Daily Fantasy Sports MLB STRATEGY #2⚾️ Baseball CASH GAMES, SINGLE ENTRY Strategy, Contest Selection

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and we’ll get started. If you’ve been following any of my work during the NFL season, you’ll know that I play to 1500 every
single week on DraftKings but more or less I’m
attacking single entries, some of these smaller field sizes. So I wanted to get a
little bit better idea of how viable playing the single entry or some of those smaller
contests was for MLB. We had a question in the chat about just playing one lineup per slate. Is this a pretty tough sport to do that with in your opinion? Even if it’s on the GBP
side of things as well? – I think it’s a tough
sport, mentally, to do that. – Okay. – Because there’s so
much failure in the MLB that there’s going to
be so many nights where you’re watching your teams and you’re sweating your teams and you’re like, your individual eight
hitters or whatever it is, you watch them go up to
bat and most of the time, they’re not getting you any points and so if you’re invested emotionally in one lineup every single night, even if you have good
results over the long term, it can be a really frustrating
experience with MLB. So I think a lot of people enjoy mass multi-entering
MLB a little bit more because they feel like
when things are happening they can then look to see
which teams are benefiting. Instead of like honing
in on one specific player that they’re kinda heavily invested in. So I think it’s a little
bit of a challenge mentally to just watch
your team fail so often and then at the end of the
night you’re like oh yeah, I did well or I didn’t do well. – If you’re playing like
a single entry type GBP, are you trying jam in a stack or something like that where it’s still a little bit more top heavy in a cash game, obviously? – No, I don’t go out of my way to stack. – Okay. – It’s kind of like what Derek said. You know, a little more
leaning toward stacks in tournaments where once you get to like, close to a tie-breaker situation. I’d rather add on to a stack
than just play some random guy. But especially if you’re doing
one lineup, you still want the best plays you can get in there. If they happen to be on the
same team, that’s great. I think the time to stack is when you start spreading out more from there. You make that first base
lineup and then maybe your second lineup, you
take a couple guys out and add into your stack. But if you’re just doing one lineup, I think you just build your best lineup. If it ends up being a stack, great. But I wouldn’t force it. – Drew, what are your thoughts on that? Are you kind of trying to jam in as many of these kind of one, two, three hitters as you can on single entry type teams? Or are you kind of on the
other side of the fence with the stacking and kind
of single entry tournaments? – Yeah, I’m with the other guys here. If it happens organically, yes. But that’s not something
I’m looking to force. Especially if it’s a single entry where just looking at kind of the exposures of those contests typically anyway, a lot of guys, especially the
high dollar single entry GBPs, guys are just throwing their
cash lineups in there anyway. So, you don’t really have
to be that much different or that contrarian to
where you’re almost getting uncomfortable where you’re
kind of forcing things. So like Dave said, it’s definitely just play your best lineup. Especially in a single
entry situation like that. – By the way guys, if
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just to follow me over there, I’d really appreciate it. I’m always curious about what some of the best players are
doing in game selection. So that’s the next part
of this conversation. Really wanted to dive in to see if this is more of an MME sport or
if we could really be leveraging single entry
like we talked about before. I wanna get a feel for what kind of game selection strategy
you have in general. Like a lot of people know you from your live finals, chasing
qualifiers and stuff like that. Obviously the topic is MLB today but really across all sports. Like are you a guy that is
rolling out MME 150 lineups? Like are you kind of in those mid stakes, like the 300 level, like
rolling out like five to 10 lineups, hand building
three max cash games? Let’s hear about that
before we even get going. – I do a little bit of everything and it’s different every day. Sometimes there’s a slate
that I feel is specifically tailored for a certain
kind of game selection. Whether it be cash games or MME or sometimes even three mans. Three mans are the new things
that I’m getting into in NBA. I’ve done that with mixed
results I would say this NBA season but high stakes,
like $5300 three mans, if you can game select the
right way and choose your opponents to make sure you know
who you’re going up against and you know the types
of lineups they play, I think there’s a big edge
in being able to build a line up that’s a little
bit different if you think there’s gonna be overlap
between two opponents, right? So I will sometimes look for
two cash game choppy players in the three mans and try to essentially play a head-to-head against two guys. – Yeah so, obviously you’re kind
of new to the channel. I do basically, primarily NFL and NHL but I also attack like a lot of niche stuff kind of within NHL. So I play a lot of NHL Showdown and what you’re talking
about with three mans, I’ve had probably my
best ROY in three mans and I think it’s for the
same reason like a lot of people have a really similar
approach in NHL Showdown. Just everyone’s playing two goalies, so like I’m kind of the opposite of that. I don’t really play goalies at all. I kind of just correlate and go for a little bit more upside. But man, the three mans is like, I think is such an
interesting game format. – What I’ve found, I don’t
know, the past few years, if you look at where the ownership percentages go in different
types of tournaments, in certain single entry tournaments or three max entry tournaments, the ownership percentages will be wildly different than what they are in tournaments with 150 max and there’s certain days I just want to play the obvious right plays. Like the, you know,
whoever’s gonna come out on top of you know, Nolan Arenado at home and he’s too cheap, but like okay, so this is the right play today. If you’re not willing to
fade Nolan Arenado anywhere, then you probably shouldn’t
play every kind of tournament. – True. – There are the places
you should be playing him and there are the places
you should be fading him. So that’s why I play different
types of tournaments. So I can have my exposure
to the correct plays in my cash lineups and a certain
subset of tournament teams. And then this lower percentage, weird, I think you know the Padres
against Madison Bumgarner, see that’s not even
under the radar because Madison Bumgarner stinks
but you know what I mean. Then you can say I can take my shot on that in this tournament and figure out, you know, the ideal place to do that. So any day when I look at the
slate and what I want to play, there’s certain tournaments
where I’m supposed to be playing that and certain
tournaments where I’m not. But don’t just random scatter shot all of them here and there. Like wake up one day and be like I’m gonna stack 150 times in this
tournament and then the next day be like I’m
playing all cash games today and that’s what a lot of people do. Like let me just try this and this. Like you’ve got to figure
out what your strength is. It may take you awhile
to figure that out if you don’t know and play to
that and play consistently. And if you’re new to baseball and like trying to figure it out, definitely get The VAT and even if you want to do your own research and figure it out, have something to compare it against. Like it takes a while to
figure everything out, so don’t be afraid to use great information that’s already there. – I think the consistency aspect that you touched on is so big. I talk about this with my coaching clients like all the time that like you’re never gonna know your
expectation unless you have a decent idea of what you’ve
been doing in the past. Lik, if you kind of want to experiment, experiment at the lower dollar
level and then move up into what you think your edge
is or what you think you’re good at but then be
consistent with your approach. Like for NFL, like this
past year I told myself that I was gonna play the 1500 and I was gonna play it every single week
and I don’t care about the ups and downs over the
course of an 18 week season. I wanted to see if I could be
profitable in that tournament. So that was kind of, I think
that having a plan is something that people probably still
don’t talk about enough. – Before we get back at
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out in the next video. Well one of the things that I noticed kind of even a ways back, you kind of attack some of these
mid-stakes games as well. Kind of like whatever it is on DraftKings, like the Monster 300 level. Are you building, are you max entering something like this that’s like an 18 max? Are you building kind of
like five, 10 lineups? Or is it all just kind of slate-specific for that sort of game selection? – It’s slate-specific. A lot of times I’ll have a focus, a real strong focus on entering say a qualifier where the max
is 18 entries and then I’ll enter those 18 entries into
the bigger field maxes, too. So it’ll be 150 max. I’ll still enter those same 18 lineups and then not build any other ones. So, my actual focus is around the max entries and the specific contest
but I’ll enter those entries into other things,
if that makes sense. – Yeah, yeah, Bales has
talked about this before, too. It’s almost like stacking your entries, so it raises your ceiling overall. Like great, if you beat the field size of 600 people, that’s awesome. But what happens if you have
the field size that would have finished really high in something
with like 23,000 people? Like you’re limiting
your upside if you don’t stack your contests in that way for sure. So I’m with you there. I know you have a ton of
people that are grinding like the mini-max in your channel for NBA. Do you see these guys that have a big hit in the mini-max wish that
they were in whatever, the $10 or something
like that but obviously their bank roll probably can’t handle that at that point and maybe
they’re just trying to improve, like how do you
get over the FOMO of not having that lineup in the
biggest contest, I guess? – It’s not, yeah, I’ve had that
question a couple of times. It’s, I always say play the
lowest stakes you can always. Max the lowest stakes until
you’re kicked out of it and then kind of move up
when you’re forced to. Which no one should be even close if you’re playing the mini-max and then they see well, the cashing score on the mini-max was actually a little bit higher than the 15 or the whatever. The top score was actually higher than it was in the whatever, so I actually think the
mini-max is harder then and that’s not the way
you look at it at all. Because payoff structure is not the same, the amount of people is not the same. The rate is not the same, double or whatever min
cash is is not the same. There are a lot of factors
that play into how soft or how you know, difficult a tournament is and I wish I could just say
go play the 15 with the same lineups you played the
mini-max with for a whole week and then you tell me where
you have a better ROY and it’s almost always
going to be the mini-max. It’s not as easy as just
oh, the cashing score and the highest score is higher, all right, so the mini-max sucks. It’s not like that, there
are so many other factors. It’s funny because I speak to a couple friends of mine that have also been doing this for a living and
they say the same thing. It’s very hard for the
average person to see that. But it’s so evident if you
were just to track your results over time from both
tournaments if you played both. It’s actually, yeah,
it’s pretty significant how much better the
lower stakes or how soft the lower stakes are
compared to higher stakes. So don’t feel bad. If I were to give advice, don’t look at the top tournaments when you do that. – I was just gonna say like I think the biggest thing is if
that’s gonna bother you, just don’t even open
the other tournament up. – Also this.
– Ignorance is bliss. – Also this, how often are you
gonna get the highest score? Stop looking at the highest score. – That too. – You’re almost never gonna get that. – Yeah exactly. – It’s not like you were close to winning a tournament every single
day that it’s gonna hurt you in the long
run not playing the 15. Don’t be so–
– Especially if like, like we talked about, like
you’re trying to learn, you’re trying to get
better at building lineups. 75 bucks max, enter in the
mini-max, try to improve over the season and if you
think you’re ready to move up in stakes, move up in stakes, be my guest. But yeah, don’t open the
big tournament I think. But I don’t know, I’ve got some FOMO with that, so I’m working on it. – Just a reminder, if you’re looking to invest in yourself and take your game to the next level, I do
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you don’t miss anything. All right, a lot of people
have been asking about cash game strategy for MLB
on DraftKings and FanDuel. Definitely a pretty hot topic
that we had to dive into, but definitely a polarizing one as well. A lot of people don’t think you
can play cash games for MLB. So I was excited to talk
with these guys about that. As more of kind of a cash game player, are you prioritizing kind
of getting up to some of these stud pitchers,
especially on DraftKings where you have the ability to
play two different ones, I would assume most of the time, you’re paying up for your
first one in cash games. – Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I approach cash games a lot
different than your traditional cash game player does where
most cash game players are like you know, you need floor
and safety and you want your high old guys and I’m not
really about that very much. – Sweet, let’s hear the new perspective. – [Derek] What’s that? – I said let’s hear the new
perspective then, I like that. – Yeah, so I mean a lot of times, the top guys are the guys
who are gonna be high on. They are gonna be your,
you know your ace pitcher. But there are plenty of
times where it’s not. For me, it is 100% about value. I don’t care if it’s a terrible pitcher, if he’s in the right
matchup for the right price, I will play him in cash games. I played Jason Vargas for
like four or five times in cash games last year and Jason Vargas is one of the worst pitchers in baseball. But in the right matchup
at the right price, you can play him and he’s great. Yes, on a daily basis like
there’s a lot of variants in baseball but over
180 days, that variance tends to even out and
it evens out in favor of the players who are
making the better plays. Whether they’re risky plays or not risky plays, it doesn’t matter. It’s gonna even out and the best plays are gonna create the biggest
profit, for the most part. And so for me it’s all
about that value and so I’m not scared to play
these crappier pitchers in good match ups if that’s
what the slate dictates. – Yeah, just to piggyback
on what Carty said, especially with cash games, I do think the perspective has
shifted a bit where we’re not necessarily looking
just for the safe chalk, you know, Brett Gardner
type players where you know, if they get you six to
nine points, we’ll take it. I mean with the edge
getting smaller we want guys that have a little bit of upside baked in. I mean Brett Gardner, sure, he can go off for a homer and a stolen base any night but it’s a rare occurrence for him. So it’s gotten to the point
over the last couple of years especially where I’m looking
at a guy like Tommy Pham or somebody in that range
who’s a similar salary usually to someone like Gardner
who has a lot more upside. So I do think the landscape has changed. That was a good point that
Carty made and I do agree. – So how often do you find
yourself still forcing in stacks if you’re still trying
to kind of play some of the best plays around, some
of this value that arises? – I mean I never play
stacks in cash games. I think it’s a bad approach,
unless it happens organically. Sometimes it does, it’s a short slate or it’s a core slate and you want a bunch of cores because they are the right plays. But I never put a stack
in just to have a stack. It’s only if they are
actually the best balance. – I think cash games in
general are getting tougher and you have to be more
particular about the games that you’re selecting
and so you know for me, I’ve realized that at the
levels that I’m trying to play from a dollar basis, my
returns are still positive but not enough for me
to spend all the time and energy trying to hone
down one specific lineup. A little bit easier to do in
baseball than it is in NBA with dealing with all
of the news and whatnot. But I think in general,
it’s a sport because there’s so much variance and there’s
so much failure in the sport, it is a sport that’s a
little bit more fun to play. – If you want to learn more about how to become a profitable daily fantasy sports player and how to get better at betting, start now by hitting
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