Cubs pushing hard to sign Craig Kimbrel

Cubs pushing hard to sign Craig Kimbrel The Cubs are pushing hard to sign free agent closer , Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports . Hed obviously be a much needed upgrade for a Cubs pen that has been without closer  all season and has endured numerous other injuries so far in 2019. If a deal does indeed come to fruition, itd represent a change of course for the Cubs, who spent the offseason making a series of small scale additions due to ownerships claim that the team simply didnt have the resources to add to the teams payroll. Kimbrel has been reported to be seeking a three year pact, so its possible that the Cubs could backload a multi year offer to ease up on the financial burden for the current season, but theyd still pay a 32 percent luxury tax on the average annual value of Kimbrels contract. The Cubs payroll already tops dollar 213M, and their luxury tax payroll calculated by the combined average annual values of all the contracts on the roster checks in north of dollar 227M, . Chicago recently welcomed  back from the injured list, and adding Kimbrel would be a second boon to the relief corps in a short period of time. Kimbrel wont be ready to step directly into a game setting, of course, but hes assuredly been throwing in preparation to join a team as soon as possible. In all likelihood, hed build up over a relatively brief minor league stint and join his new team within a matter of weeks. As soon as the calendar flipped from Sunday to Monday this week, Kimbrel and fellow free agent holdout  , so signing him would only cost the Cubs money at this point. Hes also been somewhat prominently connected to the Twins, although its quite arguable that the Cubs need is greater. Minnesota is enjoying a 10.5 game lead in the American League Central, whereas all four teams in the NL Central are within 5.5 games of the Cubs; the Brewers, in particular, are only a half game back of the Cubs in the standings. The most common other suitors listed for Kimbrel have been in the NL East: the division leading Phillies and Kimbrels original organization, the Braves. Philadelphia has reportedly only been interested in Kimbrel on a short term deal, however presumably, a one year pact . As for the Braves, their interest in Kimbrel has clearly never aligned with the fanbases at times ravenous desire to see Kimbrel once again take the mound in Braves gear. The Atlanta faithful have gone so far as to audibly chant, We want Kimbrel during Braves games at SunTrust Park, but the front office has maintained a more measured approach to whatever interest it holds in bringing Kimbrel back to Georgia. Related slideshow: The 2019 MLB season Provided by imagn  

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