, my good instinct is
that she knew exactly
who was responsible for it and she was like
a little bit embarrassed
but a little bit flattered. ‘Cause how else would– would someone get in the locker
if it’s not someone you trust? Ah! She knows the combo. Mm-hmm.
Yeah, it’s further– It’s further evidence.
I’m gonna say yes. She says “Yes way!” All right,
let’s watch and see.( music playing )Rhett:Yeah!Yeah! She said yes. Even though he’s got those
little hoop earring things. Yeah, she still said yes. But side note,
those were not
ping-pong balls. Those were the hollowed out
and desiccated testicles – of all of his rival suitors.
– Ooh! Wow! Wow!
She’s a popular girl. You gotta– No, he did that
to state his dominance. She’s not collecting ’em. No, but suitors. – Her other suitors.
– Oh. Yeah. Yeah, what I said
still makes sense. Sadly, it does. – Sadly, it does.
– Okay. Rhett, everybody loves a man
on camera, right? – Yeah. Oh, yeah.
– We hope so. And this next guy
also hopes so, ’cause he asked
his date out during a live school
TV broadcast. Let’s watch. And our big winner, Emily! One final question.
Prom? Oh! Boy, the confidence is just
dripping off of that guy. – Isn’t it? I mean–
– Something’s dripping. I mean,boy! I mean, look at the look
on his face right now.
He’s like,
“Oh, this was a mistake.”
What does she say
to Charlie? Well, it depends on
what kinda girl Emily is. Is Emily full
of sympathy? Oh, you think this could
be a pity yes. Pity yeses are
always a mistake. I mean, she seems to be
in a receptive mode. Yeah, she was.
She’s shaking his hand. Where this is p-p-p-paused. Uh, but he looks like–
I mean,boy, he looks like
he’s being forced to do this.
I’m just gonna say no
because I do not– – What was his name?
– Charlie. Charlie. I don’t believe
Charlie deserves a yes. So I’m gonna say no. We’re not voting,
though, in that way. – Okay, I’m gonna say no.
– All right, let’s find out. – Really?
– Really. – Are you kidding me?
– I’m not kidding. – Charlie, I don’t know.
– Why not? Because– ‘Cause of Zack.
I don’t know.( Rhett groans )– Can I get back to you?
– Yes. Okay. Charlie
and the awkward factory. Did she just say,
“Do I have to?” No, I think she said, – “Because of Zack.”
– Yeah, but what’s
the last thing? – I don’t know by that point
I was cringing so hard
“Can I get back to you?”– I couldn’t hear.
– Hold on. What does she say? –“Can I get back to you?”
– Can I get back to you. – Oh, so–
– That’s a no. – You were correct.
– I thought she said
“Do I have to?” And he was like, “Yes!”
I was like what? Oh, gosh! Okay, that didn’t go well,
Charlie. – You’re doing good, Rhett.
– Did they let Charlie continue
to broadcast? I did not continue
to follow up with the story. – I ran away–
– I think he’s probably
a great broadcaster. He’s kinda like that
“Boom goes the dynamite” guy. He could be incredible. All right, they say fear brings
people together and in this case
this guy’s hoping the fear of getting a ticket
does the trick. Watch this. Right there over the X. All right. Beautiful day
to go to the park. – It is.
– Wish I was going with ya. Here you go. Get a thing– Are you kidding me? – Hmm.
– “Beautiful day
to go to the park. Wish I was going with ya.” Rhett:
Look at the smile on the cop.
He’s like “I love doing this.Man, I love it
when I get to take part
in high school shenanigans.”
“I got plenty
of time for it.” – Uh–
– Does she say yea or nay? There’s a lot going
for the yes here. I mean,
you get a cop involved, probably there’s some sort
of relational connection. I mean, in small towns
you can get cops to do anything. She’s already in his car. You know, which means they’re
in some sort of relationship. – Mm-hmm.
– Everything points to yes. – Some I’m gonna say yes.
– All right, let’s find out. – Will you go to prom with me?
– Yeah. – Oh, my God!
– Thank you, sir! She was scared, though.
So you got that right. – Yeah.
– There’s more getting to play
but you know what, Rhett? You already earned
the corsag-ey. – Oh, yeah!
– You know what? You can wear this
the rest of the day. The rest of your life! – You earned it, buddy!
– How’s that? And your wrist looks great! – It’s so dainty.
– Here we go. Giving a class presentation
in front of everyone can be really embarrassing, but asking someone
to the prom… – Ooh!
– …can be even more
embarrassing. Let’s look
at this next video. I’m about to just go
and ask Christine to prom. What? “I’ve got this sign,
so prom. I’m gonna go in the class
and I’m gonna see
what she says.” Okay, just a word
of advice. If you’re going to do
this kinda thing like plan something. Like think
of the statement. Think of the words that are
going to come out of your mouth before you say them. Don’t just hold up a prom sign
and just say, “Uh… prom?” – So you’re saying this is a no.
– But you know what? Standards are low
these days. They’re all talking
through their phones. The face-to-face communication–
they’ve lost the art. I think the women have
just settled. They’re just like,
“Whatever. Sure.
This is all I got.” – Hmm.
– So– – It’s better than a text.
– You know? I think this guy–
as embarrassing as this was, – I think they said yes, sadly.
– Let’s find out. Christine, prom? ( laughs )
What? – Prom, Christine–
– ( bleep )! – Good for her!
– Yeah. Judging by the beeps, which wasn’t her
cursing him out, – that was just his friend
– Yeah. “Get the you know what
outta here.” That’s right.
Good for her. You know what?
Take a stand, ladies! So that is a–
That’s no. I will point out
that the great thing about a generic poster
like that is that you can continue
to ask other girls out – with the same poster.
– Yeah, right. – Exactly.
– Which he did. He came back into that classroom
three more times. – You making that up?
– I did. All right. And finally,
prom is a dance. So, it stands to reason
that before you say yes, you wanna make sure
your date is a good dancer. – Oh.
– At least that’s
what this guy was hoping for.( music playing )Wow! What a dynamic build up
to some umbrellas opening. What did his friends owe him? – Right.
– You know? He must have hidden
some serious crimes that they committed
as a group. “Hey, if you help me out
with this, you get to keep the umbrella.” I mean, that was– What do you think she says? Well, the music. – Pretty moving.
– Is so moving. – Yeah.
– You know.
So I just feel like– That was added in post.
She did not experience that. – Yeah, but unless–
– That was there. A really clever edit
where you– You get everybody
in the mood and then you record scratch. She said yes. – Yeah.
– Think she said yes.
Let’s find out.( music playing )Well, she didn’t say anything,
actually. She accepted, though. – So you were correct.
Not only–
– That’s an affirmative. Not only did he get the date
to the prom, he also got the role
as Mary Poppins! – And you got the corsage,
– Yes, I did. – Congratulations!
– I’m a winner. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is! – Hey, I’m Brad.
– I’m Jordan. Both:
We’re at our wedding. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. ( all cheer ) Both:
Whoo! Congratulations!
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  2. I did a "pity yes". Everyone he had asked had said no and I had no date. When we had to dance he squished my hand so tight 🙁 Yay prom…

  3. I dont follow these guys closely, so I havent noticed links hair has grey now… I think it looks really cool actually! but when did this happen?

  4. I rejected a guy and I got ridiculed by the whole school for weeks!! Weeks!! It was so bad I didn’t get a date for the next 2 dances: homecoming AND PROM!!

  5. I asked my date through text and she said yes…
    Hey, at least I had a date, I studied computer science there were only 5 girls that were seniors and I got one…

  6. We were playing Minecraft he looked at me

    Him: you wanna go to prom wit me?

    Me: umm sure

    Very romantic (we went but we aren’t a thing.)

  7. I love watching your videos, but you know, girls don't always like hearing about men's body parts. You don't have a strictly male audience you know. I wish that you wouldn't talk about it so much, it makes me uncomfortable and I'm sure other girls don't like it either. 🙁

  8. The craziest “promposal” I got in 2007 was a guy in jazz band took my saxophone out of my sax case and replaced it with a rose. I ended up freaking because I thought someone stole my sax! It was sweet though, it a heart attack sort of way.

  9. My sister got asked by a song her boyfriend made her,and guitar picks that spelled out I pic you it was soooooooo cute but kinda cringeworthy

  10. I never got the USA prom.. where I come from you rent a club, get hammered before you go, get weird yet reveling costumes that match, and then go and dance the whole night, right in the middle of the week, cuz it's cheaper

  11. Thank you charlie for inspiring me not to be you, and teaching me what not to do during asking someone to prom ,that was total cringe chaos

    -pewds screaming

  12. At my school a guy ask a girl with bouquet of dum dums the candy it front of all the middle school and high school and we could not tell what she said but we were pretty sure she said no let’s just say that the suckers were in my math teachers room and the teacher was eating them

  13. I remember when I was in high school one year, this guy did the dumbest promposal ever. He pulled the fire alarm, and once everyone had evacuated to the field, he and his friends held up a sign that said, "Prom?" Obviously he was banned from prom that year.

  14. If I ever get asked (ha, funny joke) I kinda have 3 ways I would say no
    1. If I don't know them at all or BARELY know them.
    2. If I already get asked (ha, funny joke)
    3. If they text and ask me (just, don't. Ask in person)

  15. I remember how i asked my sophomore girlfriend too homecoming, got her whole dance team to hold up signs that said it like each letter. Had it recorded in front of people and all. God shit was awful ?

  16. "Pity yeses are always a mistake." Man, that is so true. Sympathy dates aren't any fun either. Ask me how I know.

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