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this is Sean Plouffe from hitterish.com so
you want to take a look at Dick Allen probably one of the most powerful
hitters of all time use a 40 ounce bat and if we’re going to
maximize the abilities as a hitter we need to be taking a look at these guys
some of the smaller guys especially I don’t think he was much over 200 pounds
and he was able to swing this 40 ounce bat and he did it like no one else he
twists this bat around his hands he really got a feel for how to use
momentum and carry it around into the baseball create a lot of early bat speed
does a lot of really nice stuff here a lot of things that we need to learn from
so first I want to point out the position he gets to here not many guys
these days are tipping the bat this far but what this allows him to do you see
the back elbows up he’ll draw it back and the barrel comes around twists the
barrel around the hands you see how much blur is created up here this is where
the swing is happening he’s creating bat speed back here and then letting it run
into the baseball the swings not happening from here to here it’s
happening way up here he’s creating a lot of bat speed and then it lets that
continue around into the baseball you see the trajectory here Lord knows
how far this ball went but a lot of really good stuff apologize for the
quality of the video but sometimes I like to see this quality because you can
really see the barrel blur and how fast the barrel is going all the way up here
a lot of you guys are waiting to hear to try to create bat speed and it’s just
too late at that point you’re committing to the pitch and
you’re kind of pushing the bat and the hands forward instead of creating a lot
of early momentum a lot of early bat speed and letting Matt just run into the
baseball take a look at some more guys here who do the same thing
this is Hank Aaron you see a lot of older guys have this mechanic more
because they use heavier bats they had to create momentum to get them around if
you see your tip not quite as big of a tip but same kind of action here with
the hands you see a take notice how the barrel is going backwards and then
carries around to the baseball take a look at Babe Ruth here same kind of
thing going on depending how depending when you’re looking at him he had bigger
bat tips throughout his career nice guy Ted Williams same kind of thing going on
here tip the bat twist the barrel around the hands really nice deep swing path
gets on playing with the pitch and then the hands come forward carrying that
momentum into the baseball lastly Barry Bonds it’s interesting how
Barry Bonds played well after dick Allen yet you’ll see a lot of the same swing
movements between Barry Ted Hank and Babe Ruth and it just makes you wonder
you know if the young hitters today or taught this information you just wonder
what they could accomplish this sean plouffe from hitterish.com catch
you next time really spawn this reppin oh my god oh my god if I die I’m a
legend when they lay me down to rest I know I was always reppin oh my god
life my words been my greatest weapon I know I I know I been a ghost greatest

31 thoughts on “Dick Allen | Swing Like the Greats

  1. Growing up in Philly, I worshipped him… saw him many times at Connie Mack Stadium.
    At 61 yrs old, I've seen many, many players hit the long ball.
    NOBODY hit HR's like Richie Allen…. moonshots OVER the Coca Cola sign in left center field.

  2. Saw him at Connie Mack also, was real young and i don't remember if i saw him hit it over the "Coke" sign, or just my Dad & Uncles talkin' about it. Still my favorite Player AllTime!!

  3. I grew up in that era. I studied the greatest hitters during that time period. It is all about "Body Parts". Knowing your physical strengths and weaknesses. Aaron had a pair of wrist like no one before or since. Richie Allen had very unusual forearms, His muscles were loose and intertwined unlike the blacksmith's forearms of a Steve Garvey. Batting champs like Wade Boggs and Tony Gwynn possessed 20/15 eyesight. Also, the maple bat of today plays a huge difference. Nobody knew how to use a maple bat better then Barry Bonds and Alphonso Soriano. I will elaborate if questioned.

  4. Dick Allen belongs in the Hall of Fame.
    Only the no-talent, jealous, racist, punkass sportswriters are keeping him out.
    Most of these guys couldn't put a jock strap on right.

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  6. I saw him hit many tremendous bombs when he was on the White Sox. I was at Comiskey when he one-hopped the center field scoreboard. And let me tell you, that was colossal!

  7. In his prime, Allen was 185 lbs at 5', 11". His lower body was like a sprinters, and his upper body like a blacksmith. How he was able to start his hands from a forward position, get them back, cock the bat and then snap his wrists through the hitting zone with that much power is really beyond comprehension. Pound for pound the hardest hitter of all time.

  8. One of the strongest, if not the strongest hitter the game as ever seen. No roids. No workout with weights. Just raw power. I saw him hit Home Runs over the left field bleachers completely out of the ball park at old Connie mack Stadium. The bleachers had a height of 80 feet. Some of those HR traveled well over 500 feet. The so called sluggers of today and since roids are used cannot compare to Richie Allen.

  9. Richie Allen was one of the true natural power hitters capable of hitting 500 ' home runs at anytime. No steroids like Barroid Bonds or Sammy Sousa or Mark McGurie or Jose Canseco and many many more players. In 1964 0r 1965 at the old Connie Mack stadium, I saw him hit many home runs over the left field bleachers, that went out of the park onto the street. The bleachers were 80' high. Connie Mack stadium had a big scoreboard with a giant clock on top of it in right center field. Allen was a right handed hitter and he hit a ball over that scoreboard which had to be over 60' tall. He was only 5-11, and 187 lb. No weights or roids. Now take a gorilla like Aaron Judge who is 6' 7" and weighs 287 lbs. Of course he is going to hit long HR's. (Roids maybe) And why put crap rap music on??? That sucks!!!!

  10. You got this one right!
    To avoid the inertia of a still bat wanting to stay still you gotta get it moving some then direct the hands and clubhead to the 1 of 9 different attack points.
    What you miss is that his weight shifts are to back and forward easily, then push and drive explosively forward onto n through contact.
    Your sample swinger, presumably you, unfortunately would never be able to swing a 40 ounce bat. Your up n down knee lift to straight down front foot n leg blocks your back hip from connecting with your hands to help push n pop them forward.

  11. Strong hands and wrists create bat speed Dick Allen was about 5 11 big arms and shoulders he was my favorite baseball player when I was growing up..

  12. Hitterish.com Another great video, Jose Canseco had a bat movement like this as well, Darryl Strawberry and Gary Sheffield as well.

  13. Love that swing my father saw it too and stopped everything to watch Dick Allen smash a baseball for the White Sox wish I could find the 1990 Old Timers game at Wrigley where he hit 2 HR's in that game

  14. Had to watch this again. Richie Allen could not only hit with power to all fields but was a great athlete all around. Along with Mantle, Ruth, Foxx and other greats he is perhaps the strongest player I have seen. Look at today's so called power hitters, the swing with one hand and hit Home Runs. They are alk juiced up or weight trained. All the players on the team's are huge. Remember the old days when players came in all sizes?

  15. Geez, Allen's swing was FRIGHTENING! Guy that small in stature generating elite-level bat speed with heavy lumber like that, he must've had hands and wrists that could bend iron bars like nothing at all…

  16. Dick Allen used to work out w the Sixer greats and had no problem holding his own. He had the explosion to dunk at 5'11 and probably could have an NBAer. He also was the lead singer of an r&b group. Too bad he couldnt have played w the Giants or Pirates from early on his career, where there were black players and less hostile, racist fans. He would have over 500 clouts and 1500 rbis

  17. Can you tell me why today's players swing with one arm? They let one hand go halfway through the swing. They still hit the ball over 400 feet. Could it be the steroids? Allen was perhaps the strongest player along with Mantle, Ruth. No roids or weights.

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