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We were happy to get
the World Champions badge before Sachin Tendulkar did. We made fun of him a lot. Until we
won in 2011, we taunted him a lot that we have the World Champion badge
but he doesn’t. Aparshakti: Wow! A young team, old rivals,
new format and a glorious win. This was the story
of the first T20 final in a nutshell. A good batting score and a nail biting
last over made this match one of the most thrilling games
in the history of cricket. Captain cool, MS Dhoni, and his team brought the first ever T20
World Cup home, in style. Today, three heroes of that match will take us back to that
memorable day of 2007. Your brother played just
one match in the World Cup and that was the final match. So what’s the worst piece of
advice that you gave him? Worst? Hey, I didn’t get the time
to advise him. Because, by the time he got to know
that he’ll be playing, it was too late. So there was no time to give any advice.
That was the best part. Viru, who did you make fun of
the most in the T20 Indian team of 2007? Normally, I pull everyone’s leg.
But you guys were juniors in that team. You were young. My partners were Harbhajan Singh
and Yuvraj Singh. So I pulled Harbhajan Singh’s leg the most. Wow! Already here in Cricket Diaries… the environment is set. RP Singh,
Irfan Pathan and Virendar Sehwag! – Mr. Khurana…
– How are you? Great. Tell me something. – What?
– When we were playing the World Cup… – Yes.
– …where were you? – Were you even born?
– Of course. Do I look that young? Thanks for the compliment.
You think that I am… You are just 17. At that time, I was in Chandigarh, sitting in a lounge
and watching it with my friends. There were other people too,
different gangs of people had come. It didn’t feel like we are strangers. We felt a sense of togetherness. Even strangers welcomed each other. – Really?
– Yes. We met there for the first time. Now you can sit on your sofa. Was I sitting in the wrong place? No, you can sit wherever you want to.
You can never be wrong. So Viru Paji, Irfan Pathan and RP Singh
on the show, on Cricket Diaries. Here we celebrate the iconic
cricket matches. Today we will speak about the T20 final match
of 2007 played at Wanderers. India-Pakistan matches
are nail-biting as always. And when it is the World Cup finals,
the energy levels are higher. – It’s a cherry on the cake.
– Aparshakti: Yes, definitely. Many seniors didn’t endorse T20. You’re one of the seniors who endorsed it
and were in the team at that time. So as a senior player how did you find
the paradigm shift in cricket the quick cricket which had started? I had played in the T20 format during the county cricket
matches in 2003 and 2004. I had an idea about the format
as I had already played it but I never played an international
T20 tournament before that. So that was my first World Cup. When the team was announced,
MS Dhoni was the captain. Others were young. The senior players in the team were Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh and I.
Just the three of us. There was an energy
in our dressing room. So we had a lot of fun. But there was no pressure because
we didn’t know how it would be. It was a new team, they might lose and return after playing
matches for formality. – That’s what people thought.
– Yes. Even the views of the media
were not in our favor. We were a young team
and they thought we’ll lose. – That made the World Cup quite special.
– Aparshakti: Definitely. We enjoyed that World Cup tournament especially because we
defeated Pakistan twice. No, we defeated them thrice.
Twice in one match and then in the finals. – Aparshakti: Superb.
– For me, it was great. It was a different format. No one was mentally prepared. I don’t think even fans expected the T20 format to become
a huge success in future. Because IPL hadn’t started
back then either. – Even fans didn’t expect…
– IPL started after that World Cup. I think IPL started because of that and has become such a big league
in the world. If we hadn’t won the World Cup… – T20 may not have become popular.
– Maybe. – IPL may not have happened then.
– That’s true. I was new to the T20 format. I had played just one domestic match.
It was UP Vs. Rajasthan. I had no idea. There was Sehwag with us.
His way of explaining is different. “The batsman may hit you for a six
but you will also claim wickets.” So I would get scared
hearing the first part. But then he comforts us saying that
we’ll claim wickets as well. He asked us to enjoy the format. I would seek Irfan’s help
on improvisations. We used to converse between matches
with the senior players or teammates about what could be done better.
Yorkers weren’t in the trend. We just knew swing bowling. We relied on it
and did the best we could. And we went ahead in the tournament
and emerged the champions. Great. So, in the finals,
how sad were you? Being a senior player you had already scored 68 runs against
England, 40 against New Zealand then you got injured before the finals so you were not a part
of the playing 11. And also MS Dhoni hadn’t mentioned
in the press conference about it. There he maintained that
you were still in the team. He did it to trick the opposition. – Mind game.
– Yes, playing mind games. Of course I was very sad. That is a moment
no player would want to miss. Because a World Cup final
has never come in my life after that. I tried my best. For almost 48 hours,
I applied ice on my groin every now and then to prepare for the match. I took injections. Even then the pain didn’t subside. It pained when I tried to run. The rule states that if you are
already injured but still play and get injured further
while playing that match you won’t get an extra fielder or a runner. So it became a moment where I wanted
to play the World Cup match for myself and not for the team. So that
morning, I called MS Dhoni and said that I still had pain and
that I wouldn’t be able to play. That’s when Yusuf Pathan was called in. – I was about to say that.
– Sehwag: The surprise was revealed. The Pathan family must’ve been the only
family in the whole country… to be happy on Sehwag being dropped. Sehwag’s injury was disappointing
for others but not for the Pathan family. So what was the situation like? Frankly speaking, people don’t know that
it wasn’t a surprise just for Pakistan. It was a surprise for Yusuf Pathan too. Because Yusuf had done rigorous
workout in the gym that morning and had trained exhaustively and when he got to know, he calls me up
and says, “Come to my room”. I ran to his room and he said,
“I’m playing today’s match.” I was happy and said
it’s the best thing to happen. He is playing the T20 World Cup final
which is happening for the first time both the brothers are playing it
and will win it as well. He said “Shall I say something?
I can’t move my feet”. Why? Was he pregnant? I said “Whatever it takes”. I did whatever
I could, like stretching his legs and gave him a massage.
I said he can’t afford to miss this chance. Luckily he got that chance, he did play – and in the first over…
– Hit a six. …hit Mohammad Asif for a six, who was
the best bowler of that tournament. Wow! And RP… Rudra Pratap Singh.
Your name itself strikes terror! It’s quite a powerful name. But no one knows. Got to know now. What do you mean?
Many people know that. I learnt it now. – Yes, many call RP but…
– We got to know today. So, Rudra Pratap Singh,
your name sounds powerful. But I’ve never been a terror
unlike my name. I always keep smiling. It’s just the name. – His eyes become small when he laughs.
– Yes! Look. Even a batsman shuts his eyes
to his pace attack! You saw that the target was 158. Did you think it would be easy
or difficult to defend it? The target wasn’t big but we had a belief. The players had a positive energy in them. We believed that we would win and we did. Why wouldn’t they be positive?
Sehwag is getting water for you. They are bound to be positive.
Did they ever think that Sehwag would get water for them? You always get to hear Viru Paji’s
ideas only during the breaks. Sachin calls Viru Paji
by a special name. – Viru Paji will tell you.
– No, it’s okay. You can. Viru Paji’s nickname was Birbal. – Birbal?
– Irfan: Yes. – Wow. That’s great.
– Smart like Birbal. He is indeed Birbal. It has never happened
that whenever we did something good or bad and he hasn’t complimented
or commented on it. – Mostly it would be a comment…
– Comment or Compliment. …and we would fold our hands and agree.
He’s great at pulling others leg. – Sehwag: It’s fun…
– Right. …to appreciate your juniors
when they have performed well. Tell them that we won because of them. If that format hadn’t been in place… Even Sreesanth had a big role to play in it. If we didn’t have these three bowlers,
we might not have won the World Cup. I remember when we met for the first time
for the 2007 World Cup. I mean MS Dhoni, Lalchand Rajput,
Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh and I we were sitting and casually discussing
the World Cup. I had played in South Africa a lot. I just said one thing that it is difficult
to chase in South Africa after 8 p.m. If we opt to bat first after winning
the toss and are able to make 120 runs then our bowlers are capable enough
of defending it. – Aparshakti: Absolutely.
– So we never opted to bowl first. I want to know about the strange decisions
made during that World Cup. Like sending non regular bowlers
for a bowl-out. How did you take those decisions
as a senior member of the team? I want to specially know
about the bowl-out where non-regular bowlers got wickets. I guess Venkatesh Prasad
was hurt the most. They are not letting the actual bowlers
to bowl. We were surprised. We had practiced. All had practiced. They used to take a long run up and bowl but never hit the wicket
during the net practice. While the spinners who bowled from near
did hit the wickets. RP might disagree… I was referring to Robin Uthappa
when I said non-regular bowlers. – You sent him for the bowl-out.
– We were consistent in hitting wickets. No… I was very consistent with my bowling. We won’t agree with this. There used to be fun sessions
like this after every net practice where we had to bowl to a single stump. We used to play. In that he was definitely a pro.
He used to hit wickets 11 out of 10 times. Heard that? That’s me. So, he was a pro at hitting
the most number of single stumps. According to that, MS had planned a list which included Viru Paji, Robin, Harbhajan
and Irfan, but I wasn’t there. I asked him later
as I had no idea about that list “Why am I not in the list?”.
As usual he said “Your ball will swing
and miss the wicket.’ I said I have been playing for a long time. “I will bowl full length.” I did say that I will bowl full length. He said, “Don’t confuse me.
I’ve already made up my mind. You swing the ball.
Your job is to dismiss the batsman, not get him bowled.
See how it works.” Aparshakti: Wow! So it was an unusual decision to let
Joginder Sharma to bowl the last over. You both being bowlers, what were you
thinking when he was given the ball? – For the public…
– Let me say… These were happy
that they were not bowling. Even if we lose,
it wouldn’t be because of them. They were done bowling
all the allocated overs. People talk about Joginder Sharma
bowling the last over but Dhoni had no option. If he had an option, we can understand. Like if RP had an over to bowl
but still Dhoni selects Joginder Sharma to bowl then we could have said
that the decision was a bit absurd. Only Harbhajan Singh had an over left.
He had given away way too many runs. But he is a great bowler.
He does great bowling. You can openly badmouth him.
He is our friend. He won’t feel bad. – Misbah was in great form that day.
– Yes, that was the reason. If you have spinners,
Misbah was playing them really well. So the best and only option
was Joginder Sharma. And the shot that he played… If it was some other bowler, it might’ve
been a big shot because of the pace. – Right.
– As Jogi’s ball lacked pace the ball didn’t go too far and we won
the World Cup as we were destined to. – Aparshakti: Wow.
– The catch by Sreesanth… – I know.
– …was amazing Because in Kerala, people catch
what drops from above. They don’t catch if it comes head on. – They catch coconuts.
– That too and even Afridi’s catch. He was dismissed on the first ball. Hadn’t that ball gone up in the air? Irfan: Yes, it went up. – He catches what falls from above.
– You are right. Yuvraj Singh’s six sixes. I think that was
one of the highlights of that World Cup. People spoke about that for two years
after the World Cup. Stuart Broad might not have slept
peacefully for two years. Even you had scored well in that match. – And…
– Really? You remember? “What is he saying?” Is it for real? You didn’t tell me. Sixty eight.
Perhaps that wasn’t a big deal for you. I thought no one would remember anything other than Yuvraj’s six sixes.
Nothing else is worth mentioning. I want to know. There must
have been a discussion in the dressing room
about what he is up to. I got dismissed and went upstairs.
There were players in the dugout. I had a computer upstairs. There were
a few players. Along with me was Gautam. We were praying
for Yuvi to create a record. And then he started
hitting sixes back to back. So we were excited
to see him create that record. The sixes were great. The six he hit over the point…
I thought he would definitely hit six sixes …that was the fourth six. On the sixth ball
Stuart Broad had granted that six. Because it was known
from that particular moment where Flintoff charged him up
before that over. He was provoked. And then Stuart went to bowl. He might have thought
“Jesus, where am I stuck?” I felt a bit jealous as he got a BMW M5. We didn’t get anything. – We got the World Cup.
– Yes, we did. We had to be satisfied with the World Cup. We were happy to get
the World Champions badge before Sachin Tendulkar did. We taunted him a lot. Until we won in 2011, we taunted him a lot saying we had the World Cup badge
but not him. Great. Whenever there is a match
between India and Pakistan emotions start running high. The language spoken in both
countries is quite similar. They understand what we are saying. Is there any banter
related to that match… which you remember
from that World Cup match? Whenever there used to be a match
between India and Pakistan we would unleash Gautam Gambhir. “Handle it, Gauti.” After him, it would be me who would have ‘sweet talks’ with them. Mostly with Afridi.
But for him, from the beginning… To dismiss Afridi in the first ball. The first ball was a wide
as it was a bouncer. And then I used to bowl slower balls
where he would get out. And whenever I bowled,
he had the intentions of hitting huge sixes
because of which he would get dismissed. But the ‘sweet talks’ were mostly done
by Gautam Gambhir. Great! Viru Paji, what would you do?
Do you try settling the matter? – You are always having fun.
– What is there to settle? I wouldn’t settle anything.
We had to support Gautam in his fight. – Aparshakti: Great.
– In strike or non-strike, we’d support. We would listen and comment as well.
When both teams speak the same language
and understand each other, it hurts. That would hurt. And they would get hurt
as we had won most of the matches in World Cup tournaments.
So they used to get hurt. Amazing! Most of your family and friends were watching the match. Did your family come to watch the match? – All who had come were our family.
– Everyone in the stadium. – Of course.
– Our fans are like our family. The biggest celebration happened
when we returned. That was awesome. Mumbai had literally come to a halt. In my life, I have never seen Mumbai
coming to a halt. – Wow!
– First time. When our flight landed we were told that we would be going
to Wankhede stadium in an open bus as fans are expected. We landed via Dubai.
I was sitting beside Dhoni and it had rained. As it had rained, I told
Dhoni that everything is ruined. No fans would come to see
as it was raining. He said, “Irfan, let’s see what happens
after getting out”. We got out and saw… It’d take almost 45 minutes to one hour
to go from the airport to Wankhede stadium. – But that day, it took four to six hours.
– Almost five hours. It took us four to six hours. Every Mumbaikar was there to greet us. I heard of this traffic jam
that lasted for five to six hours in which Sachin Tendulkar was stuck. It’s a good thing that he got stuck. Usually he is the one who traps others.
He got stuck. Aparshakti: I have heard
he is a prankster. Like in the dressing room… He wasn’t together, buddy. – Otherwise, any other pranks…
– We will leave it for another day. According to you, RP, who was the most
mischievous person in the dressing room? Amongst us,
the most mischievous was him. He is talking about Sehwag. – I was looking at him.
– I was not even looking at him. Usually music also brings people together. Singing together or dancing together. Who was the DJ or who had all the playlists? – The singer used to be…
– Viru Paji. Viru Paji was our Kishore Kumar
and the dancer was Sreesanth. Yes, we know that. – And if you…
– They just went to play cricket. – Very decent.
– We were very decent. – Play the match, practice…
– He can barely open his eyes. Look. Quite innocent people. We had a computer analyst in our team,
who would show graphics on how a batsman plays the first 10 balls
or how to bowl. We didn’t make much use of his analysis. His main task would be to add songs
to our iPod… and to copy movies to our hard disks. He would say, “I will slide
a note through your door which would have details about
the game of each batsman”. I’d plead him not confuse us
and just keep downloading songs for us. Nice. So we know that Viru Paji
always steps on the ground with his right foot first. We can say that maybe it’s a superstition. Irfan and RP, do you have any such beliefs? While batting, it doesn’t
matter which leg I step out with and I don’t follow it now. But in bowling, yes, I preferred
to wear the shoe on my right leg first. – Throughout your career?
– That became a habit. And… during the warm up,
before bowling… it was a habit to bowl thrice
on the mid-on and mid-off. Call it a superstition or habit,
I would always bowl thrice. I didn’t have any such belief.
But, as a habit… I used to ball six times. Because… – Six balls?
– Yes, before the match because it is important
to loosen up your body. And, if you are bowling the first over
then your body should feel free. So I’d bowl six balls with the same effort
that I would in a match. – That I used to do.
– Wow! Now I will take you to the game segment which is called LBW. It’s called “Let’s Be Wicked”. In this segment,
I will ask you a question. Okay? It would be about different teammates and what preference and personality
you would relate them with. So you have to give a name. Okay? The Calmest Teammate
in 2007 World Cup squad? – Can we take our names?
– Of course. You are indeed the calmest. Yes, it’s me. – And you?
– No one knew that Dhoni is cool. – I think it was Ajit Agarkar.
– I agree with Irfan. He would always behave calmly with us. So… He is a senior player. He’d look after them
and handle the bowling department. He would keep wickets
and guide us with bowling. The Lazy Teammate? – Yuvraj Singh.
– Nobody comes closer… From your reaction,
there’s some flashback, I guess. Any incident you would like to share? No. He is like that only. I would’ve mentioned Zaheer Khan’s name. – According to me, it’s Rohit Sharma.
– Aparshakti: Really? Because, I have seen him
since my under-19 days. He is a unique character. He also keeps a laid back attitude. He goes for a warm up lazily. The Drama King? – Harbhajan Singh.
– Sreesanth. Sreesanth. I’m mentioning those players
with whom I’ve spent time. With Sreesanth, I spent four years
till the 2011 World Cup. Okay. The Troublemaker? – That’s Harbhajan Singh.
– Harbhajan it is. What? Harbhajan. – All three go with Harbhajan?
– For me it’s a tie, but… Troublemaker off the field
or on the field? Both. Mostly, off the field.
It’s Harbhajan Singh and Virendar Sehwag close enough.
But I choose Harbhajan Singh. Oh, I won’t say anything. I lost because I’m here. If Harbhajan was here,
I would’ve been the one. It would still be Harbhajan. Okay. The Stubborn Teammate?
Who was the most stubborn? – Stubborn?
– Dhoni. No. How’s he stubborn? He didn’t let me bowl. I think it is Sreesanth. Say whatever you want,
he will do as he pleases. Tell him not to do something… – He will speak to himself about it.
– Aparshakti: He talks to himself. He has many sacred threads
tied on his wrist from different holy places
like dargahs, temples and churches, all over India. I told him the threads won’t
help him get wickets but his talent will. But, no, the next day
he had another thread. He won’t listen. So it would be Sreesanth. Great. Who was the foodie? The biggest. He never got food. He was the only one who got Biryani
in the dressing room. I had a relative there in Pochestrom. It’s a three hours’ drive
from there to Joburg. There used to be huge cooking pot
and a small gas cylinder. We had taken permission from the hotel
to heat biryani. The food would be cooked
and served to the whole team… In that, if Yusuf and Irfan
start eating, then maybe… – They would eat up all of it.
– They wouldn’t spare anything for us. We would be left with dishes to clean. Great. Okay, who was the prankster? – Harbhajan Singh?
– Yes, Harbhajan Singh. The last question is… Who would spend most of the time in washroom? Sreesanth used to take a lot of time. To think or to write letters to God he used to think about
it in the washroom. Sreesanth. Did he actually write to God
or was it a phrase? I had heard once that he had written a letter when he was troubled and he sat
in the washroom thinking about it. I would plead him to come out. Wow! Thank you so much.
Now we know all your teammates who does what,
their likes and their capabilities. Now before leaving, take these bats you have to write something
on them along with signing them. This is the prediction segment
where you have to write the names of two teams
who will play the finals. Viru Paji? Australia and India. RP? India Vs. England. And Irfan? India Vs. South Africa it is. So the three of you have written
different names. And India is common in all the three.
Touchwood. So, may the best team win
and India is indeed the best. – Touchwood. Wood isn’t here.
– That’s needed? Thank you so much Viru Paji, Irfan and RP. It was great talking to you. And the moments from 2007
that we relived I’m sure that viewers might have
relived those moments as well when they rushed towards the ground. Thank you so much. Thanks a lot. Thank you. It was good fun.

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