Dealing with Baseball Failures (A Memo To All Baseball Coaches)

before we get into this video I just want to say thank you to Team snap team Snap is an app that you could download directly to your phone that makes it easy to organize your team you can check the information at the link down below baseball is a game of failure and usually it’s coached by negative people and unfortunately it seems like the parents some parents tend to buy into this mentality as well but what we need to do as parents and coaches is let our players know that it’s okay to fail because they are gonna fail in this game in fact the greatest players in this game fail seven out of ten times so when we have players that first understand that it’s okay to fail and then learn how to fail and come back from that failure we’re gonna be a better team a better unit because of it let me give you a few examples that I see all the time happen in the field you’ve got an outfielder that may get a fly ball hit to him and he doesn’t get under it in time or it hits the heel of the glove and falls out and you hear people in the stands and the coaches come on you got to make that catch what do you do it then you’ve got a batter that gets up there and swings through strike three and he strikes out dad is upset and coaches upset and then you’ve got that pitcher who just can’t find the strike zone throwing balls walking guys and and the coaches yelling come on just throw strikes and of course that pitcher was trying to throw strikes that hitter wasn’t trying to strike out and that outfielder wasn’t trying to drop that fly ball they’re trying to make these plays so they don’t need that negative reinforcement instead what we need to do is give them positive reinforcement pick them up have our teammates teach the team how to pick that player up if the shortstop boots a ball the second baseman needs to go over to them say hey it’s alright man let’s get this next one it’s coming to you you ready when we can pick each other up as a team and when parents can do their job after the game as well we’re gonna be a lot stronger more confident team and get more wins now with that being said when the player makes a mistake our job as coaches is to make sure we work on that at the next practice this way we can build confidence in that player through his experiences of doing it well and doing it good in practice so that next time he gets out there he’s going to feel a lot more confident in making that play scooping that ground ball catching that pop fly hitting that baseball or throwing that strike now this doesn’t mean that we’re gonna be soft I don’t want you to think that we got a baby the players out there when they miss the ball of course we’re gonna pick them up but at practice we’re gonna drill hard we’re gonna work hard we’re gonna practice hard we’re gonna get the reps in and it’s gonna be intense and the players do need to know that there will be consequences for continuing to miss balls that someone else may take their position but this is going to help them be more competitive and really work hard in practice to fix some of the things that may be causing some of the issues out there so if we can come together as a team as one unit and coaches it’s our job to get the players on board teach them how to pick each other up and get the parents on board and let them know through communication in the beginning of the year that we want to have positive reinforcement for our players and then we’re gonna work hard in practice to fix anything that we may need to fix we’re gonna be a lot stronger better team and have more victories if you like this video go ahead and click that thumbs up if you know a team that needs to see this go ahead and share it with them if you haven’t already click this logo to subscribe to my youtube channel then go watch this video right here you’re gonna like this one and of course don’t forget to go check out the team snap app at the link down below

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