Derby Days: Galicia | Spanish Football As You’ve Never Seen It Before

in a moody dark corner of Spain [Music] besides of people who lived like no one else you shove a football library like no one else [Applause] Diaby days yummy [Music] when you think of Spain you probably don’t think of anything quite like Galicia [Music] Galicia is definitely got something a touch more mysterious the rest is fine [Music] tucked away in the northwest of the country this is arguably Spain’s most unique region a fascinatingly mysterious part of the world where the Sun doesn’t usually shine and everything comes back to the sea the beach is a key of our life is our soul the lifeblood of Galicia has traditionally always been the scene we don’t understand our life without the sea the American scholar okay they nothing the Spaniard this is done by by the right so there’s no layaway no early care and what about marina this and this it satellites of the menos it feels wet and damp you would see rain every day from September to May 10 on this stuff and it’s these powerful surrounding elements from sea to sky that has carved out a part of Spain where the people live their lives very differently to the rest of the country there were the famous always hit a thing they ask is going to rain if there will be sound there’s the famous line that says that when you sit meet a gala thean on the stairs you don’t know if they’re going up or going down because cliff Ian’s kind of don’t give you a straight answer I don’t know Silas days now what does it mean yes it means no it means maybe it means maybe maybe maybe maybe but what’s that what lorna VND but the rain effects the culture the humor and how we are come here please we had a lot of things that can explain a different identity for example language speaking Spanish and we speak Gallego the language of Galicia is very similar to Portuguese the most famous food in his fame is the gallium food von Neumann you know yesterday see Obama pulpit I gotta go put Boveda s malavida malavida de galicia the music is important we are working-class town the young people be more rebel yeah Marie W sir it’s like a cultural movement made in Vigo a basically rock’n’roll and then of course the skillet is even darker side the dead angle it is very important because we mix with our culture Santa companion is a Galicia myth is the soul that they are walking around in the forest of Galicia if you see them you die and you join them no don’t talk about that don’t take it seriously yeah yeah yeah of course of course no joke about that if it’s not the procession of ghosts and it’s the legend of the blue house is this kind of idea of there being witches or wizards and mixed matter even when the myth if it’s not the legend of the broadcast and it’s the history of mafia in the region in 80’s and 90’s we have narco kilter about drug dealers about families in Galicia in Galicia yeah Colombians group they produce the cocaine in Galicia is the place where they introduced the cocaine in Europe at least half of the cocaine that came to Europe came through Vigo they use the cost because the the cost is very dangerous it’s very complicated with York about cocaine people were missing yeah soon or later burn body is shooting the violence appeared and galaxy is not exception if not the history of mafia and that’s why they revere the pastor bayless people that risk their life take the porphyria that grow up in on the rocks it’s very ugly but is delicious that course is not for surfing if you don’t know the cause you can’t enter in this PC it was rough and it’s dangerous and it forms you when the venire la la película computer knows that you miss parappa yeah maricon do see even a Korean through it I’ll meet mushy to media okay one of the more respectful job in Bolivia because all the families in Galicia have at least one person who died hombre a little emergency masala birth you can see a lot of cross on the rocks remembering the people who died trying to cut the parfaits before that makes killifer unique they do share one thing in common with the rest of Spain’s regions their love for their local football clubs in Galicia the football plays a huge part in the identification of who and what you are one conversation going on la musica a fool a fool in Lamar and I more take what does a fool but as we know wherever you find it I love this song for a local football club you also I find a very intense rivalry and in Galatea’s case their rivalry revolves around Deportivo La coruña here on the north coast and Delta IV go on the Western Front for this star B let’s begin here with the marginally bigger city boys founded in 1923 as a merger of several local clubs who fell on a national level a united guillotine sod with far better compete the name sensitive eagle was coined in reference to the celtic youth of galicia but could a Celtic Astra Jacobi know there’s coffee but the name was just the beginning as every aspect of the club was designed to represent the region from the badge schools Bank speed all the way over Peter Santiago to the kid our colors are the sky blue we took it from our flag to their slogan ethical sentimental a volunteer we are the representatives of caliphs here who was the club’s aesthetics and identity may have done the region proud world that was about it I step to the Vigo never really got close to winning anything significant in the history of sense of ego has not be very successful on the page I’ve seen relegations to finals of the Spanish cap which we lost with a draw we’d be in the Champions League and we lost a game against a team that was already live relegated the [Music] 96-97 season was one of their low points where their rivals in and forth and CELTA needed a win on the last day of the season just to survive in the league but the result was a new manager his name was Javier Loretto and locals put in Kabul whenever some filter I’ve been in Barcelona all of the sunfilter are beating Real Madrid all of a sudden centre have made Europe but then all of a sudden coach Harbaugh packed up his bags in the pardon his destination feeling good if they are only 12 law so believe it or not Ikaruga founded in 1906 well Club Deportivo de la coruña was created as a result of the sport exploded in popularity when a local union bought the game back from his studies in England and just like its CELTA the guillotine identity is extremely important to the club it’s logon of the portables we are people from see our stadium reah Thor is the closest to the beach in the world yes the formed and of the stadium is like a shaped like a big ship that is entering in the sea the most colesium thing is a portable logarithm and just like it’s Elsa for most of the history with the exception of a few cups Deportivo La Colonia weren’t really in the business of winning titles in fact they were actually better known for losing them Deportivo only need to match Barcelona’s result or better it to win the league title Barcelona have basically given up on it Barcelona I think they’re beating severe 5-3 so luckily what you have to win their game – lucky enough to win their game is it’s 1:1 Deportivo get a penalty last minute they know this is their fate deaf we’re gonna win the league so it should be better who takes the penalty but he doesn’t want to go like huge doesn’t really want to take it but someone’s got to do this and you imagine the the penalty in the last minute of the last match and if Jukes court we want the the Liga and you everyone can say that he’s gonna miss so hard to watch and it does [Laughter] like a horror movie you know I remember I was crying my father don’t cry bit because food will and I say I don’t cry because food will I cry because they pour we celebrate a lot yeah they were smart you know but then from CELTA table arrived and just like it’s CELTA trouble changed everything within two years Deportivo win La Liga or la pucelle it’s a fun of it yolo fomo better food Indian guru guru below people got rocky past Alistair dolly they make the semi-finals of the Champions League who credit card rockefeller brand room it’s all either kilometres per cup within four years against Rama tree ornament you just hundredth birthday 6th of March 2002 after burn about Deportivo win the Copa del Rey one of the great images is the whole of the Northland the Santiago bernabéu loved Apple fans off the game the rest of stadiums antic and they’re singing happy birthday to you now I’m surrounded he may have given Vigo euros Elsa but you letter I give incluye superdevil see I’m a patrimony porque porque nosotros tenemos chase through fails he just en enero but these two teams never needed a letter to create a robbery deportable insult an extremely intense like a chance Millwall in the eighties in the 80s I don’t remember that there be with no violence nail off the big hockey your spin Elmo’s viene bottles flying the polarities of tier 2 the Christian people screaming the Aleutians la muchacha las luces many many police so many police chief and oh yeah let us shut down yeah but now you go see the place where there are loads of alleyways not only the roads that go to the stadium and it’s a good setup for insolence to help you know we can’t really say what but oh yes we’ll be there wolf there’s then Monsieur also the the play have hooked saw this TV footage of a guy in a hoodie jumping dark glasses in with the subtle eager fans away in academia and it’s footage of actually saying to the fans just the other side of the barrier base and grabbing his crotch come on come over it come here and kiss it and after a while of course the TV cameras realized at Super Mario yep suspended in with the fans in with a hardcore so it’s about identity it’s like we are the true delicious and now we are there Portuguese because they are ready to the border look for that they go call us to the coast Turkish no one knows why is this nickname but you wave yeah yeah we are proud you’re a total German population call me Turkish go okay we are Turkish versus the way of dealing it amaizing your opponent is to remove your opponents galicia not empty and nothing at what that does fundamentally is tell you how important the idea of being colliculus but both sets of bands and then of course there’s the rivalry between the two cities themselves a lot of people in cities Vigo is the working city the terms of shipbuilding in terms of industry in terms of the port terms of fishing going it’s more about Inditex is the about fad I’s about fashions mientras millet raha a corner Alaska I like it sleep and I it’s gonna like like a posse yet amongst is very clear divide there actually has been moments of unity between the two cities and sets of fans thanks to subjects that couldn’t be more killeth ian we have the last example of natural disaster here and prestige was a very big petrol shape eighty-one thousand tons yeah and about the coast perkins enough yeah our causes died in our fisherman is suffering because that la gente c’è una realidad any multiple todo sonica shakira live girl Acosta all of which perhaps explains one of the most unique traditions in darby football we used to live like 200 300 meters from stay away from the stadium but let us say during the dhabi we opened the window and we could hear that [Applause] like a Canebrake you know and suddenly the anthem of Galicia we are all Galician so we some together but when finished yeah again this must be the only Dhabi when you sing together and as soon as that song ends you we wanna kill you ok we go August mmm Galicia no Sunni pero el football no say para so al clásico the biggest derby in the world this happens to have fallen on Bolivia’s Derby day today but you wouldn’t know it in the gaggle newspaper because it’s two pages of El Clasico again with Messi we’re now on ma’juj yet the gaggle Dobby gets one two three four five pages about the smallest things then it’ll get more pages to their seafood when I do your classic Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I swear the self-defense unlock I got 40 villain I’ll show you how much protection [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] well in the region of the world where people are known for their indecisiveness I don’t think that Darby could have been more feeling you don’t even get me started off the pitch where they did all this police intervention before the game even started then before kickoff they’re singing together they’re weird there are a strange lot but they’re proud of it but so they should be because in a stadium literally by the sea full of people proudly from the sea they create exactly what derbies should be about represented in celebrating both sides of the affair amongst moments of absolute madness next time on Darby days I’m talking often I’ll I read I will be honest I was shocked I saw players spat in the face red blood at that DUI they went you dirty dog we got your vote all this I would I’m only joking yes [Music]

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