Dennis Miller Can’t Stop Name-Dropping – Lights Out with David Spade

Hey, I was watching
the warm-up thing. -SPADE: Cool.
-And I remember when we did… I was the host
of the Young Comedians Special. -SPADE: Oh, yeah.
-You were like a little… like, hip embryo.
I didn’t even know who you were. And we had the coolest cutaway
in the history of comedy. Usually they go to the crowd. It’s Todd Bridges
or Jo Anne Worley. -Remember, we had Bowie
came to the show. -Oh, yeah. Bowie was in the audience
watching. -Was he your friend?
-Yeah. Yeah. It’s just so funny,
they tilted into the crowd, and you see those two
different eyes, and you think, -“Geez, that’s David Bowie
in the crowd.” -(laughter) -He liked it, too. -Yeah,
he loved you, he loved you. That long story was about Bowie
being Dennis’s friend. (laughter) Right? -What…
-That’s a biggie. If you’re, uh… if you’re gonna name-drop, -that one involves a big (bleep)
crane to drop it. -That’s… Listen, Bowie’s a monster.
I was, uh… It made me actually
more nervous that night. -Yeah?
-That he was there watching… Dennis is like, “Nice show.
Hey, I knew Bowie.” -(laughter)
-SPADE: Yeah. “So, uh,
go (bleep) yourself, Dave.” Listen, I have
to get to our comedy. KOY:
All right, go. Former baseball star A-Rod… -We on to topics now?
-Huh? Yeah. -Okay. -It was supposed
to be ten minutes ago. …had his rental car
broken into, and thieves made off
with a reported $500,000 worth of electronics and jewelry. -Jesus, how much is
the new iPhone? -(laughter) Um, what do we think of this? You think this prick
knows Bowie? (laughter, applause) -Oh, man.
-Look at A-Rod– he’s just try… I guess the vibe on him
is he tries too hard. You just look at that, I mean, he’s going out
in the middle of the day. And why,
when you look like that, are you still renting cars? Why don’t you have a…
why don’t you have a driver? And, you know, and you know
when he goes to fill out the insurance waiver,
instead of just A.R., -he puts A-Rod in there.
-SPADE: Yeah. yeah, yeah. Initials it that way. Why doesn’t he just buy
a new car every night? -Yeah. Yeah.
-Buy a new car. Well, I think A-Rod
is fine as hell, okay? I think he’s sexy.
Uh, I’m kind of mad that he left $500,000 worth
of stuff in his car. I mean, you’re dating
Jenny from the Block. -Right. -She should teach you
a thing or two about being in the hood, right? (laughter) -I blame Jennifer. -Okay.
-(cheering, applause All right. I-I… I call bullshit. Do you know how much stuff
$500,000… Do you know how long
that takes to load a car? -Yes!
-$500,000 worth of shit. Like, “Hold on,
I got $400,000 worth of shit to put in the trunk.” -You’re full of shit, A-Rod.
-SPADE: Yeah. I thought I was the only one with a
diamond-covered battery charger. (laughter) No, but one time, Dennis,
I did the Riviera, um, back in the day,
and, uh, the old comedy club up there in the top,
and I don’t know… And (bleep) Lennon was there.
We get it. We get it! -(laughter)
-(bleep) All right!

100 thoughts on “Dennis Miller Can’t Stop Name-Dropping – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. You can tell the other two wrote their shit ahead of time and two legends just spit out their takes.

    Either that or they make it seem less effortless.

  2. Man Dennis Miller is kimd of a piece of shit but America really needs his ass doing Monday night football again, christ

  3. I love Dennis Miller. He took a hard turn right, stopped being funny. But he just needs to be around his friends. He is naturally funny as hell.

  4. Dude I fucking love this show so much! Everyone burns each other and fun guests. This is amazing. I'm so glad it's on. Seriously. Thank you CC.

  5. Dennis Miller is so tedious and forced and unfunny. Talk about trying too hard…

    Does he not know how comedy work? Of course he doesn't lol

  6. Who the fuck are all these people talking shit about one of the greatest comedians of all time,?? Fuck off losers.

  7. wtf is that k joy dude doing on the panel ,thinks being loud would make his jokes any less lousy, this guy must get such a low i.q demographic as fans,but his fashion sense is pretty hilarious

  8. Dennis Miller's one of the only sane satanic hollyweirds thats why insane weirdo freaks like to make fun of him.

  9. Dennis Miller hasn’t been funny since being a news correspondent on Saturday Night Live.

    I guess his mullet held all the funny.

  10. At least with the pathetic Bowie “anecdote” he can stop telling the pathetic “Sinatra mangled my housekeeper’s name” non-bit that he turned into the 20 minute climax of FOUR specials. Oh Denderoo, could you even get a job cleaning terlets at HBO?

  11. Does Dennis Miller not know that David Bowie has passed away???
    "Do you think he KNOWS Bowie?" (Present tense? Nobody tell Dennis that Bowie died 3.5 years ago.)

  12. Who edits these clips? It always seems like they’re dropping in in the middle
    Of a segment that’s already started, and then it cuts after some random comment or small joke instead of the segment ending or one of the bigger/funnier parts

  13. Tip of the hat to Dennis for setting up his old friend. Spade delivers the punchline and gets a big laugh at Miller's expense. Miller knows he is perceived as a right wing ahole so he and Spade set it up to make Miller look bad for the left wing audience. Everybody wins. Good luck with the show Spade!

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