CSUN Health and Fitness Episode 2: Men’s Volleyball Club

Hello, my name is Guillermo Casillas I am the captain of the CSUN men’s club volleyball team I play as an outside hitter, and I’m also a junior at CSUN My name is Jacob Maloles, I’m a junior at CSUN I play libero for the CSUN men’s volleyball club team and this is my second year on the team Season technically starts in spring But we hold tryouts as early as the fall semester We practice in the Activity Center in Redwood Hall The club was formed three years ago and funny story when I signed up my freshman year for the club I actually missed tryouts so I couldn’t even join the team until the following year I’ve been on the team for two years now and One of my favorite experiences is actually one last year We went to our Las Vegas tournament It was just really fun being able to You know joke around have a lot of fun with the guys in our Airbnb house If you’re interested in joining the team you could come to the meet the clubs at the beginning of every semester Or email us throughout our season During season anyone can join the team they would just have to email the club and they would do open tryout where they just basically Practice with the team and the coaches talk it out and evaluate to see I’ve been on the team for two years now and the experiences I’ve enjoyed so far have been traveling to Vegas and playing with my team over there and having a great time The best part about being on the team is the new friends that I’ve made and the brotherhood I’ve created with them Being a part of the club has affected my time at CSUN because I have to consider my studies as well just because we have to Keep a minimum requirement for our GPAs to not get kicked out of the team But also timewise I do have to consider the practice schedules just so that my classes don’t conflict with those either Being on the club has helped me with my time management as I’ve been able to juggle school, work, and the club around The best part about being on the team is that sense of brotherhood and chemistry we have We are serious when it comes to practicing but every now and then we like to joke around because at the end of the day We’re also just trying to have fun

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