David Bote’s Walk-off Grand Slam | The Breakdown

– [Bote] Bases loaded, two outs,
two strikes, down three. I definitely tried to tell myself
to hit a homer to center, uh, and like realistically. Hit it as far as you can to center field. Look for a ball down, get underneath it,
and hit it as far as you can to center field, and then see what happens. ♪ [music] ♪ I just go back to the inning
and play it out. – [Announcer] The last chance for
the Cubs, trailing by three tonight. – [Heyward] I try to play the scoreboard
always, and let the game come to me. And it’s a different thing when you’re
down by three, one out already, nobody on. You just want to keep the line moving,
try and do anything you can to get on base. I’ve been facing him since my
first year in 2010, since I was a rookie. So just going into this moment,
I know that he does have crazy numbers against lefties. He’s more confident,
I feel like that kind of plays into his arsenal. ♪ [music] ♪ He made a good pitch
first pitch of that at bat. I feel like he wasn’t ready to give in,
and for me, it was just like, “Just try and get a pitch in the zone. Take what the game gives you.” – [Announcer] As Heyward chops one off the plate,
Difo’s got to hurry. And he loses the handle.
[crowd cheering] Ah, the new guy,
it always finds you. – [Maddon] They just put the replacement in. Difo came in to play second. This is a really difficult game that
people think is easy. It’s not, it’s very hard. -[Heyward] There we go.
Now, we’re in business. We got something happening. You don’t know what’s going to happen with
the next guy, but at least we got a start. -[Announcer] Bottom of the ninth, one away,
Almora at the plate. – [Almora] I hate being the last out of
the game, it’s one of my biggest pet peeves. So I’m kind of thinking,
“I don’t want to be the last out of this game.” -[Heyward] The hit I got was not a big hit,
but it ended up making this pitcher have to focus on me, like just that much,
to where he’s going to lose some control. ♪ [music] ♪ -[Almora] I kind of like let out like a little
yell, because I thought it was going to be a fast ball. So when I saw the changeup,
I kind of like yelled a little bit and maybe shouldered a little bit more. But it got me, it got me for sure. I got to first
and you could feel like the, the vibration of the stadium just get a
lot…a little more intense. [crowd cheering] -[Announcer] Willson Contreras,
the last chance for Chicago tonight. – [Contreras] I knew I was,
I was going to face a really tough right-handed pitcher. I just got one, two count like
really quick, and just told myself to slow everything down because I knew, Madson,
he likes to work really quick. So that’s when I decided to call timeout. Then I thought to myself,
“He’s going quick. Try to slow down, just call timeout.” ♪ [music] ♪ -[Announcer] A little cat and mouse game going
between Contreras and Madson, yeah. -[Announcer 2] Timeout. -[Maddon] That was part of the pre-series meeting,
that if he gets in the game, to do things like that
because it will bother him. Some information like that may came from
a…may come from a guy that had played with Madson in the past,
he had seen it specifically. So you might get
some insider stuff like that. -[Contreras] I called time-out again right there. I remember what the umpire told me. -[Maddon] Willson, God, who plays with his heart
on his sleeve more than he does? He’s not worried about offending anybody’s
sensibilities, right. He’s just doing what he thinks is right,
which I love about him. -[Contreras] That’s the way I play,
like compete and try to win every single pitch.
And it worked. ♪ [music] ♪ -[Bote] I did the math, I saw where
we were in the lineup. I was like, “You know what? There’s a chance for bases loaded,
two outs.” And the pitcher’s spot was up. I went down to the tunnel,
took two swings, and I was like, You know what?
I feel good. I feel right where I need to be. came back up,
I saw J-Hey’s ball, and then Almora got hit. And I was like, “Okay,
this is kind of happening.” And then I saw Willson was on deck,
and I was riding on the mound, I was anticipating that it could be Happ,
you know, being the righty/lefty match-up. And I was like, “You know what? There’s a chance for a pinch runner. Let’s go get your legs loose again.” -[Maddon] The type of pitcher that Madson is,
I actually like righties on him better than lefties. Chopper, left-handed,
with Heyward. Then hit batter, hit batter,
right, right, hitter. So I think he sees lefties
better than he sees righties. He has the kind of stuff
that David could hit. I don’t want to empty this,
the box of secrets right here, but I thought it was a good matchup. -[Bote] I went down to the tunnel to get the
body moving again, and Hyder comes down. He’s, “Bote, Bote.”
And I was like, “What?” I’m like “Yeah, I’m running.”
And he goes, “You’re on deck.” And I was like, “All right.
Let’s go.” -[Announcer] Should it go any farther,
David Bote waits on deck for Chicago. [crowd cheering] ♪ [music] ♪ -[Announcer] Heyward, Almora, and, uh, Contreras. And now, we’re going to have a pinch
runner at first, as Ian Happ will come out to represent the tying run. -[Happ] I also got pinch ran for later in
the year, so it feels better to pinch run for somebody than to get pinch-run for,
I’ll tell you that. ♪ [music] ♪ -[Bote] The pitching coach comes out. I’m in my thoughts, I’m in my head. He’s probably saying,
“Hey, get the ball down. You can’t get beat with a ground ball.” And that’s where he was like,
“They’re probably going to go down there, so you go down there too, but get it up. Like, get underneath it,
and get it up in the air, and get it out.” ♪ [music] ♪ And as I walked up to the plate,
I could hear the chants. But then once I got in there,
everything went silent. As weird as that sounds, but it’s true. Dug my foot in, kicked the dirt. Uh, move my jersey, look at my bat. [deep inhale/exhale] Deep breath. I go, “Hit it as far as you can
to center field.” I was ready to go right
away, like that’s where I wanted it. I was like,
“Okay, that ball’s middle away down. Okay, stay back.
Let it get there. Like, stick to the approach. Hit the ball as far as you can
to center field.” ♪ [music] ♪ Close, very close. He’s sticking to his plan,
and I’m sticking to my plan. ♪ [music] ♪ I yell, “No,” at the umpire. “No!” And I was like, “Can’t do that.” Like, like, “You’re a rookie,
you can’t do that. Like, hold back.” And I was like, I wanted to like say,
like, “I’m sorry, like, I didn’t want to show you up,” which it
doesn’t look like I showed him up, which helps. Because then like nobody else knows it. It’s done, like can’t change it. You’re one, two, that’s what it is. So get back in there and battle. ♪ [music] ♪ He’s done the same thing
the entire at bat, so… …nothing changes.
Just stay on it. Look for a ball down, get underneath it,
and hit as far as you can to center field, and then see what happens. ♪ [music] ♪ When you’re looking for it,
and you’re like, “Hit it as far as you can to center field,”
and then you actually do it… There’s not really a better feeling when
you make that contact, it’s solid. [crowd cheering]
-[Announcer] Bote to dead center field. Did he get it?
Did he get it? Santa Maria, walk-off slam.
[crowd cheering] -[Heyward] He hit that ball, [laughs]
everything froze. [laughs] That’s ball game. -[Almora] He crushed that ball. I look back and I know
this game’s over. [crowd cheering] -[Happ] We’re down three, which means
I’m the tying run. So as soon as he hits that ball,
I am at full sprint. I think I slapped Butterfield on the ass
before the ball got out of the park, because I was trying so hard
to tie the game. -[Bote] I was yelling, “Let’s go,
let’s go,” sprinting. Get here and Javy pulls me down, boom. [laughs] The jersey didn’t rip. So I’m on the ground,
and they’re pulling me up, ripping it. -[Maddon] The biggest thing it does,
it really bolsters your confidence. And to do it in front of Bill Murray,
my God. ♪ [music] ♪ -[Bote] I don’t remember much after. I remember the at bat, of course. But yeah, mostly after that
is kind of…there yeah, it’s just not, not there. My wife, she wasn’t at the game,
our kids were asleep. She turned it on and saw me
walk up to the plate, and she was like, “Oh, no.” Like, “What, what’s going on?” Our place overlooked Wrigley,
she opened up the doors and she watched it. She watched the at bat unfold, you know,
saw me hit it and she just stood out there listening to them sing “Go Cubs, Go.” As a kid, you know,
you dream about that moment. To then do it, um, pretty cool. ♪ [music] ♪

100 thoughts on “David Bote’s Walk-off Grand Slam | The Breakdown

  1. I can’t hit a baseball coming at me at like 30 or 40 miles an hours (I’m in fifth grade I only wanna play the field as a pitcher)

  2. So here’s something different for everyone here. I’m a Nats fan, and y’all, can make fun of me for that later, but nobody seems to ask us about our perspective of how this went down. For one thing, no. This was not the nail in the coffin for us. Even if we win this game, we still lose the division to the Braves. If the Nats do win, then the Cubs still lose the division, and lose to the Rockies in the wild card. What hurts the most isn’t the slam, it was epic, even I’ll admit it, but what what hurts the most is how Cubs fans are always rubbing it in our faces. Especially with how we have a bad history of choking, and the fact that everyone rubs that in our face, that is what hurts me the most about it. It’s like how you Cubs fans felt when everyone was taunting you about your 108 year long streak. I hope that this comment doesn’t go ignored. Yes, I’m mad that this happened, but I still have to give credit to the moment.

  3. No balls, 2 strikes. 2 outs. Bases loaded. Bottom of last inning. Down by 3. You’re up to bat. Championship game. Just imagine that.

    skrikes out pAsS mE thE BleAcH, PLeaSe!!!

  4. This is one of my favorite videos on YouTube. The funny thing is I remember my reaction to it “no he didn’t, he’s a rookie” *ball leaves the diamond “OH MY GOD HE GOT IT” it reminded me of Fowler’s homer in game 7 I lost it and my dad woke up and told me to be quiet.
    5 stars

  5. "LOOK FOR SOMETHING DOWN, GET UNDERNEATH IT, AND HIT IT AS FAR TO CF AS YOU CAN"… That's some Domingo stuff right there. They need to teach that in little league.

  6. Wut bad about being last out. I used to hate it too but I realized its gonna happen 1000 times so I don't get worried about it

  7. Dude marlins man was there with the marlins jersey all orange with a hat that was orange as well he witnessed it the walkoff grand slam

  8. Imagine this

    World Series
    Game 7
    Bottom of the ninth
    Down three
    Bases Loaded
    Two Outs
    3 Balls
    2 Strikes
    Grand Slam

  9. I loved that video, way to take the pitch, both of those batters. Nice hit, and… AMAZING GRAND SLAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. thats what i did for my 12uAA team this season i hit a walf off grand slam for my team to win and most people started crying

  11. I had bases loaded, 2 outs, 1-2 count in a playoff game, but I struck out looking on a pitch down the middle :/ but it’s ok

  12. I had a similar moment, I was looking outside fastball, then boom first pitch into the gap in right center. It was a game tying triple.

  13. I think we all know Cole Hamels was that guy they were talking about when Maddon was talking about insider information.

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