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I want you to try whistling. – Please, no.
– If you succeed in making him do that… – Then on this show…
– Will you do as I say? No, I can’t whistle. [rock music playing] Aparshakti: The golden team. Two firebrand talents and a memorable
run chase at the Lord’s. I’m talking about
the 2002 NatWest Trophy finals. How can we forget the miraculous partnership
between Kaif and Yuvraj that helped India clinch victory
from England? And Dada’s (Sourav Ganguly) t-shirt twirl
was definitely a fitting reply to Flintoff. Until this day, India was not known
for chasing targets. But this match completely changed it all. And, today, we are about to speak
with three players who were a part of this glorious squad. Yeah, let’s go. Take as many retakes as you want.
You will never be able to do as Dada did. I know. Flintoff did, I tried,
but no one can match Dada’s twirl. – How are you, Rahul sir? How’s it going?
– Good to see you. And Ajit Bhai. Good to see you.
Come, Kaif Bhai, sit. – Yes…
– Come. – Jam (Rahul Dravid).
– Good to see you. Whoa! Wow! Today I was trying to do the Dada act. I want to know, when you saw
that happening for the first time did you expect he would do that? I was shocked, to be honest. “What is Dada doing? What’s happening?” – Yeah.
– Bhajji was sitting beside me. And I remember,
I think even he wanted to do it. And I was pulling his shirt down
and holding it. Not letting him remove his shirt. Maybe, I don’t know, Bhajji’s body
might have been a little better than Dada’s. Yeah, I was just about to say the same thing. I mean, the only thing that Dada regrets is that he might have had to train
a little bit extra after doing that. England is such a sport loving nation and we were in the finals of NatWest,
which we had never won. So, I want to know what was on your mind
when you were entering the ground that day. We hadn’t been very successful in finals
over the last seven or eight games. It was a bit of, I guess, a bugbear for us
and an issue. So I guess, from a team perspective,
there was a certain level of tension and a certain level of excitement
going into that particular game. You know, an event at the Lord’s,
just the vibe, the atmosphere is something different. It has to be experienced.
It is an occasion. – Of course.
– Playing a final at the Lord’s – is a real occasion.
– You feel at home in England. Usually, the support is so much and it’s one of those venues
that some people don’t like but if you can start liking that venue,
you feel like going there every day. So we did have doubts
and then when you are chasing… I don’t think till that point
we were great chasers. I think, we won every now and then
but we got better at it. I think Yuvraj Singh, Kaif and then Dhoni
changed quite a bit of that. Wow! Kaif, what a game
changing innings you were in. In those days, chasing down a target
of 326 and playing under such pressure… It wasn’t easy to chase down
more than 300 runs back in those days. Yes. Before that I would… like to thank Mr. Rahul Dravid. He took up wicketkeeping and that’s why
I could come in to bat at number 7. Otherwise, you’d always see an all-rounder
coming in to bat at number 7. A batsman wouldn’t fit in there. So… It was difficult to get a keeper… – Thank you.
– He was just saying… He was a brilliant keeper.
I mean he wouldn’t let the ball go… He never dropped the ball.
Dhoni learnt wicketkeeping from him. Thanks. But don’t ask Anil Kumble
or Harbhajan Singh about my keeping. Anil Kumble would always tell me… – “Please”…
– “Pick the googly”. I would say, “It’s not my fault
if it goes down the leg side.” Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh
are such class bowlers. If they bowl down the leg side, it’s not
my fault. If it goes, it is their fault. A batsman can’t read their minds,
how will a wicketkeeper do it? That’s true. Now that I am in this show,
I have to ask Mr. Dravid. What was the discussion you had
with Ganguly while keeping wickets? Did you easily agree when he asked you to?
Was there any debate as such? I was asked “Will you try?” “Will you try wicketkeeping?” The last time I had done any sort
of wicketkeeping, it was at the age of 15. – Aparshakti: Oh, wow!
– So I had given up wicketkeeping after I skipped.
Actually I was a wicketkeeper – till I was 15…
– Dada didn’t ask him. He ordered him. “There’s no option. You’ve to do”.
Does Dada ever ask? You have to do it. No, he would be like
“Try it, you can do it”. I said, “I haven’t kept wickets in 15 years.” You were a keeper-batsman. Till I was 15, I was a keeper-batsman. But then, I was not that good
a wicketkeeper. I’ll be very honest. I remember, we had hired a wicket-keeping
coach, a friend of John Wright’s. – And…
– For that series? For that series
and for two to three sessions for me. You always catch a ball with your hands. You know, I was good with my hands as I was one of the slip fielders. So,
touchwood, I was pretty good with my hands. But my feet movements were terrible. And keeping is a lot about your feet
and getting your feet in the right place. Which is why I was “terrible”
down the leg side. But, yeah, it was nice and it was great. We could then give the opportunity
or sort of play that extra batsmen which is where people like
Kaif and Yuvraj come in. They changed the dynamics of the team. So, seven pure batsmen. Were you thinking that you would
chase down a target of 326? – No…
– I remember, when we had our break and had a discussion
with John Wright and Ganguly. The best part was that Ganguly
was much calm and relaxed outside than the panic that he showed on the field. He said not to panic in those 15 overs.
We may lose our wicket if we play big shots and our team would be out of the tournament. So we were asked to save our wickets
and keep it slow. And we did follow it. When your leader
shows you the way as a batsman… The start given by Sehwag… From outside… The atmosphere of
the changing room also changes. Our form… As a batting unit,
we played quite well during that tour. Mr. Ajit, we’ve heard a lot of stories. Dressing room stories of
John Wright and Dada. Enlighten us on those. Was there any kind of… People say
they both were like a husband and wife. Yes, Dada usually ignored… [all laughing] Where did you get that? It’s true. No, it’s that John Wright used to
speak a lot and Dada ignored it. Exactly. I think, John Wright was
a bit hyperactive in the dressing room. Whenever the situation was tense,
he would become restless and very nervous. People would think
he is working on his computer while he would be writing some random things
because he was so nervous. And Dada was equally calm. So, I think that was the exact relationship
which worked for the team. But, Mr. Kaif, you had dropped
a catch which led to a century. Wasn’t it shocking that
Kaif dropped a catch? Aparshakti: “Kaif dropped a catch!” – It’s a big thing.
– “Kaif dropped a catch” was in headlines. Aparshakti: Yes, that was making headlines. I was at the covers… We didn’t realize that the catch
was dropped. Trescothick was the batsman.
He was playing really good and the pitch favored him too. It was a fast ball and I didn’t
get the time to react. Bowlers often complain
“Mohammad Kaif would come ahead” – “He goes a bit ahead.”
– “Would get into the 15 yards area.” Now I won’t defend
but they were not used to it. – It was hard to convince bowlers.
– Kaif: It was hard. The captain would be “Can you please
ask Kaif to stand a bit back?” “See, I’m also trying but…”
Kaif had a theory. So he would explain his theory.
You would get convinced. Then we had to convince the bowlers
saying “Boss, it’s okay…” Whenever they told me, I would go back. But when he went for a run-up, he wouldn’t
know where I’m so I’d return to my place. So, Mr. Rahul, people often call your team
as the golden team. There were legends and legends-to-be,
together, in one team. I want to know about the youngsters,
the legends-to-be, in the team. Back then, who was your favorite?
I’m going to put you in a fix. There was no favorite as such.
But I think there is no doubt that those who came in that era like Ajit, Kaif,
Yuvraj, Bhajji and all of them… Zak came in around the same time and a lot of these young boys
brought that level of energy which forced a lot of us to start looking
at them and thinking “Wow!” “If he’s fielding like that, I better start
doing something or start fielding better.” Talking about the energy,
we have spoken about the on field energy. I’m sure seniors were not,
as far as I know, into partying. – But when…
– Good… It’s a good thing that you don’t know. – Good energy to have.
– Yeah. But when youngsters came, they got
a lot of energy in the locker room as well. In the dressing room or in the hotel
rooms where you guys chilled together. So, when the youngsters came,
who brought such kind of an energy? Who would say “Let’s chill”? Viru was the most relaxed
guy in the dressing room. He didn’t care
about what was happening outside. He’d score a decent amount of runs, so it
was much easier but he was very relaxed. And the best thing about Viru
is that he would come back after he was out and would say,
“Hey! I should have hit a four”. “That’s an easy six or an easy four.” And you’re batting next.
We would think “That’s it?” But, yeah, he made it look really simple. I think that’s the fact
that he was so relaxed about his game. You know, walking in to bat and batting with Viru a lot of times… You know, he is whistling tunes
of Hindi movie songs and I’m thinking…
I would love to be that. But that was not who I was
and that was not going to work for me. Firstly, I wasn’t good at whistling. And I don’t think if I was that relaxed,
I would have survived. You must have tried at least. After getting dismissed once or twice,
I decided I can’t do that. Dravid, I want you to try whistling. No, please. We are not on a field,
there’s no worry. – My kids can whistle but I can’t…
– If you succeed in making him do that… On this show… Will you do as I say on the show? No, I can’t whistle. There’s no chance. So, when five wickets were down and Yuvi and you were on the ground… Especially when you have just come
into the team you had to prove yourself
and make your mark. So, how tough was that? Before that, the way that game
was started by Ganguly and Sehwag with the hopes
of winning the match and then came a twist
in the game when we lost five wickets in no time
taking the score to 145 for 5. Then I went in. When you watch the match from the balcony
of the dressing room at the Lord’s… Sachin got out and I had to go in to bat. The duration from there to the ground… …is about two to three minutes. You get down, cross the Long Room
where there are members… The members there don’t budge. Members don’t budge
and they stare at you like “What will you do?
Sachin is dismissed. There is nothing that you can do.” I felt like they were saying that.
But they were just staring. And the crowd was also leaving. Sachin got dismissed, so they thought
of doing something better for the day. The best part was that I had played
with Yuvraj before. So there was an understanding. No one speaks about the runs that we took. We took good runs, built the innings and played decent cricketing shots. So, if you have already played together you share a level of trust
to achieve something. I remember, I was sitting behind. I was sitting on the physio table inside.
We were sitting inside. And when their partnership began,
we just didn’t want to move out of there. We kept sitting there.
Even if we had to go to the washroom we would go during the breaks
or between the overs. We just kept sitting there…
I think only towards the end when there were
10 to 12 runs left to score that I came out into the balcony. I just scored five runs but I felt as if there was my contribution in Yuvraj
and Kaif’s partnership just by sitting there. As if I’m scoring runs. When five wickets were down
and players like Flintoff are on the field normally players from the opposition
team will try to sledge so what were the fielders
around you saying? Nasser Hussain said “They’ve sent the bus driver in,
we’re in with a chance!” So when I hit the winning run and when I crossed him after that, I too answered him “Not a bad innings for a bus driver.” – Wow!
– I said that. This is not something which he would do. – Our senior doesn’t do that…
– I was about to ask that question. You can’t relate to it. I’m sure. I found that if I started conversing
with someone, I would lose concentration on what I was supposed to do
and I would get out of my bubble. It was very important
for me to stay in that sort of zone or bubble or whatever I called it. And then I figured out
that the best way is… At the end of the day,
if I have scored runs or won the game like Kaif,
you can say anything. That doesn’t matter. There’s no point abusing someone
and ten minutes later you are sitting in the pavilion
and he is laughing at you. I think Zak was pretty good at it. Zak was pretty good at it.
I think it raised his game. Harbhajan, I think, was… – Every now and then, he liked a challenge.
– He enjoyed controversy. – He was…
– Someone like Anil. He loved to get angry. Anil… Whenever he got hit, he’d start
getting angry. He would say something. – He would get upset sometimes…
– To the fielders. Yes, to anyone. – But that’s what got him…
– “Come on, Yuvi! Come on, Kaifi!” “There’s no run!” We would say, “Anil, why vent
your anger on us? If the batsmen are playing well, vent your anger at them.
What’s a fielder’s fault in it?” So, this is one of the most interesting games in the cricketing history of India. What were your families doing at that time? And what was their reaction
after watching the game? My family was watching a movie. They had been to watch a movie. – Went to watch a movie?
– Yes. Sachin got dismissed
and they locked the doors and left. – Superb.
– It’s a fact. Sachin got out and they left. They thought that there’s no chance
of winning as Sachin is dismissed. The door was locked.
After we won, people started coming in. They thought my family is inside and to avoid the crowd they are hiding inside as they can’t handle the crowd. Then they realized they aren’t there
and the crowd went to the theatre. My family had to come out of the cinema hall. – Wow!
– That was the situation. When I returned to Allahabad – and the welcome that I received…
– Aparshakti: Wow! I realized I have achieved something.
That’s when I realized it was a big thing. Winning the final at the Lord’s. I remember, when I reached Allahabad,
in a jeep… – I was taken in a jeep.
– Wow! My house was at a distance of five
to six kilometers from the station. So throughout the journey,
on both sides of the road were scores of people.
Some were beating drums, some were waving flags
and others were shouting. – Aparshakti: Superb.
– So, that was an amazing feeling for me. The guy sitting beside me held my hand
and asked me to wave at people. [all laughing] I said, “Yeah, okay”. But that was… For me, it was quite a unique
and different experience. Yeah. You weren’t married back then. So, when you were sitting in the Lord’s the younger Dravid, you know and girls were always…
Perpetually crushing on you. Even today, there are girls in our team
who were excited to have you here. Even today, when you are married. So, maybe they will feel bad
that you are married. – So…
– I don’t feel bad. – Better say that.
– Yeah. Very good. – “Just say that again.”
– Good timing… Perfect. I genuinely want to know that when
all the female attention came to you how did you feel back then? If you had asked this question outside,
you’d have got the correct answer. I don’t think, on the show you are going to get an honest answer. I mean, I was a focused guy, man. – I was just focusing on Yuvraj and Kaif.
– Aparshakti: What a focused guy. Well played, anchor… The best thing about Rahul is that
when he was the captain of the Indian team… When someone is dropped from the team he would call them up. We would get a call…
I was dropped from the team, so… He said, “Kaifi, it’s just bad luck.
Keep working hard. Keep winning runs. You will get back.
You are good.” I thought “Wow! Dravid is calling”.
That’s also a motivation factor. I have also been yelled at.
I won’t say who did it. But then I would wonder
“Why am I doing this? To get yelled at?”. It’s okay. But Kaif is a good person. – It’s okay, I will keep trying.
– As a captain, he motivates… But that was good. That was good. I want to know about the atmosphere
in the dressing room that day after winning the match, you know,
Dada jumped and then suddenly you came… We haven’t seen such a flow of emotions… I had never expected that Dravid
and Ganguly would come… – Aparshakti: Yeah.
– It was unbelievable. For me… It was one of those games where… I’m sure the Indian team
has been in that position before – but didn’t get through from there.
– Yes. And specially after losing five wickets with relatively young players playing… Experience wise and age wise. So… I think that has not happened.
And such a chase. If we had to chase 150 or 180, then maybe we would have gotten across the line
with the help of bowlers. But a target of 320…
So, it’s very difficult to describe. When it actually happened
apart from the t-shirt waving. Yeah. That was… I don’t think the members
enjoyed the Indian team running down the steps and running
through the room. So all these members just parted and,
you know, the guys just ran through. But, yeah, it was… It built up.
The game built up. You keep wishing them,
then Yuvraj gets out, you again lose hope and then Bhajji comes in and plays
a small lovely cameo. – Zahir Khan running between the wickets.
– The overthrow and then again… If it had hit directly,
he’d have been out I think. Yeah. That was a moment wherein till the last
few balls, everything was unpredictable. Because if Zak had been dismissed
then Nehra had to go in. Nobody wanted that. Now I’ve a segment for you called LBW. It’s called “Let’s Be Wicked”. And, in this, I’m going to just give you names
of your squad members in that final and you have to give me
a wicked term for them. Yuvraj Singh. More sensitive than you think. Yeah? I want to say a clown but I’m
trying to find a better word for it. – We will stick to that.
– He sometimes lies about… We think it is a difficult task
but he would be like “No, I did it in the morning”. And we know he is not telling the truth. – Oh…
– Zaheer Khan, Bhajji, Nehra, Ajit and I would say that he hasn’t done
that but he is trying to make it up. I didn’t know this. Otherwise I would have…
I had this huge respect for… – All the things that Yuvraj said…
– All that is a lie! It’s a joke. All the things that
Yuvraj said he has done… – Aparshakti: Yeah.
– …you know, on and off the field. – No, I love Yuvraj Singh.
– Wow! – Okay, Sachin…
– Back to me? Sachin? Foodie. – Foodie.
– Most organized rooms I’ve seen. Yes, organized. Walk into Sachin’s room
and it is always spick and span. – Actually, you’re right.
– Very organized. Wow! Superb. Dada. – Lazy.
– He never had breakfast because he used to wake up late. He always wants a crowd.
If in the evenings he doesn’t have about 15 to 20 people around,
it wouldn’t be complete. He seeks people who speak the local language.
If he doesn’t have his friends around who speak Bengali, he is never at ease. Great runner between the wickets. Sorry, Dada. Sorry, Dada. Wow! Okay. Laxman. – Laxman…
– Sleeping beauty. – Aparshakti: Sleeping beauty. Oh okay.
– He could sleep anywhere. – Yeah?
– Rahul: Amazing. – Always in the shower.
– Yeah? There would be three minutes to go and bat
and Laxman used to be in the shower. – Oh, wow!
– Then he used to come and pad up. He used to pad up when the batsman gets out and has started walking
towards the dressing room. Anil Kumble. Say it. Earlier it was “Sorry, Dada”.
Now it’ll be “Sorry, Jumbo” (Anil Kumble). He has to go back to Bangalore. – Temper.
– Aparshakti: Temper. Okay. On the field, yeah. I was actually going to say
he could lose it on the field. Yeah? But complete contrast as
soon as you are off the field. – Absolutely.
– Even if he had his worst moment on the field. Nothing…
You never felt anything once you are off it. He even had an argument
with a guy like Inzamam. Inzamam is like “Why, Rahul? Why is this
happening to me? What have I done?” And Inzy was also so relaxed, so calm. And he is like
“Why are you getting angry at me?”. – With Afridi too.
– In Pakistan? Yes, at Peshawar. You get angry with Afridi, it’s okay. But getting angry with Inzamam? He never says
anything. I never heard him say anything. “Rahul, why is he fighting with me?” We have always seen him angry. We were usually at the covers
or would be point fielders. And he was never satisfied. He would never be satisfied with his
performance even if he took 10 wickets. Okay, last one. Virender Sehwag. The things that took an entire day for him ducking, sweating
and changing five to six shirts Sehwag would finish it in two hours. Outspoken. Sometimes it is too much. So this is the end of LBW. Thank you so much for that trivia
about the 2002 NatWest final. It was a great game.
Hope to win such games time and again and to speak
about such matches. But for now, for the upcoming World Cup we want predictions from you
on the two teams who will play the finals. – Which two teams…
– We have to select just one team, right? – Yes.
– Rahul? India Vs. Australia. – Don’t mind the handwriting.
– No, I won’t. India Vs. Australia. Okay. Wow! – India… Oh…
– Didn’t plan it. – Aparshakti: Was this decided?
– We really haven’t planned it. Thank you so much for talking to us.
Had a great time. Thank you so much for being on this show.
And, I think most of the things that we spoke about
where unknown to many people. What we got to know today was genuinely,
really, kind of, fresh. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you…

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