Denison Volleyball Highlights vs. Marietta (2018)

[Brandon Morgan] Denison volleyball defeated Marietta College 3-1 in their home opener. We caught up with Alex Tubbs, Marija Pavlick, and head coach Carter Cassell. [Carter Cassell] It was huge for us to come out, play really crisp volleyball and get that win. It’s really big for our confidence just moving forward. And I mean the most important thing is we were really satisfied with the level that we played at tonight. [Alex Tubbs] Really wanted to get a good start, having our fans here and like all of our friends coming really helped bring a lot of energy for us and so we can get that momentum starting. [Carter Cassell] We served really aggressively tonight And I think that really helped out our block and our floor defense. [Alex Tubbs] Our block was like really solid. We had great coverage from our back row, which always helps give confidence to our blockers and our attackers. [Cater Cassell] Really evenly distributed our sets and our hitters were able to take advantage of that just a lot of hitters contributed the night and I was really good to see. [Marija Pavick] I think it was really important to go deep quarters not to hit down They had a pretty strong block. So I think it was really important for placement and seeing where the defense was. [Alex Tubbs] Now, we have like a homestand coming up next week. So hopefully we’ll keep that momentum going all the way into conference. [Marija Pavlick] We’ll definitely have some energy going forward. I think like having a good positive mindset will be really helpful.

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