Darth Maul Ping Pong

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity It’s time for the first challenge episode of 2020 Let’s go! Okay that’s the first one So the next challenge is to play with a polaroid picture of yourself Emil, say cheese! Okay I think the polaroid pictures are ready So I’ll be playing with this This looks even more crazy! These are from a horror film these pictures If there would be a picture of Ma Long you would get all the forehands on table But luckily we have a picture of Otto so soon it’s gonna be mayhem time That would have been good! Who is gonna miss: Miikka or Emil? Emil! Otto how does it feel that i’m playing with you? It just hurts to see how bad you play These are probaly the worst pictures of us ever taken! 30 chops in 40 seconds, let’s see if we can do it! Lets tape these two rackets together How are you supposed to play with this? This feels a bit like tennis I just hope the racket is not gonna come off That would have been too good to be true! It’s actually good because you have better reach with this one You don’t have to move so much And I like that! Well it didn’t hit the rubber but still a good shot Remember to subsribe to our channel here and watch our previous videos there! Until next time!

100 thoughts on “Darth Maul Ping Pong

  1. challenge: when one of you makes an around the net shot, the other has to return it, lets see how hard it is

  2. This is not much of a challenge but do rematches of matches between yourself but in all seriousness as if it is a competition match.

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