DeMarini 2013 M2M BBCOR Bat

True American muscle isn’t a ’68 Dodge Charger
sitting in some old dude’s garage. Nah, true muscle is harnessing the power of
that V-8 engine into a full-metal, unforgiving, American-made baseball bat. DeMarini’s M2M is all-aluminum and built to
crush. Big, aggressive barrel… Giant sweet spot… The M2M is the stiffest bat in the lineup,
designed for the tough guys that like to feel the ball all the way through the bat. Built right here in the USA, the M2M uses
our new X10 alloy. X10 alloy is a proprietary blend of alloy
agents that allows us to fine-tune the thickness of the barrel walls to create a bat with optimal
strength and a monster sweet spot. No composites here… just sheer red-blooded
American metal. If Uncle Sam was batting cleanup, you know
what he’d be swinging. DeMarini’s M2M… true American muscle.

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