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Hi, I’m Cris Carter, pro-football Hall of
Famer, now analyst on ESPN, here as a spokesperson for JUGS Machine. Why? Because I believe in
it. Early in my career I was introduced to the JUGS Machine. This right here, the passing
machine, the bigger version that I was brought up on. This one, the newer version, smaller
version. Goes 15 miles an hour. This one right here goes 85 miles an hour, 80 yards, 50 yards. The ability for these machines to be able
to throw an accurate ball 90-95% of the time, it really helps your preparation. So you’re
able to take advantage of your time on the field compared to having some young quarterback
catching a lot of bad balls or chasing after a lot of bad balls and wasting your time.
So I’ve got some friends who are going to go show you some of the drills that kids are
utilizing today, not only in high school, college, but the professional level, trying
to take their game to the next level. So if you’re serious about catching the football,
you should add a JUGS Machine to your game plan. Hi, I’m Hall of Famer Cris Carter, back speaking
on behalf of JUGS Machine. I’ve got a few of my friends here. Guys, come on and introduce
yourself. Duron Carter. Who do you play for? Montreal Alouettes. SJ Green, Montreal Alouettes. Kenny Stafford, Montreal Alouettes. BJ Cunningham, Philadelphia Eagles. Now all these guys are going to help me and
help you try to take your game to the next level. Any time you’re catching the football,
I believe, if you’re catching it with the JUGS Machine, they have these modern-day things
called gloves. If I was you, I’d have a pair of gloves in. Now, let’s start in some of
just the basics. Duron, you’re starting first on how we catch the ball in the JUGS Machine.
For one thing, if you’re a kid out there, you have to realize that the JUGS Machine
is not a toy. You have to treat it just like you would a loaded gun. It can hurt someone,
so it’s not to be played with. Utilize it in your game, don’t play with it. All right? Just starting off on the JUGS Machine. You
get comfortable. You don’t need a quarterback. All you just need is a friend or family member
to line the JUGS Machine up. You get a comfortable speed. We start out at the elite level at
50 miles per hour, so just shoot one towards Johnny right out the JUGS Machine. First one out. Try to catch the ball in front
of you, move a little bit this way. SJ, you’re up next. Just get a nice little rotation.
Shoot it to him Johnny. Bam. Right there in front of him. What you’re trying to do is
catch the ball out in front of you as far as possible. And it’s really…it’s hard to
practice at an elite level if you can’t get consistent balls. And that’s what JUGS Machine
does for you. The consistency for which the ball is going to come out. Offensive players,
defensive players, if you’re trying to catch the football and learn how to catch it, you’re
better off catching it when you get a consistent throw every time. Another drill. You can utilize a ladder. There’s
a lot of kids out there doing ladder drills now. But you can utilize the ladder drill.
And also a pivot or a square in route to work on your route running. High knees through
the ladder, plant at the top coming out of your route. All right, Duron, you be the first
example. In and out of the route. Good. Nice, crisp pass every time. Working on ladders,
working on quickness, working on your footwork. Nice, good catch, Ken. Very good. Good. Let’s go one more, two feet in the ladders.
Quicker. In and out. Plant. Very good. All right, SJ, two feet in. SJ, grab this one
with one hand. One hand. Work on that coming out of the break. Very good. Got Ken out of
the break. Very good. A little bit behind him, work on the ball behind you. Good, good.
Last one, Duron. Two feet in. Left hand one hand out the break. Uh, very good. That’s
what you call a perfect prep. One of my favorite things to do is work on
catching it with one hand on the sideline. Go ahead, Johnny. Try to get it in front of
him. Duron, come back up. Let’s go with left hand. Do you want to go left or right? I want to go right. Okay. The ball was shot in front of you, you’re
able to work on catching it with one hand. This is the hardest drill to do on the JUGS
Machine, but it’s the best one to develop strong hands and the ability to catch it with
one hand. As a wide receiver, you don’t have to be running routes to get better at catching
the football. The higher level you play at, the harder it’s going to become. Very good,
you’ve got them small hands there. The higher the level you play at, sometimes when you’re
practicing you’re not going to be able to utilize your legs. And you’ve got be able
to do fundamental drills. All right? Johnny, one more. Duron, one hand. Aw, good.
Good one. SJ, go on this way with your left. You can work on both sides. You can do this
before practice, you can do it after practice. Good. Last one. Then Duron, the line over
here. Good, good. Another little drill you can do is turn to
the side a little bit so you can work on catching the ball on the side line. All right, shoot
it to him, Johnny. Bam. Right there, catching the ball in front of you. If you want to work
on…Duron, show him the ball you have the most problem with. All right. Even though
he’s not going to shoot it to him right now, the ball that comes behind him, so you can
have the machine set up. Get in the position that you want to get in where you have trouble
catching the ball and you can get a perfect rep in doing that. Come on, SJ. You want to work on a defender
pulling you on your backside and you’re in the back of the end zone. He shoots him a
ball, you get used to guys being around you. All right. Catching the ball away from your
body, with people in traffic. That’s the way most football, especially elite football is
played. Another drill that coaches can utilize. And
there’s a couple of different things you can do. You can do some form running. You can
have kids running five yards, high knees, working on their form and also catching the
football. Defensive backs aren’t comfortable and line backers aren’t comfortable with the
football coming at them. So everyone on your football team who is catching the football.
This is a drill when you’re running straight at the JUGS Machine at a nice comfortable speed.
You get better at catching the football when it’s right at you. There’s a lot of kids trying to learn how
to catch the ball. They try to be complicated but the simplest way is someone throwing the
ball right at you at a perfect speed and a perfect spiral every time. So, as a coach,
if you want to do a little conditioning, what you do is have them run through a couple of
times, catch the football, and you get a little motion going on. That’s what I’ll do with
my guys right here. So we’ll start with you, Duron. Everybody
around two times. All right, high knees. Good. There you go. Run it back to the coach. SJ.
All right, let them run a little further, Johnny. Good, very good. Good. Wait, wait
Johnny. Wait, wait. Come on, D. Go. Good, very good. SJ, let him run a little bit. Wait
one second. Good, very good. And if you doit as a conditioning drill, two or three times
around you can get the guys winded. Come on, guys. People ask me all the time, “Well, how do
I utilize a JUGS Machine if I happen to play on the defensive side of the ball?” So if
you’re an organization and looking to add a JUGS Machine and only think it’s going to
help out your offensive players, that’s not true. A few drills…anytime you’re throwing
the football, you can utilize the JUGS Machine in that. We’ll do a drill that we typically
do with defensive backs. All right, Duron, you start first. He’ll go in and out of the
ladder, in and out of the ladder, plant and come up just like any linebacker or defensive
back. Go ahead D, in and out. In and out. In and
out. Plant. Drive on the ball. Very good. Still the same concept. All right, go ahead,
SJ. Good. Fire it at him. Very good. Good. Now Duron, one more time. Move the ladder
up. All right. Go in and out the ladder facing me, Duron, and then plant and then go back
and catch it. So they’re going in and out the ladder, in and out the ladder. Johnny,
wait until they come back. Bam. And then in and out the ladder, catching it, coming back. Mm, nice. That’s extra right there. That’s
extra. Very good, very good. SJ in. Good. Good, Ken. In and out, nice and smooth. Good. Very good. Good. Thank you guys for helping me out. I believe that your demonstration
today with the JUGS Machine is going to help a lot of kids get better in their game. I
give a lot of my success in my Hall of Fame career to JUGS Machine. I believe it helped
me take my game to an elite level. That’s why I’m a spokesperson for them. That’s why
I believe in it. If you want to take your game to the elite level, add a JUGS Machine
to your game.

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  1. For training purposes, you don't want a consistent, predictable ball. You need to train your mind and body on dealing with variability. The next evolution of the Juggs machine would be well served by being able to have consistent variation in speed and ball placement.

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