Cricket superstitions क्रिकेट अंधविश्वासों کرکٹ

hi guys in the world of cricket there are a lot of superstitions in today’s webisode we have a guest with us was going to tell us more about it I’m Nora and this is rehash I come dressed in teams Jersey team scholars complete in my cricket gear throughout the season at work I know some people might think i’m funny or stupid but i don’t care i will do whatever it takes for my team to win the second one would be where I have a specific spot on the sofa in front of the TV while I’m watching the cricket match and it’s on the left edge of the sofa and I’m willing to fight till the end to defend that spot third one is really really interesting because this is where I avoid someone called penalty that means it’s a person who can bring bad luck to my team so I try to avoid him at any cost even if we work together I have to avoid him so I have to avoid him during at least couple of days before the match and a couple of days after at any cost let us know your superstitions on hashtag rehash and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel you

3 thoughts on “Cricket superstitions क्रिकेट अंधविश्वासों کرکٹ

  1. The sofa superstition is prevalent in all Indian homes that watch cricket.
    In India people just love cricket ?

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